When anyone has inquired to Risa Vetri Ferman about my case, they have been ignored. Worldwide attention that is summarily dismissed and hidden. Requests for information from the U.K and Canada have been ignored and deleted from Risa’s Facebook page without response.

IGNORED, DELETED, and BLOCKED from further inquiries or postings.

When you can’t respond to or face the criminal allegations of your FAILURE TO FOLLOW YOUR OATH OF OFFICE, then it is time to resign.

When your actions to ignore the crimes which have terrorized one man in the county for 7 years, Risa Vetri Ferman should be ashamed.

When you have become part of a criminal organization which seeks to entrap and punish the innocent who stumble into your twisted radar, you are doing more damage than good.

I suppose that is why she hides… at least when she is not out partying with the Malicious and Corrupt Carolyn Carluccio and the similarly disinterested in following her oath Sheriff Eileen Behr. Oh the good they are doing for the community when they terrorize and destroy peoples lives who have committed no crime.


Only in the Family Court can someone who has commited no crime, lose everything.

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Filed with Montgomery County Prothonotary. 2/27/2013

1. Every time I am forced by court order to write down what has been stolen from me over the past 7 years and the value of it, it forces me to relive the horrors of the injustice again.

2. It shreds my spirit and robs my soul. And then it will be ignored and asked for again and again and again… and I will pray for the day I gain the capacity for suicide to finally end the terror. The losses are well documented on the court record. Read the Petitions which have NOT been heard.

Best advice to anyone just starting out with this type of situation is SUICIDE. Survival is pointless, they will never let you live. My biggest regret is my inability to commit suicide to save myself and everyone who knows me from the constant intrusion of this matter. Forced to live another day in terror, and fear and under further threat of injustice.

3. To be further terrorized by being ordered to provide an accounting which is already a part of the Court Record which has been summarily ignored for seven years only terrorizes me further. Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker about every thrust of the unending experience with the knowledge that the person you are telling is about to join the attack.

4. The Plaintiff, and her attorneys, have not followed ANY court order in this matter since 2007. NOT ONE. Ever. Do the research. AND they have also never been held accountable where enforcement was requested.

5. ANGST & ANGST established their careers by dragging out litigation with an insurance company for almost a decade when his brother murdered his pregnant wife and child and then committed suicide. Robert Angst made sure that his brother’s clients who were robbed of their money did not recover based on the insurance benefits for his dead family members.

6. Judge Page will still lack jurisdiction because you cannot obtain jurisdiction retroactively, nor can you obtain jurisdiction to enforce an order where there is no jurisdiction.

7. Angst & Angst have still not even signed the petition that wasn’t properly filed with the court, and wasn’t properly served, seeking to enforce the void order which was also on a petition not properly filed, served or delivered, before it was withdrawn… and that was based on another petition not file properly, served or heard by the court… than that was also based on a void divorce decree and equitable distribution order which guaranteed my bbeing destitute. Except for the other flaw, the Angst’s not filing for a Divorce Decree.

8. When Judge Carluccio began the process of railroading me out of existence in violation of EVERY COURT PROCEDURE THERE IS… she didn’t realize that the Angst’s were making sure she was exposed… as they had done for the other judges assigned to the matter.

Here it is. It’s all a lie folks. It’s never been about divorce. It has been about pushing a man to suicide. And unfortunately for them, I am just not capable of it.

So let the terror continue. Let the injustice and continued fraud continue. I’ll be hear to suffer and be terrorized another day. I’ve already proven I won;t snap. You tried everything. You failed.

9. There is no stopping a sociopathic lawyer. When a judiciary which lacks integrity and honor will cover for the officer of the court even when they demonstrate the most gravely devious malice towards everyone involved.

10. Here’s the accounting:
a) I want My house returned with monies to return it to the way it was when I was illegally ordered to vacate it.
– It is not my problem that they knowingly sold it through fraud corruption and void orders…GET IT BACK.
b) I want compensation for my possessions $250,000 according to insurance.
c) I want the support money due me until this matter is resolved, and the retroactive years as well.
d) I want compensated for the Agreement cancelled when she robbed my home of its possessions.
e) I want compensated for 7 years of lost salary because their litigation has kep me out of a job,.
f) I want Angst & Angst sanctioned $1,000 for every single procedure violated with clear intent and purpose to obligate and set up a judiciary without integrity and honor.
g) I want Robert Angst & Valerie Angst prosecuted and disbarred and prevented from ever exacting this type of terror on any individual or group for the remainder of their lives.
h) I want Carolyn Carluccio the most vile and determined of the corrupt judges to stand trial for the terror she inflicted, and in accrodance with her own words when seeking election face a punishment consistent with the crime. Take her house, isolate her from her family, put her on the street and throw away everything she owns. AND ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS, DO NOT ALLOW HER TO BE HEARD IN ANY COURT PROCEEDING AS SHE HAS DONE TO HER VICTIMS.
i) I want full disclosure of the tactics used by every department in the County to terrorize me. MCES, Domestic Relations, Sheriff’s Dept, Prothonotary, etc.
j) I want every secret search warrant revealed
k) I want every secret surveillance order revealed.
l) I want the identity of every confidential informant revealed.
m) I want the identity of every private investigator used by the county and their entire staff lists.
n) I want the resignation of the District Attorney, Risa Ferman for failure to uphold her responsibility and her oath of office and actively participating in the conspiracy to obstruct, deny and prevent justice.
o) I want the resignation of the Sheriff, Eileen Behr for fauilure to uphold her responsibility and her oath of office and actively participating in the conspiracy to obstruct, deny and prevent justice.
p) I want the resignation of Judge Daniele, Judge Del Ricci, Judge Bertin, Judge Tilson, and Judge Carluccio. Their deliberate actions to deny and prevent justice while conspiring with Angst & Angst are clearly documented on the court record. They should not receive any severance and their pensions should be revoked to cover the liability they caused the county.

11. I can’t get the time back. I can’t get the lost time with family friends and my children who were compelled and encouraged by the above named judges to participate. My sons witnessed the power of a corrupt judge to destroy an innocent life should they try to contact their father they would likely have a similar fate.

