Valerie Rosenbluth Angst, Esquire and Robert Angst, Esquire, of Angst & Angst in Harleysville, PA and Angst & Angst in Doylestown, PA wield their incompetence as a sword. They use their disgrace and shame as a shield against law, ethics, procedure and civil rights.

At the sake of honor and integrity, they are excused and even rewarded not for their ability but for absolute failure in a profession which requires the appearance of propriety.

After 7 years of perversion of justice, the court has witnessed the demonstration of the level of injustice which can be the result of giving false credence to a title.

Their only defense when their failures are clearly presented in a courtroom designed to protect them from aspersion is to accuse their victim of not being a lawyer.

7 years, 15 judges.

A Terroristic Divorce.

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