The lies of an officer of the court outweigh the law and process and procedure and further implicate the judges.
A Pro Se litigant is not supposed to survive the injustice…

Judge Page discovered where he has arrived. He lacks jurisdiction, yet held hearings. He has heard. BUT, his options to what he can do are limited.

Judge Page has heard from a well-prepared Pro Se Defendant and accepted the testimony and documents in accordance with law and procedure. He knows what has happened. He knows why it has happened. He knows how it has happened. He knows the matter before him. He can begin resolution, or exacerbate a prolonged and well-demonstrated court record.

The weight of Judge Page’s decision is huge. His responsibility is to the law. The Plaintiff, the Defendant and the judiciary are each interested parties. The scales of justice do not allow for balancing three ways. The Judge must ignore the interests of one party to come to a proper decision. The only party not represented in the hearing was the judiciary. Unless, the judge in the court is acting as a representative for the prior judiciary. If so, he must recuse for clear conflict of interest.

Judge Page can’t enforce void orders as they remain void whether he concurs or not. The Orders can await the judge who will declare them void, and remain unenforceable because they are void. Judge Page cannot make them any less void, or retroactively grant jurisdiction to void proceedings.

Judge Page lacks jurisdiction to act for the most part as the case remains under appeal. His options are limited. The Law is clear though. Denying Due Process of Law is unacceptable. This must be addressed. Proceeding with the hearings with the knowledge of the pending Appeal was the informed decision of the Judge. The hearing permitted the stalled situation to be presented in court. I won’t argue the lack of jurisdiction to hear the Plaintiff’s petition because it moved things along.

From the Court Record…
Evidence of the Appeal in process was presented.
Evidence of Angst & Angst’s repeated failure to properly file and serve court documents was presented.
Evidence of the lack of jurisdiction for multiple prior orders was clearly presented.
Evidence of Ex Parte Documents exchanged between Judge Carluccio and Valerie Angst, yet denied to the Defendant was presented.
Evidence of the knowledge of Judge Carolyn Carluccio of the pending Appeal was clearly presented.
Evidence of the failed attempt by Angst & Angst to secretly reassign the matter to Judge Carolyn Carluccio was clearly presented.
Evidence of the lack of hearings was presented. Well before the Defendant was called to present his case, Judge Page had recognized that a proper hearing on the matter had not taken place.

The only surprise in the February 20, 2013 hearing was the fabricated admission of Valerie Angst to having what must have been a very long ex parte conversation with Judge Carluccio – reportedly during the proceeding but “Off The Record” on September 23, 2011. It had to be long because of all of the information which was reportedly communicated. It did not take place in the presence of this Defendant – so it was ex parte.

As an officer of the court, Valerie Angst is permitted to lie directly to judges on behalf of her client. Valerie Angst may participate in and be permitted inappropriate ex parte conversations until such time as she submits the invoices for her services which lists the item and the judge recuses. But when Valerie Angst chooses to lie about an ex parte conversation with a judge; and that ex parte conversation occurs only in her imagination; is it still an inappropriate ex parte conversation? is it still an ethics violation?
1. If the conversation never took place, there was no inappropriate ex parte conversation with the judge.
2. If the conversation never took place, there has been no ethics violation.
What a glorious way to lie about things.

An appeal commences from the date it is filed until the date the Superior Court renders it’s decision. There is no allowance in law for the failure of the Montgomery County Prothonotary to deliver the Appeal to the Superior Court. An Appeal properly filed, docketed, served, delivered, queried, acknowledged, accepted, ordered and responded, and opinioned which has not been delivered to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania is no less a pending Appeal than one forwarded to the higher court without delay.

The law does not permit the direct service of the Appeal by a litigant to the higher court, that responsibility falls by law to the prothonotary.

The prothonotary’s participation in the deliberate and intentional failure of due process can be documented and attributed to the signing judge. That signing judge, Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio who fails to act; and falsely reports her activity in her 703 reports to the Court; who issued the Order which is the topic of the Appeal; and who provided an opinion based in rhetoric and without any relevance to the actual matter. The law is clear, and supported by Supreme Court decisions. Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio’s opinion is fraud. Clearly, that is why she will not let the Appeal be forwarded to the Superior Court. It is embarrassing for the judge to be exposed by the anomaly – the Pro Se Defendant who dared to survive her injustice.