12. I want my privacy returned, and all phone and computer hacks and surveillance to cease while I prepare the Federal Lawsuit seeking Releif and Damages of $ 1 Billion Dollars against county departments, agencies, contractors, and all individuals involved who abused their authority under color of law to terrorize one man. A man who did nothing except catch his wife following the bad advice of her attorney to commit a few Federal Crimes. Valerie Angst’s ‘testimony’ during the hearing suggest she had improper knowledge of the Defendant’s computer system. This was very troubling as the defendant has been alleging this since June 2007 and his computers have been affected coinciding with petitions filed by Angst & Angst.

13. Yes, at the basic level… that’s where it starts. Valerie Angst told Sonya Healy to violate a few Federal Laws… It affected my business clients, destroyed my business. BUT since I detected it, they set out to annihilate my life by whatever means necessary. And they involved every possible fraud imaginable to pull it off. They manipulated everyone in a position to help into a liability, But their victim wouldn’t die. So they continue until he does.

14. FOR THE RECORD, I did not place Judge Page in this position. Angst & Angst have once again done so. They aimed for Judge Haaz, but thanks to Michael Kehs secreting the failure to hold hearings, it fell to Judge Page. The Angst’s manipulating another Judge into either falling in line with the conspiracy, or exposing the crimes of the prior judiciary.

15. I tried to help by addressing my objections for the reassignnment of the matter. Which are deemed MOOT while failing to address the relief requested in the latest scheduling (?) order. The tremendous disrespect of delivering a court decision on a piece of scrap Scheduling Order paper is the least of the ethical violations experienced in this matter. But it give you reason to wonder at the tremendous lack of respect for the issues of the case.

16. Declare VOID the Orders of Carolyn Carluccio, and Recuse this matter for resolution to another county while referring Angst & Ansgt to the Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania for disciplinary actions starting with an immediate suspension of their priviledges to practice law.

Filed with Montgomery County Prothonotary. 2/27/2013


“Grave abuse of discretion is a concept that defies exact definition, but generally refers to ‘capricious or whimsical exercise of judgment as is equivalent to lack of jurisdiction’; the abuse of discretion must be patent and gross as to amount to an evasion of positive duty or a virtual refusal to perform a duty enjoined by law, or to act at all in contemplation of law, as where the power is exercised in an arbitrary and despotic manner by reason of passion and hostility. Mere abuse of discretion is not enough; it must be grave.

Use of wrong or irrelevant considerations in deciding an issue is sufficient to taint a decision maker’s action with grave abuse of discretion.”

What does ‘grave’ mean? As applied to public officers, and as a ground for disciplinary action, grave misconduct refers to such misconduct which shows the elements of (a) corruption, (b) clear intent to violate the law, or (c) flagrant disregard of established rule (Landrito v. CSC, 223 SCRA 564, [1993]).

Mandamus, like prohibition, is not a substitute for appeal. The unenvious prospect of maintaining an action through a lengthy appeal
process does not entitle the relator to such an extraordinary writ. Requirements for the issuance of a writ of mandamus are similar to
those needed for a writ of prohibition. The court must find that the relator has a clear legal right to the relief prayed for, that the respondent is under a clear legal duty to perform the requested act, and that relator has no plain and adequate remedy at law.
(1) deliberate indifference;
(2) gross negligence or arbitrariness that indeed shocks the conscience; or
(3) intent to cause harm.”

Frivolous Lawsuits and Legal Definitions
Frivolous lawsuits are those filed by a party or attorney who is aware they are without merit, because of a lack of supporting legal argument or factual basis for the claims. Frivolous lawsuits waste time, money, and judicial resources, and fines and/or sanctions may be imposed upon a party or their attorney for filing such a claim.

Frivolous lawsuits are those filed for purposes of harassment or coercion, such as to coerce the defendant into paying more or accepting less money than is rightfully due. They may be filed due to lack of due diligence by an attorney in investigating a client’s claim, or other reasons. Generally, the defendant must win the lawsuit before seeking a remedy for the frivolous claim.

Either by United States Constitution or the state constitution, either one, The oath creates moral obligation and perjury of oath of office is a felony.

Lawyers face a difficult ethical choice when confronted with a lying client. They can avoid the ethical dilemma altogether by turning a blind eye to the client perjury or, worse yet, by encouraging and facilitating false testimony from their clients.

One of the reasons they’ll go after the children is to destabilize people emotionally. It’s not only that it will exhaust you financially. Once they destabilize you emotionally, you become unfit to handle your own case. They can even drive you into depression. They can get you screaming and shouting so even your supporters abandon you because you’re too crazy to deal with.

You understand it perfectly. They bankrupt you. They take your property. They take your children. They really don’t leave you with much of anything.
And they won’t leave you with half. If they target you they’ll take it all because, after they’ve gutted you, they don’t want you to have any resources
left to hire professional help to launch a counter-attack or an appeal.

In other words, if a single judge commits unlawful acts from the bench, he can easily hide behind his personal immunity. But if it can be shown that
that judge is working in association with other judges, then just like a conspiracy, there is not only no collective immunity, there’s no personal immunity either?

Exactly. They have immunity for what they do individually inside a court, but what they do outside — taking bribes and collectively setting up cases in their associations they have no immunity whatsoever because their “corporations” or associations have no immunity.

There’s the old cliche’, “All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” But “absolute power” is the working definition of judicial immunity.
If you can‘t try me for anything I do, then I have virtually absolute power — I can do virtually anything I want and get away with it.

“There are three things needed to give jurisdiction: First, power by law to act upon the general subject-matter …. Second, jurisdiction of the person… Third, jurisdiction of the particular case.”‘

A court, acting without jurisdiction of subject-matter, could, as between the parties, arrive at no valid conclusion.
Similarly, as to a court lacking jurisdiction of persons, where such jurisdiction was required.
And, in any event, even the power to decide questions of jurisdiction, presupposes a minimum showing of facts to justify even the initiation of the process of judging.

