When anyone has inquired to Risa Vetri Ferman about my case, they have been ignored. Worldwide attention that is summarily dismissed and hidden. Requests for information from the U.K and Canada have been ignored and deleted from Risa’s Facebook page without response.

IGNORED, DELETED, and BLOCKED from further inquiries or postings.

When you can’t respond to or face the criminal allegations of your FAILURE TO FOLLOW YOUR OATH OF OFFICE, then it is time to resign.

When your actions to ignore the crimes which have terrorized one man in the county for 7 years, Risa Vetri Ferman should be ashamed.

When you have become part of a criminal organization which seeks to entrap and punish the innocent who stumble into your twisted radar, you are doing more damage than good.

I suppose that is why she hides… at least when she is not out partying with the Malicious and Corrupt Carolyn Carluccio and the similarly disinterested in following her oath Sheriff Eileen Behr. Oh the good they are doing for the community when they terrorize and destroy peoples lives who have committed no crime.


Only in the Family Court can someone who has commited no crime, lose everything.

See if Risa Vetri Ferman will answer your inquiry? Risa’s Facebook page

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