Judge Page is unlikely to declare the orders void. Though that would be absolutely proper, lawful and correct, it exposes the intentional and deliberate flaws of the prior judiciary. Further injustice would not end injustice. It would extend it.

Should Judge Page propose, or order, some financial settlement, he lacks jurisdiction to do so because he lacked jurisdiction to hold the hearing while the matter is under Appeal. Angst & Angst will surely point this out, accepting this fact only now – and perhaps the sanction hit for filing their misguided petition in the first place.

Should Judge Page award me gazillions of dollars for my lost/stolen/dissipated property, it is necessary to recall that PLAINTIFF (Angst & Angst) HAS NOT FOLLOWED ANY COURT ORDER SINCE THE INCEPTION OF THIS MATTER. There is nothing to suggest they will follow court orders now. They remain outlaws. “Above the law” because Angst & Angst survived law school and attained the ability to recruit others into their lawlessness. The gazillions would need to be in cash AND accompanied by the requisite wheelbarrows and security with which to transport the funds to a bank. Lest, this creates another tangential series of enforcement hearings and related appearances.

The right and proper thing to do… Judge Page decides to return my home, but what becomes of the family to whom it was illegally sold by the Plaintiff? The destruction of one man verses the protection of the ‘integrity’ of the court, the lawyers, a family intentionally brought into the matter through fraud and deceit and the absolute compromise of the integrity of the judiciary. Their private investigators should have been able to destroy me… but they have failed. The man who lived through 7 years of isolation terror, harassment and torture.

Angst & Angst have behaved as sociopaths with no regard for the disruption and terror their lawlessness has caused. All under the protective bossom of a court which refuses to see their ward could do any wrong.

Sociopathy: a lack of interest in, or care for, the rules of a society. Malignant narcissism: pathological grandiosity, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, characterized by joyful cruelty and sadism.

Their only defense after a 3 hour presentation of proof of the failure of jurisdiction, fraud of the court, and denial of due process was to make one sentence.

“Mr. Healy, Are you a lawyer?”

Meaning: I do not get the protection and allowances afforded the officers of the court. I do not get the protection afforded the incompetent. I do not get the protection afforded the deliberately incompetent tactics such as those executed by Angst & Angst. When lawyers fail, the court conceals their failures. When lawyers deliberately fail, the court conceals their failures. Were I to falter, it would be over. BUT, UNFORTUNATELY FOR THEM I HAVE NOT YET FALTERED.

I follow rule. law. procedure. ethics. I am honest. I am direct. I am not cheating. I do not need lies, fraud, deceit and conspiracy. I have TRUTH. The truth never changes and is just so easy to remember.

No lawyer would ever take my case because knowledge of the corruption and lawlessness and intentional failures of the court requires an officer of the court to protect the integrity of a judiciary which has demonstrated it’s lack of integrity.

They will not stop until they attain my suicide. And I am just not capable of it.

The only remaining lawful option, to vacate the void orders, to void the order under Appeal and eliminate the necessity of the Appeal, to conduct hearings to address the financial issues, to conduct hearings on the deliberate misdeeds, to report the misconduct of Angst & Angst for disciplinary action to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board, to refer the actions of the judiciary to the Judicial Conduct Board. An acceptable start would be returning the Defendant to his home, with an allowance for the destroyed property, and a stipend upon which to subsist until the final resolution of this matter.

The thought that his matter can be prevented from exposure in a Federal Courtroom should be dismissed. The Defendant has persevered this far, and has endured the terror and injustice of the denial of his civil rights, his parental rights, his human rights and the interference of corruption and lawlessness into his life, denying his liberty, and preventing any appearance of a livelihood. The case is documented. All that remains is assembly of the documents. The continued injustice only extends the time period during which this case can commence.

I live to suffer another day… with no exit in a county where there is no law. Where the chief law enforcement officer in the county, Sheriff Eileen Behr, has conspired to terrorize the Defendant. Where the person who took an oath to prosecute crimes in the county, District Attorney Rise Verti Ferman, has ignored reports of crimes against the Defendant. And where Eileen Behr, Rise Ferman and Carolyn Carluccio can party the nights away together blowing sunshine up each others slacks, skirts and robes while ignoring the complete perversion of justice and the reign of terror and destruction they leave in their offices at the courthouse.

There is no justice in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
There is no law in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
Once you learn the terrorists are running the Montgomery County Courthouse, you will be targeted for destruction by every means at the county’s disposal.
I live to suffer another day.

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