A court has jurisdiction of subject-matter, when it has the right to adjudicate between given individuals with respect to the field of rights in which the contioversy arises. Similarly, a court has jurisdiction of persons when it has the right to adjudicate, within such field of rights, with respect to the persons who are before the court. And there is still a third conception of jurisdiction, i.e., contemplating the power of the court to decide whether or not it has jurisdiction of subject-matter and jurisdiction of persons. Obviously, as between the parties to a litigation, judicial proceedings are void, if lacking in jurisdiction of subjectmatter, or of persons (where such jurisdiction is necessary). It cannot be important to them that the court had power to decide its own jurisdiction, and was wrong. Nothing less than actual jurisdiction will do; similarly, as to the rights of those whose civil rights depend upon the validity of the adjudication thus made. That the court was wrong on any of the issues in the case, other than jurisdiction,, is immaterial. But as to jurisdiction, the court must have been right.

It is not the actual jurisdiction of the judge, but the presence of sufficient facts requiring him to pass on his own jurisdiction, which affords the subjective test for his own immunity,
When a judge has been provided the facts sufficiently indicative of lack of jurisdiction, and knows that his actions lack jurisdiction and acts anyway, immunity does not apply. His personal acts were Coram Non Judice.

Coram non judice is a Latin phrase which means “not in the presence of a judge”. It is a legal term typically used to indicate a legal proceeding held without a judge, with improper venue such as before a court which lacks the authority to hear and decide the case in question, or without proper jurisdiction.

An assertion of judicial jurisdiction beyond the proper limits of jurisdiction is a deprivation of property without due process of law.

Judicial action beyond the preconceptions of jurisdiction is void with a vengeance.

• “lack of jurisdiction over the person” under Rule 12(b)(2), which is
read to cover all of the defense of lack of territorial jurisdiction;
• “improper venue” under Rule 12(b)(3);
• “insufficiency of process” under Rule 12(b)(4), which covers defects in
the form of the summons; and
• “insufficiency of service of process” under Rule 12(b)(5), which covers
defects in the manner of transmitting notice

1. Procedural Settings for Decision on Jurisdiction
To flesh out the definition and implications of the prima facie standard of proof, one must first examine the procedural settings in which the jurisdictional issue will arise.
By bringing any action, the plaintiff asserts, at least implicitly, that the court has jurisdiction and is a proper venue, and that the plaintiff will properly notify the defendant.

But sooner or later, the defendant may dispute the plaintiff’s position and so create a contested issue.

In the ordinary course of the initial action, the defendant can challenge the plaintiff’s implicit or explicit assertions of forum authority, but must do so by raising any personal defense early and in a way that avoids waiver.

If the defendant does raise any of the forum-authority defenses, the court must pass on them. So much for the burden of allegation. The burdens of production and persuasion on these threshold issues will be on the plaintiff.,

The parties receive a reasonable opportunity for discovery on any reasonably contestable issue of forum authority.

The judge may (1) hear and determine the defense in a pretrial proceeding on the application of any party or (2) choose to defer the issue until trial.

The judge determines the issue on documentary proof and affidavits and, if necessary, after an evidentiary hearing.

An affirmative finding on contested jurisdictional facts by a prima facie standard will not affect the merits, because facts found by a lower standard of proof will not preclude issues governed by a higher standard of proof; but a finding of jurisdiction will preclude later relief from judgment for lack of jurisdiction, by the ordinary operation of the jurisdiction to determine jurisdiction doctrine.

Alternatively, under existing law, a finding of no jurisdiction does not produce a valid judgment and so should not be binding in another action, except to defeat jurisdiction in any attempt to sue again in a court where the same jurisdictional issue arises.

Courts should afford the fuller procedures, allowing discovery and an evidentiary hearing if necessary to apply properly the consistently applicable standard of proof.

Alternatively, the court may choose to defer decision under that same standard until such time as those fuller procedures become efficient to employ, perhaps at trial on the merits, although courts should be somewhat reluctant to postpone because delay can unfairly and awkwardly force the defendant to litigate in a place that turns out to lack personal jurisdiction.

A court might find jurisdiction to exist prima facie on a pretrial motion, then go on to rule on other motions and hold a trial, and finally decide that jurisdiction does not exist by a preponderance. This way of opening an affirmative jurisdictional determination to reconsideration at trial under a higher standard of proof would undermine the policies behind Steel Co.’s first-things-first rule, because by then a court without jurisdiction will have taken many steps.

Also worrisome would be any judicial inclination to vary the standard of proof with the defendant’s chosen time for challenging jurisdiction (i.e., special appearance at the outset or later relief from judgment, whether by direct or collateral attack). On special appearance, on a pretty light showing the court might incline to say that the plaintiff has made a sufficient showing to proceed to the merits, when the defendant will have an opportunity to continue trying to defeat the plaintiff’s claim. On collateral attack, the court might instead incline to indulge the defaulting defendant when deciding the jurisdictional contest, raising the standard for the plaintiff’s proof and so enabling the defendant to maintain that the plaintiff had wrongly sued this defendant in that first forum; there is a certain appeal to letting the defendant demonstrate, say, that a hallucinating plaintiff fabricated a story to sue the upright defendant in an abusive forum.

Nevertheless, the law shifts the burden of proof to the defendant on subsequent attack, so it seems to reject any urge to indulge a collaterally attacking defendant.

Moreover, a higher standard for the plaintiff on collateral attack by the defendant would open the door a bit to
collateral attack after special-appearance-then-default, because the defendant could argue that the earlier finding under the lower standard
of proof is not preclusive.

It should not be that a plaintiff can get to trial by a prima facie showing of jurisdiction, but once at trial must show both jurisdiction and liability by a preponderance. As I have explained, the delayed jump in the jurisdictional standard of proof would have forced winning defendants to defend on the merits where by law it turns out they did not have a true obligation to defend, and it would also risk imposing on those defendants a jurisdictional dismissal after what would have been a successful defense on the merits unless they can then consent to jurisdiction.

A judge, whose acts are void for lack of jurisdiction, may, nevertheless, be immune from legal responsibility because, in fact, he had sufficient
jurisdiction for that purpose; and, furthermore, because that which is void, as between the parties to a litigation, may still be valid as against
third parties; and, finally, because whether or not a judge shall be responsible for his void acts, may depend on whether he purported to act in a court of general or limited jurisdiction.

