Filed with Montgomery County Prothonotary. 2/27/2013

1. Every time I am forced by court order to write down what has been stolen from me over the past 7 years and the value of it, it forces me to relive the horrors of the injustice again.

2. It shreds my spirit and robs my soul. And then it will be ignored and asked for again and again and again… and I will pray for the day I gain the capacity for suicide to finally end the terror. The losses are well documented on the court record. Read the Petitions which have NOT been heard.

Best advice to anyone just starting out with this type of situation is SUICIDE. Survival is pointless, they will never let you live. My biggest regret is my inability to commit suicide to save myself and everyone who knows me from the constant intrusion of this matter. Forced to live another day in terror, and fear and under further threat of injustice.

3. To be further terrorized by being ordered to provide an accounting which is already a part of the Court Record which has been summarily ignored for seven years only terrorizes me further. Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker about every thrust of the unending experience with the knowledge that the person you are telling is about to join the attack.

4. The Plaintiff, and her attorneys, have not followed ANY court order in this matter since 2007. NOT ONE. Ever. Do the research. AND they have also never been held accountable where enforcement was requested.

5. ANGST & ANGST established their careers by dragging out litigation with an insurance company for almost a decade when his brother murdered his pregnant wife and child and then committed suicide. Robert Angst made sure that his brother’s clients who were robbed of their money did not recover based on the insurance benefits for his dead family members.

6. Judge Page will still lack jurisdiction because you cannot obtain jurisdiction retroactively, nor can you obtain jurisdiction to enforce an order where there is no jurisdiction.

7. Angst & Angst have still not even signed the petition that wasn’t properly filed with the court, and wasn’t properly served, seeking to enforce the void order which was also on a petition not properly filed, served or delivered, before it was withdrawn… and that was based on another petition not file properly, served or heard by the court… than that was also based on a void divorce decree and equitable distribution order which guaranteed my bbeing destitute. Except for the other flaw, the Angst’s not filing for a Divorce Decree.

8. When Judge Carluccio began the process of railroading me out of existence in violation of EVERY COURT PROCEDURE THERE IS… she didn’t realize that the Angst’s were making sure she was exposed… as they had done for the other judges assigned to the matter.

Here it is. It’s all a lie folks. It’s never been about divorce. It has been about pushing a man to suicide. And unfortunately for them, I am just not capable of it.

So let the terror continue. Let the injustice and continued fraud continue. I’ll be hear to suffer and be terrorized another day. I’ve already proven I won;t snap. You tried everything. You failed.

9. There is no stopping a sociopathic lawyer. When a judiciary which lacks integrity and honor will cover for the officer of the court even when they demonstrate the most gravely devious malice towards everyone involved.

10. Here’s the accounting:
a) I want My house returned with monies to return it to the way it was when I was illegally ordered to vacate it.
– It is not my problem that they knowingly sold it through fraud corruption and void orders…GET IT BACK.
b) I want compensation for my possessions $250,000 according to insurance.
c) I want the support money due me until this matter is resolved, and the retroactive years as well.
d) I want compensated for the Agreement cancelled when she robbed my home of its possessions.
e) I want compensated for 7 years of lost salary because their litigation has kep me out of a job,.
f) I want Angst & Angst sanctioned $1,000 for every single procedure violated with clear intent and purpose to obligate and set up a judiciary without integrity and honor.
g) I want Robert Angst & Valerie Angst prosecuted and disbarred and prevented from ever exacting this type of terror on any individual or group for the remainder of their lives.
h) I want Carolyn Carluccio the most vile and determined of the corrupt judges to stand trial for the terror she inflicted, and in accrodance with her own words when seeking election face a punishment consistent with the crime. Take her house, isolate her from her family, put her on the street and throw away everything she owns. AND ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS, DO NOT ALLOW HER TO BE HEARD IN ANY COURT PROCEEDING AS SHE HAS DONE TO HER VICTIMS.
i) I want full disclosure of the tactics used by every department in the County to terrorize me. MCES, Domestic Relations, Sheriff’s Dept, Prothonotary, etc.
j) I want every secret search warrant revealed
k) I want every secret surveillance order revealed.
l) I want the identity of every confidential informant revealed.
m) I want the identity of every private investigator used by the county and their entire staff lists.
n) I want the resignation of the District Attorney, Risa Ferman for failure to uphold her responsibility and her oath of office and actively participating in the conspiracy to obstruct, deny and prevent justice.
o) I want the resignation of the Sheriff, Eileen Behr for fauilure to uphold her responsibility and her oath of office and actively participating in the conspiracy to obstruct, deny and prevent justice.
p) I want the resignation of Judge Daniele, Judge Del Ricci, Judge Bertin, Judge Tilson, and Judge Carluccio. Their deliberate actions to deny and prevent justice while conspiring with Angst & Angst are clearly documented on the court record. They should not receive any severance and their pensions should be revoked to cover the liability they caused the county.

11. I can’t get the time back. I can’t get the lost time with family friends and my children who were compelled and encouraged by the above named judges to participate. My sons witnessed the power of a corrupt judge to destroy an innocent life should they try to contact their father they would likely have a similar fate.

12. I want my privacy returned, and all phone and computer hacks and surveillance to cease while I prepare the Federal Lawsuit seeking Releif and Damages of $ 1 Billion Dollars against county departments, agencies, contractors, and all individuals involved who abused their authority under color of law to terrorize one man. A man who did nothing except catch his wife following the bad advice of her attorney to commit a few Federal Crimes. Valerie Angst’s ‘testimony’ during the hearing suggest she had improper knowledge of the Defendant’s computer system. This was very troubling as the defendant has been alleging this since June 2007 and his computers have been affected coinciding with petitions filed by Angst & Angst.

13. Yes, at the basic level… that’s where it starts. Valerie Angst told Sonya Healy to violate a few Federal Laws… It affected my business clients, destroyed my business. BUT since I detected it, they set out to annihilate my life by whatever means necessary. And they involved every possible fraud imaginable to pull it off. They manipulated everyone in a position to help into a liability, But their victim wouldn’t die. So they continue until he does.

14. FOR THE RECORD, I did not place Judge Page in this position. Angst & Angst have once again done so. They aimed for Judge Haaz, but thanks to Michael Kehs secreting the failure to hold hearings, it fell to Judge Page. The Angst’s manipulating another Judge into either falling in line with the conspiracy, or exposing the crimes of the prior judiciary.

15. I tried to help by addressing my objections for the reassignnment of the matter. Which are deemed MOOT while failing to address the relief requested in the latest scheduling (?) order. The tremendous disrespect of delivering a court decision on a piece of scrap Scheduling Order paper is the least of the ethical violations experienced in this matter. But it give you reason to wonder at the tremendous lack of respect for the issues of the case.

16. Declare VOID the Orders of Carolyn Carluccio, and Recuse this matter for resolution to another county while referring Angst & Ansgt to the Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania for disciplinary actions starting with an immediate suspension of their priviledges to practice law.

Filed with Montgomery County Prothonotary. 2/27/2013

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