The laughable actions of Michael Kehs, Montgomery County Court Administrator to obstruct justice and deny due process become more and more evident in each action he takes.

You have played this game too many times already… AND FAILED. Do you think I will be so stupid to fall for the tactics just because you continue to try them?

You may order your staff to do what you like. They are prevented by the county’s unethical “Code of Ethical Conduct” from exposing your secrets. They may not report the crimes you are committing. The threat which keeps them employed and used as tools of the conspiracy.

How do you suppose this effort won’t backfire like the last? When the dishonorable and corrupt Judge Carolyn Carluccio ordered me to appear in her courtroom, and cancelled the appearance at 4:00 the afternoon before with no notice. THEN, She notified County Deputies that I had no purpose being in the Courthouse. And was supposedly threatening her. Ridiculous false allegations. (Who brings their 70+ year old mother with them to court to threaten anyone?) When I presented the Scheduling Order to the deputies they were confused because the judge had lied to them. The judge had set me up.

The judge had also secretly cancelled all of the hearings by email without notifying the parties… On paper she had only cancelled one of them. A silly paperwork error which would permit them to dismiss all petitions filed. SO that when I would not appear for the event, ALL of my petitions would be dismissed for non-appearance. It failed when I showed up prepared to present the case on the 10 or so outstanding petitions.

And Michael Kehs also ordered me to appear for hearings which the Angst’s and the Plaintiff failed to appear for. How did they know there was no real hearing scheduled? They blamed Admin. BUT, when Angsts’ then billed me for their fees and intentionally included the time they spent conspiring with the court in ex parte contact. Judge Bertin immediately recused without explanation when this was revealed in the hearing before the Master. When dealing with sociopaths you can expect them to turn on their own teammates. Angst & Angst have exposed everyone they have involved once they were no longer needed.

For the record, Angst & Angst have documented that they have no concept of the ethics involved in ex parte communications. They don’t know what it is, and apparently neither do the judges with whom they conspire.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio laughed and accused the Defendant of not understanding ex parte communication. She was wrong. Her lies and outright fraud are a part of the record. But she was determined not to recuse, no matter how many times I tried to protect her from herself. She was determined to destroy me. She failed at that too… and her evil nature was exposed.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio refused to hold the hearing where the Court was petitioned to provide the content of those meetings and conversations. Her secret emails submitted as precipe and never distributed to the parties have yet to be provided. She was caught on the record, in her own courtroom. Exposed. She then rescheduled the secretly cancelled hearings on the record in her court… only to cancel them again without notice. The county conspiracy and their tactics to prevent and obsrtuct justice, to deny due process, to commit crimes aand for the judiciary to become an intensely involved party in a divorce not only demonstrate bias. It exposes their deliberate and intentional abuse of power under color of law.

Last week the Philadelphia Traffic Court experienced the exposure of their criminal judiciary. This week, let’s hope it is time for Montgomery County to be exposed for the terroristic criminal organization that it has become. A corrupt judiciary. A criminally dismissive District Attorney who violates the law and her oath of office. A frightened sheriff who fears what the powerful people in her county would do to her if she acted in the proper context of her office as chief law enforcement officer in the county.

And the rubber stamping Court Administrator Michael Kehs, who hides behind his stamp pad and his court administration and his family court administration… who hasn’t figured out that people are not as stupid as the court thinks they are. And the Judge responsible for Court Admionistration who thinks he has no control over his schedule.

The tremendous disrespect for the litigants which come before Montgomery County Court and are subjected to fraud and bullying and mistatements by persons in authority. Problems is, just because they are in a position to abuse their power, their lies do not become TRUTH.

And the TRUTH is waiting it’s opportunity to be heard. And no matter how long that opportunity will be denied, the TRUTH WILL BE WAITING.

And the little game of making the schedule an issue, doesn’t completely distract from the lack of jurisdiction now, in September 2011, in July 2011, and in May 2011. A nested lack of jurisdiction will never provide for failure of the court to have jurisdiction, and the prevention of the Appeal filed timely and properly which has yet to be sent to the Superior Court. There can be no retroactive jurisdiction. And the continued terror to cover up the corruption of the court only involves more and more judges because the corruption is causing them to feed on each other.

Judge DelRicci could have resolved it, BUT he chose to act unethically, hide the proof, maintain the conspiracy and then recuse. He caused the further involvement of the next judge, who was additionally protecting him. And so on and so on…

The Judicial Conduct Board could have prevented this disgrace, BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO ACT.

And Judge Rhonda Daniele, whom I have never met or seen, could have prevented this by not issuing multiple secret court orders. Her actions have caused the complete corruption of the judicary in her Family Court division… AND INSTEAD OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY SHE CONTINUES THE CONSPIRACY AND TERROR. Judge Rhonda Daniele has undermined justice, coerced the abuse of power under color of law of the judicary in her division of the court… and remained hidden behind the robes of a disgraced judiciary.

I fear my murder, because they have not been able to attain my suicide. The TRUTH will not die with me thought it might be easy for them to disregard the truth as they have disregarded the law and their oath.

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