Obviously, as between the parties to a litigation, judicial proceedings are void, if lacking in jurisdiction of subjectmatter, or of persons where such jurisdiction is necessary). It cannot be important to them that the court had power to decide its own jurisdiction, and was wrong. Nothing less than actual jurisdiction will do; similarly, as to the rights of those whose civil rights depend upon the validity of the adjudication thus made. That the court was wrong on any of the issues in the case, other than jurisdiction,, is immaterial. But as to jurisdiction, the court must have been right.

This leads us, then, to the inquiry as to what is the irreducible minimum which must appear to justify the initiation of the judicial process. Unfortunately, there is no accurate measure. All that can be said is that such facts must appear as to justify belief, on the part of a reasonable judicial officer, that he is called upon to exercise his judicial function, and should not shirk it.


The lies of an officer of the court outweigh the law and process and procedure and further implicate the judges.
A Pro Se litigant is not supposed to survive the injustice…

Judge Page discovered where he has arrived. He lacks jurisdiction, yet held hearings. He has heard. BUT, his options to what he can do are limited.

Judge Page has heard from a well-prepared Pro Se Defendant and accepted the testimony and documents in accordance with law and procedure. He knows what has happened. He knows why it has happened. He knows how it has happened. He knows the matter before him. He can begin resolution, or exacerbate a prolonged and well-demonstrated court record.

The weight of Judge Page’s decision is huge. His responsibility is to the law. The Plaintiff, the Defendant and the judiciary are each interested parties. The scales of justice do not allow for balancing three ways. The Judge must ignore the interests of one party to come to a proper decision. The only party not represented in the hearing was the judiciary. Unless, the judge in the court is acting as a representative for the prior judiciary. If so, he must recuse for clear conflict of interest.

Judge Page can’t enforce void orders as they remain void whether he concurs or not. The Orders can await the judge who will declare them void, and remain unenforceable because they are void. Judge Page cannot make them any less void, or retroactively grant jurisdiction to void proceedings.

Judge Page lacks jurisdiction to act for the most part as the case remains under appeal. His options are limited. The Law is clear though. Denying Due Process of Law is unacceptable. This must be addressed. Proceeding with the hearings with the knowledge of the pending Appeal was the informed decision of the Judge. The hearing permitted the stalled situation to be presented in court. I won’t argue the lack of jurisdiction to hear the Plaintiff’s petition because it moved things along.

From the Court Record…
Evidence of the Appeal in process was presented.
Evidence of Angst & Angst’s repeated failure to properly file and serve court documents was presented.
Evidence of the lack of jurisdiction for multiple prior orders was clearly presented.
Evidence of Ex Parte Documents exchanged between Judge Carluccio and Valerie Angst, yet denied to the Defendant was presented.
Evidence of the knowledge of Judge Carolyn Carluccio of the pending Appeal was clearly presented.
Evidence of the failed attempt by Angst & Angst to secretly reassign the matter to Judge Carolyn Carluccio was clearly presented.
Evidence of the lack of hearings was presented. Well before the Defendant was called to present his case, Judge Page had recognized that a proper hearing on the matter had not taken place.

The only surprise in the February 20, 2013 hearing was the fabricated admission of Valerie Angst to having what must have been a very long ex parte conversation with Judge Carluccio – reportedly during the proceeding but “Off The Record” on September 23, 2011. It had to be long because of all of the information which was reportedly communicated. It did not take place in the presence of this Defendant – so it was ex parte.

As an officer of the court, Valerie Angst is permitted to lie directly to judges on behalf of her client. Valerie Angst may participate in and be permitted inappropriate ex parte conversations until such time as she submits the invoices for her services which lists the item and the judge recuses. But when Valerie Angst chooses to lie about an ex parte conversation with a judge; and that ex parte conversation occurs only in her imagination; is it still an inappropriate ex parte conversation? is it still an ethics violation?
1. If the conversation never took place, there was no inappropriate ex parte conversation with the judge.
2. If the conversation never took place, there has been no ethics violation.
What a glorious way to lie about things.

An appeal commences from the date it is filed until the date the Superior Court renders it’s decision. There is no allowance in law for the failure of the Montgomery County Prothonotary to deliver the Appeal to the Superior Court. An Appeal properly filed, docketed, served, delivered, queried, acknowledged, accepted, ordered and responded, and opinioned which has not been delivered to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania is no less a pending Appeal than one forwarded to the higher court without delay.

The law does not permit the direct service of the Appeal by a litigant to the higher court, that responsibility falls by law to the prothonotary.

The prothonotary’s participation in the deliberate and intentional failure of due process can be documented and attributed to the signing judge. That signing judge, Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio who fails to act; and falsely reports her activity in her 703 reports to the Court; who issued the Order which is the topic of the Appeal; and who provided an opinion based in rhetoric and without any relevance to the actual matter. The law is clear, and supported by Supreme Court decisions. Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio’s opinion is fraud. Clearly, that is why she will not let the Appeal be forwarded to the Superior Court. It is embarrassing for the judge to be exposed by the anomaly – the Pro Se Defendant who dared to survive her injustice.



Judge Page is unlikely to declare the orders void. Though that would be absolutely proper, lawful and correct, it exposes the intentional and deliberate flaws of the prior judiciary. Further injustice would not end injustice. It would extend it.

Should Judge Page propose, or order, some financial settlement, he lacks jurisdiction to do so because he lacked jurisdiction to hold the hearing while the matter is under Appeal. Angst & Angst will surely point this out, accepting this fact only now – and perhaps the sanction hit for filing their misguided petition in the first place.

Should Judge Page award me gazillions of dollars for my lost/stolen/dissipated property, it is necessary to recall that PLAINTIFF (Angst & Angst) HAS NOT FOLLOWED ANY COURT ORDER SINCE THE INCEPTION OF THIS MATTER. There is nothing to suggest they will follow court orders now. They remain outlaws. “Above the law” because Angst & Angst survived law school and attained the ability to recruit others into their lawlessness. The gazillions would need to be in cash AND accompanied by the requisite wheelbarrows and security with which to transport the funds to a bank. Lest, this creates another tangential series of enforcement hearings and related appearances.

The right and proper thing to do… Judge Page decides to return my home, but what becomes of the family to whom it was illegally sold by the Plaintiff? The destruction of one man verses the protection of the ‘integrity’ of the court, the lawyers, a family intentionally brought into the matter through fraud and deceit and the absolute compromise of the integrity of the judiciary. Their private investigators should have been able to destroy me… but they have failed. The man who lived through 7 years of isolation terror, harassment and torture.

