Ultrasonic noise since returning home the other day from court. There is no surviving the continued terror and harassment of Angst & Angst and their associates. Does anyone want to see a 4 foot fluorescent tube light up without use of electricity or wires… Stop by. It’ll light up like a light saber.

The invoice submitted to the court by Angst & Angst includes a reference to the date they decided to proceed forward… it coincides with the date I moved to Paris last year. Problem is, I didn’t move to Paris anywhere but on Facebook. Dumbasses! No wonder they were so shocked when I appeared in court. AND had filed a response. AND had served a response and counterpetition.

THEY HAD NOT FILED THE PAPERWORK PROPERLY, NOR had they served it, NOR had they filed the Certificate of Service.

Small wonder that Valerie Angst walked right into the courtroom thinking I was not going to appear… passed me in the hallway without so much as a glance… No reason to look for me there… The dumbass thought I was in Paris… because Facebook said so?

Add to that they tried to get Judge Carolyn Carluccio back on the case to railroad me right back into a 4th Order without Jurisdiction. Of course she would do that if I wasn’t in the country to expose her abuse of power under color of law. Carolyn Carluccio would gladly deny due process and procedure and urinate on civil rights. That’s not her concern.

Incompetence concealed by fraud.

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