Angst & Angst have behaved as sociopaths with no regard for the disruption and terror their lawlessness has caused. All under the protective bossom of a court which refuses to see their ward could do any wrong.

Sociopathy: a lack of interest in, or care for, the rules of a society. Malignant narcissism: pathological grandiosity, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, characterized by joyful cruelty and sadism.

Their only defense after a 3 hour presentation of proof of the failure of jurisdiction, fraud of the court, and denial of due process was to make one sentence.

“Mr. Healy, Are you a lawyer?”

Meaning: I do not get the protection and allowances afforded the officers of the court. I do not get the protection afforded the incompetent. I do not get the protection afforded the deliberately incompetent tactics such as those executed by Angst & Angst. When lawyers fail, the court conceals their failures. When lawyers deliberately fail, the court conceals their failures. Were I to falter, it would be over. BUT, UNFORTUNATELY FOR THEM I HAVE NOT YET FALTERED.

I follow rule. law. procedure. ethics. I am honest. I am direct. I am not cheating. I do not need lies, fraud, deceit and conspiracy. I have TRUTH. The truth never changes and is just so easy to remember.

No lawyer would ever take my case because knowledge of the corruption and lawlessness and intentional failures of the court requires an officer of the court to protect the integrity of a judiciary which has demonstrated it’s lack of integrity.

They will not stop until they attain my suicide. And I am just not capable of it.

The only remaining lawful option, to vacate the void orders, to void the order under Appeal and eliminate the necessity of the Appeal, to conduct hearings to address the financial issues, to conduct hearings on the deliberate misdeeds, to report the misconduct of Angst & Angst for disciplinary action to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board, to refer the actions of the judiciary to the Judicial Conduct Board. An acceptable start would be returning the Defendant to his home, with an allowance for the destroyed property, and a stipend upon which to subsist until the final resolution of this matter.

The thought that his matter can be prevented from exposure in a Federal Courtroom should be dismissed. The Defendant has persevered this far, and has endured the terror and injustice of the denial of his civil rights, his parental rights, his human rights and the interference of corruption and lawlessness into his life, denying his liberty, and preventing any appearance of a livelihood. The case is documented. All that remains is assembly of the documents. The continued injustice only extends the time period during which this case can commence.

I live to suffer another day… with no exit in a county where there is no law. Where the chief law enforcement officer in the county, Sheriff Eileen Behr, has conspired to terrorize the Defendant. Where the person who took an oath to prosecute crimes in the county, District Attorney Rise Verti Ferman, has ignored reports of crimes against the Defendant. And where Eileen Behr, Rise Ferman and Carolyn Carluccio can party the nights away together blowing sunshine up each others slacks, skirts and robes while ignoring the complete perversion of justice and the reign of terror and destruction they leave in their offices at the courthouse.

There is no justice in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
There is no law in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
Once you learn the terrorists are running the Montgomery County Courthouse, you will be targeted for destruction by every means at the county’s disposal.
I live to suffer another day.


Ultrasonic noise since returning home the other day from court. There is no surviving the continued terror and harassment of Angst & Angst and their associates. Does anyone want to see a 4 foot fluorescent tube light up without use of electricity or wires… Stop by. It’ll light up like a light saber.

The invoice submitted to the court by Angst & Angst includes a reference to the date they decided to proceed forward… it coincides with the date I moved to Paris last year. Problem is, I didn’t move to Paris anywhere but on Facebook. Dumbasses! No wonder they were so shocked when I appeared in court. AND had filed a response. AND had served a response and counterpetition.

THEY HAD NOT FILED THE PAPERWORK PROPERLY, NOR had they served it, NOR had they filed the Certificate of Service.

Small wonder that Valerie Angst walked right into the courtroom thinking I was not going to appear… passed me in the hallway without so much as a glance… No reason to look for me there… The dumbass thought I was in Paris… because Facebook said so?

Add to that they tried to get Judge Carolyn Carluccio back on the case to railroad me right back into a 4th Order without Jurisdiction. Of course she would do that if I wasn’t in the country to expose her abuse of power under color of law. Carolyn Carluccio would gladly deny due process and procedure and urinate on civil rights. That’s not her concern.

Incompetence concealed by fraud.


Valerie Rosenbluth Angst, Esquire and Robert Angst, Esquire, of Angst & Angst in Harleysville, PA and Angst & Angst in Doylestown, PA wield their incompetence as a sword. They use their disgrace and shame as a shield against law, ethics, procedure and civil rights.

At the sake of honor and integrity, they are excused and even rewarded not for their ability but for absolute failure in a profession which requires the appearance of propriety.

After 7 years of perversion of justice, the court has witnessed the demonstration of the level of injustice which can be the result of giving false credence to a title.

Their only defense when their failures are clearly presented in a courtroom designed to protect them from aspersion is to accuse their victim of not being a lawyer.

7 years, 15 judges.

A Terroristic Divorce.


The Order of September 23, 2011

A voidable order is an order that must be declared void by a judge to be void; a void order is an order issued without jurisdiction by a judge and is void ab initio and does not have to be declared void by a judge to be void.

Only an inspection of the record of the case showing that the judge was without jurisdiction or violated a person’s due process rights, or where fraud was involved in the attempted procurement of jurisdiction, is sufficient for an order to be void. Potenz Corp. v. Petrozzini, 170 Ill. App. 3d 617, 525 N.E. 2d 173, 175 (1988).

In instances herein, the law has stated that the orders are void ab initio and not voidable because they are already void.

An Inspection of the Record – there is no way to understand the complete and absolute VOID-ness of the Order issued on September 23, 2011 without having the following breakdown. Without it, the intentional tactical failures becomes so chaotic that it begs to be ignored. With it, the proof that on the record of the case the judge lacked jurisdiction, violated the defendant’s due process rights and committed fraud is more than sufficient for the order to be VOID AB INITIO.

Three Main issues for review/inspection of the court record

1.) Last minute filing submitted, ordered, and withdrawn

2.) Sanctions Ordered against the Defendant

3.) Failure to conduct hearings/permit testimony

The Order of September 23, 2011

1.) Last minute filing submitted, ordered, and withdrawn

Plaintiff’s Petition titled:

– was transmitted electronically to the Prothonotary on September 22, 2011 at 10:29 PM

– was accepted/docketed by the Prothonotary on September 23, 2011 at 9:17 AM

The Docket demonstrates the failure of the Plaintiff to serve the Defendant and file the related Certificate of Service.

The Order of September 23, 2011 does not reference the Plaintiff’s Petition yet grants the relief requested.

On September 28, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Plaintiff electronically filed PRAECIPE TO WITHDRAW requesting the withdrawal of the “PENDING” Counterpetition.

Plaintiff did not serve the Counterpetition upon the Defendant prior to the hearing and failed to file a Certificate of Service indicating compliance with due process and procedure.

Due Process and Procedure requires a petition to be properly filed and served upon a party prior to the hearing.

The Court did not permit the Defendant any opportunity to prepare/present a response to the Counterpetition.

When this failure of due process was pointed out by Defendant during the proceeding on September 23, 2011, the Defendant was ignored.

The Court Order of September 23, 2011 granted requested relief relating to the Counterpetition.

The Court was without jurisdiction and Denial of the Defendant’s due process rights is sufficient for an order to be void.

The Order of September 23, 2011

2.) Sanctions Ordered against the Defendant

Plaintiff’s Petition titled:

– was transmitted electronically to the Prothonotary on July 14, 2011 at 8:55 AM

– seeking “Plaintiff to be awarded attorney fees in the amount of $3,000 for Defendant’s vexatious conduct.”

The Order of July 18, 2011 states:
A Protracted Hearing on Plaintiff’s counter Petition for Sanctions filed July 14, 2011 is scheduled for Friday September 23, 2011 from 10:30 a.m until noon.

The Docket demonstrates the failure of the Plaintiff to serve the Defendant and file the related Certificate of Service.

During the proceeding on September 23, 2011, there was an ex parte exchange of a document between Judge Carluccio and Valerie Angst. This ex parte exchange was called to the attention of the Court by the Defendant. The Defendant was ignored. The document was not provided to the Defendant.

The Order of September 23, 2011 states:
Plaintiff’s Counter Petition for Sanctions filed 7/14/11 is GRANTED. Defendant is ordered to pay Plaintiff’s attorney fees in the amount of $13,750 which shall be deducted from the Defendant’s share of the proceeds of the sale of the marital home.

The Court offered no explanation regarding the additional $10,750 that was added to the amount of the sanction.

Plaintiff did not serve the Counterpetition upon the Defendant prior to the hearing and failed to file a Certificate of Service indicating compliance with due process and procedure.

Plaintiff failed to demonstrate any vexatious behavior by the Defendant or indicate which petitions were filed unnecessarily. The defendants only recourse to enforce Plaintiff to comply with court orders was to petition the court for enforcement.

The Court was without jurisdiction and Denial of the Defendant’s due process rights is sufficient for an order to be void.

The Courts participation and failure to correct the ex parte communication creates the appearance of impropriety sufficient for an order to be void
The Order of September 23, 2011

The Order of September 23, 2011

3.) Failure to conduct hearings/permit testimony

The Protracted hearing on September 23, 2011 was ordered on July 18, 2011
“A Protracted Hearing on Plaintiff’s counter Petition for Sanctions filed July 14, 2011 is scheduled for Friday September 23, 2011 from 10:30 a.m until noon.”

1.5 Hours were scheduled for the hearing.

The docket shows that there was no Certificate of Service for the Plaintiff’s Counter Petition for Sanctions filed 7/14/11.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On July 21, 2011 Defendant filed:

The Court had issued a verbal order into the record. The transcript would not be available for weeks.
The Defendant believed be would be subjected to arrest for following the verbal order as the available printed documents indicated he must vacate the property.

Police called when Defendant was photographing the Plaintiff’s dissipation of assets in August 2011 and September 2011

On August 17, 2011, the Short List was scheduled for September 20, 2011. *

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On August 15, 2011 Defendant filed (concurrent with the filing of an Appeal):
Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis

On August 15, 2011, Defendant filed an Appeal of the defective Order of May 9, 2011 (Divorce Decree & Equitable Distribution)

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On August 19, 2011 Defendant filed:
Petition Requesting the Scheduling of Outstanding Petitions

This Petition recapped the number of petitions which remained unheard by the court.

Since the August 12, 2010 discovery of a Secret, Ex Parte, Undocketed and Undistributed Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele, Petitions submitted by the Defendant were no longer heard.
On August 30, 2011 Defendant filed:
Petition Requesting Distribution/Docketing of Ex Parte Court Order

While seeking Police intervention of the Plaintiff’s dissipation of Assets (which was denied), Defendant learned that Montgomery Township Police were requested by the Montgomery County Deputies to assist in ensuring that the Defendant had vacated the Property on June 9, 2011.

Montgomery County Sheriff Eileen Behr has refused to provide any information.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On August 31, 2011 Defendant filed:
Petition Requesting Documents and Injunction Blocking Sale of the Home Until Appeal by The Superior Court of Pennsylvania Has Been Decided

Plaintiff was failing to provide any information regarding the Sale of the Home – a violation of Power Of Attorney. The Real estate Agent would not Provide any information. The verbal order of July 18, 2011 had ordered removal of the Defendant’s property by the closing date of the home. Defendant was not disclosing that date. The Appeal had been filed and no action had been taken with regard to supersedeas or stays while the appeal is pending.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On September 1, 2011 Defendant filed: (AS EMERGENCY)
Petition Requesting Documents and Injunction Blocking Sale of the Home Until Appeal by The Superior Court of Pennsylvania Has Been Decided

On September 1, 2011 Defendant filed:
Petition Regarding the Scheduling of Outstanding Petitions

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On September 2, 2011 Defendant filed:
Petition for the Recusal of Judge Carolyn Carluccio

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On September 6, 2011, on the faxed Request of the Plaintiff, Judge Carluccio IMMEDIATELY continued the hearing scheduled for September 20, 2011 to September 23, 2011 to accommodate the Plaintiff’s inability to appear.

On August 17, 2011 The DEFENDANT PETITION REQUESTING AN IMMEDIATE STAY had been scheduled for September 20, 2011.

Closing Date for the house had been set on July 24, 2011 and signed/accepted by Plaintiff on July 27, 2011.

The Closing date was scheduled for September 20, 2011.

Plaintiff intentionally prevented the Defendant from knowing the closing date. A violation of Power of Attorney law.

Keller Williams Real Estate Agent, Chris Grucella had deliberately and intentionally prevented the Defendant from knowing the closing date.

Keller Williams Real Estate has deliberately and intentionally prevented the Defendant from knowing the closing date.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that Plaintiff had informed Angst & Angst of her reason for being “unable to attend” on September 20, 2011.

Angst & Angst were deliberately and intentionally creating an appearance of impropriety for Judge Carluccio.

Judge Carluccio did endorse and encourage the an appearance of impropriety by her immediate response to the faxed continuance request without any opportunity for the Defendant to object.

On September 23, 2011, while reviewing the above information, when the appearance of impropriety became undeniable and evident, Judge Carluccio interrupted the Defendant’s review of information denying any wrongdoing prior to the issue of impropriety even being raised.

As part of the continuance Order, the following petitions were additionally scheduled for September 23, 2011:


(filed September 1, 2011)

(filed September 2, 2011)

Even though the three additional petitions were added for the date, no additional time was provided on the court schedule.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On September 12, 2011, the following petitions were additionally scheduled for September 23, 2011:



Even though the two additional petitions were added for the date, no additional time was provided on the court schedule.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

On September 23, 2011, the following items were to set to be heard within a 90 minute Protracted Hearing:







The following had not yet been scheduled:
Defendant’s PETITION TO PROCEED IN FORMA PAUPERIS (filed August 15, 2011 concurrent with APPEAL)


The Appeal was in process and Judge Carluccio had acknowledged that in an Order for a Concise statement.


The Judge heard testimony ONLY on the petition filed immediately before the hearing, given to the Defendant AT the hearing, and never properly served,
AND withdrawn immediately after the proceeding titled:


And the Judge issued her Order granting all of the releif requested in THAT documented and denied and dismissed all of the petitions properly filed, served and prepared.

– –  –   –    –     –      –       –        –       –      –     –    –   –  –

IT WAS CLEAR THAT FURTHER INJUSTICE WOULD BE REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL OF THE DEFENDANT’S SUICIDE. The Defendant was surrounded by 7 deputies during the September 23, 2011 proceeding. They were going to intimidate him to the point of emotional breakdown. I stood strong as I endured their corruption, injustice, lawlessness and intimidation.

The ultimate problem… I am not capable of suicide. And, I am a survivor.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio would never hold the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis which would then permit the Appeal to move forward. How could she entertain that hearing? Wouldn’t the Court be embarrassed after having caused one party to be destitute, and homeless, to issue an order admitting it?


You cannot appeal what you do not know exists. When they keep an order a secret. You cannot appeal it.

When THAT Secret Order undermines the judiciary while custody proceedings are going on… you have no way of appealing the orders. UNTIL you find the secret order. Then, they ramp up the terror and injustice by denying all hearings outright.

The Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit is becoming clearer and clearer.

Not only have they denied my rights to a hearing, BUT they have denied my rights to appeal to a higher court… And that is just on the Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele. Because of the initial prevention of my rights in August 2007, it became necessary to ensure that my rights to an appeal of any order were prevented in 2011. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE COURT HAS DONE.. and is doing in 2013.

The crimes of the Montgomery County Court: their deliberate and intentional denial of my civil rights, their abuse of power under color of law, and their intentional and malicious prevention of an Appeal to a higher court, while using their power and influence to manipulate other county offices to inaction and harassment. Montgomery County is becoming more and more exposed. Their malicious intent is becoming more and more clear.

The Federal law suit is writing itself… and when we include all of the County Departments used to annihilate my life… the damages will grow… and grow.

The Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele has undermined justice in this case from the beginning… and once discovered it undermined my civil rights entirely. But they wanted my suicide at the hopelessness of escaping their terror.

And I am not capable of suicide. I was forced to live each day to face further terror and hopelessness at the corrupt hands of the Montgomery County Courts and Departments. The Terrorists in Montgomery County are exposed… all that remains is the filing of the paperwork in Federal Court.

And somewhere along the way law enforcement will prosecute the corrupt judges and lawyers who were not acting as judges when they did their malce. The law protects judges and grants them immunity, BUT only when they act as judges. When they fail to do so, they lose their immunity. They are personally responsible for their civil rights crimes… and the terror they inflicted on the litigant before them… and the list of litigants terrorized by Montgomery County will likely grow once my story makes the local news.


On February 11, 2013, Judge Garrett Page, after 3 hours of ridiculously tedious testimony by the Plaintiff exposing her absolute failure to follow any court orders AND exposing the complete denial of due process of the Defendant (me),…

The judge admonished Valerie Angst indicating she should have informed the court that the hearings had not taken place and that more time would be required for the hearing.

[I had not even begun to present my case AND MY case had been made by the plaintiff and her boasting about how she did what she wanted without any regard for court orders, or the law. My case would prove beyond any doubt the contempt for the court, and her contempt for the law… and her corruption of the judiciary to obtain favorable rulings.]

Valerie responded (by shouting) indicating the judge “did not follow the plan. did not stick to the petition. did not follow the order.”

DID NOT FOLLOW THE PLAN???? WOW, them’s fighting words and that is exactly how they came out. Valerie was exposing Judge Garrett Page in his own courtroom and OUTLOUD – FULL VOLUME DISRESPECTFULLY SHOUTING.
– With Judge Carluccio, she was more subtle sticking to violating procedures and ex parte communications and extortion. She handed her a document indicating that if she wasn’t awarded an extra 10,000 dollars, then the Defendant would get the invoice listing all of the ex parte contact with the judge. Either Judge Carluccio ignored, endorsed and participated in Ex Parte Communication in her own court and on the record, or she was exposed for her prior ex parte contact and the related conspiracy with the prior judges. Judge Carluccio increased the amount ordered by $10,000 from the amount requested $3,000.
– Same as she did with Judge Bertin, but she had revealed that invoice ‘accidentally’ during equitable distribution.
– With Judge DelRicci they simply presented the secret order issued by Judge Daniele which was not provided to the defendant (me).
– This was also done with Judge Tilson when they gave him a completely different document than they filed… sneaking in their secret order – TRUMPED!
– All of these things would be included in my presentation…. with full documentation straight from the court records.

Judge Page then ended the hearing. He’d been exposed.

EXPOSED… well that is how Valerie makes every judge do her bidding. They will do it or she will expose their corruption.

How can you protect a judiciary with no integrity? You can’t.

How can you obtain a fair trial when the integrity of a dozen judges hangs in the balance? You cannot.

You get terrorized more and more as the pattern continues.

No one will stop the corrupt lawyer who can, will, and DOES expose the corrupt judge doing her bidding.

They (the judiciary and the Angsts) made the situation. They continue it. I get harassed and terrorized for surviving in their melee.

You cannot protect the integrity of the judiciary when they lack integrity… and they are conspiring with a sociopathic lawyer who will expose them at every turn. Survive at your own risk… BUT, they are determined to destroy you…

[It took only a few minutes until this document was being read from Norristown, PA.]


The laughable actions of Michael Kehs, Montgomery County Court Administrator to obstruct justice and deny due process become more and more evident in each action he takes.

You have played this game too many times already… AND FAILED. Do you think I will be so stupid to fall for the tactics just because you continue to try them?

You may order your staff to do what you like. They are prevented by the county’s unethical “Code of Ethical Conduct” from exposing your secrets. They may not report the crimes you are committing. The threat which keeps them employed and used as tools of the conspiracy.

How do you suppose this effort won’t backfire like the last? When the dishonorable and corrupt Judge Carolyn Carluccio ordered me to appear in her courtroom, and cancelled the appearance at 4:00 the afternoon before with no notice. THEN, She notified County Deputies that I had no purpose being in the Courthouse. And was supposedly threatening her. Ridiculous false allegations. (Who brings their 70+ year old mother with them to court to threaten anyone?) When I presented the Scheduling Order to the deputies they were confused because the judge had lied to them. The judge had set me up.

The judge had also secretly cancelled all of the hearings by email without notifying the parties… On paper she had only cancelled one of them. A silly paperwork error which would permit them to dismiss all petitions filed. SO that when I would not appear for the event, ALL of my petitions would be dismissed for non-appearance. It failed when I showed up prepared to present the case on the 10 or so outstanding petitions.

And Michael Kehs also ordered me to appear for hearings which the Angst’s and the Plaintiff failed to appear for. How did they know there was no real hearing scheduled? They blamed Admin. BUT, when Angsts’ then billed me for their fees and intentionally included the time they spent conspiring with the court in ex parte contact. Judge Bertin immediately recused without explanation when this was revealed in the hearing before the Master. When dealing with sociopaths you can expect them to turn on their own teammates. Angst & Angst have exposed everyone they have involved once they were no longer needed.

For the record, Angst & Angst have documented that they have no concept of the ethics involved in ex parte communications. They don’t know what it is, and apparently neither do the judges with whom they conspire.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio laughed and accused the Defendant of not understanding ex parte communication. She was wrong. Her lies and outright fraud are a part of the record. But she was determined not to recuse, no matter how many times I tried to protect her from herself. She was determined to destroy me. She failed at that too… and her evil nature was exposed.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio refused to hold the hearing where the Court was petitioned to provide the content of those meetings and conversations. Her secret emails submitted as precipe and never distributed to the parties have yet to be provided. She was caught on the record, in her own courtroom. Exposed. She then rescheduled the secretly cancelled hearings on the record in her court… only to cancel them again without notice. The county conspiracy and their tactics to prevent and obsrtuct justice, to deny due process, to commit crimes aand for the judiciary to become an intensely involved party in a divorce not only demonstrate bias. It exposes their deliberate and intentional abuse of power under color of law.

Last week the Philadelphia Traffic Court experienced the exposure of their criminal judiciary. This week, let’s hope it is time for Montgomery County to be exposed for the terroristic criminal organization that it has become. A corrupt judiciary. A criminally dismissive District Attorney who violates the law and her oath of office. A frightened sheriff who fears what the powerful people in her county would do to her if she acted in the proper context of her office as chief law enforcement officer in the county.

And the rubber stamping Court Administrator Michael Kehs, who hides behind his stamp pad and his court administration and his family court administration… who hasn’t figured out that people are not as stupid as the court thinks they are. And the Judge responsible for Court Admionistration who thinks he has no control over his schedule.

The tremendous disrespect for the litigants which come before Montgomery County Court and are subjected to fraud and bullying and mistatements by persons in authority. Problems is, just because they are in a position to abuse their power, their lies do not become TRUTH.

And the TRUTH is waiting it’s opportunity to be heard. And no matter how long that opportunity will be denied, the TRUTH WILL BE WAITING.

And the little game of making the schedule an issue, doesn’t completely distract from the lack of jurisdiction now, in September 2011, in July 2011, and in May 2011. A nested lack of jurisdiction will never provide for failure of the court to have jurisdiction, and the prevention of the Appeal filed timely and properly which has yet to be sent to the Superior Court. There can be no retroactive jurisdiction. And the continued terror to cover up the corruption of the court only involves more and more judges because the corruption is causing them to feed on each other.

Judge DelRicci could have resolved it, BUT he chose to act unethically, hide the proof, maintain the conspiracy and then recuse. He caused the further involvement of the next judge, who was additionally protecting him. And so on and so on…

The Judicial Conduct Board could have prevented this disgrace, BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO ACT.

And Judge Rhonda Daniele, whom I have never met or seen, could have prevented this by not issuing multiple secret court orders. Her actions have caused the complete corruption of the judicary in her Family Court division… AND INSTEAD OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY SHE CONTINUES THE CONSPIRACY AND TERROR. Judge Rhonda Daniele has undermined justice, coerced the abuse of power under color of law of the judicary in her division of the court… and remained hidden behind the robes of a disgraced judiciary.

I fear my murder, because they have not been able to attain my suicide. The TRUTH will not die with me thought it might be easy for them to disregard the truth as they have disregarded the law and their oath.

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