Jay Anhorn was a friend for months. We had met when he moved back to the area. He disappeared on the day I went to Montgomery Township Police to file a report against Judge Rhonda Daniele. I had been instructed to go to the police by the US Attorney/FBI. The FBI could not take the case without it coming from the police. Even after seeing the documentation and proof, the police had refused to take any complaint against a sitting judge indicating they would never be able to accomplish their job if they did.

Jay was typical of investigator/undercover officer profile. His father had been a local police officer until his father was slandered and removed from the force while seeking the Chief of Police position. His father’s exit from public service was tainted and slanderous. In a peculiar turn of events, the person who became Chief at that time, has since similarly landed into the position of the County Sheriff. As chief law enforcement officer in the county, she has deliberately failed in her responsibility in this matter beyond any doubt or measure. She will not honor her oath of office and has participated in the conspiracy to conceal the crimes of the judiciary.

I kind of knew Jay was involved all along. He fit the profile. He had moved back to the area after a bad experience in North Carolina. As he never did anything to cause me harm, I was glad of a friend. I always thought in the back of my mind that he would come through for me someday.

When one if his close friends was in trouble and Jay wanted to help him out, allow him to clear his head, and get out of the area, I offered to put him up for a few days. I had always wanted to meet Matt. So many people had mentioned him over the years. I was curious to hear his story from himself.

Jay had a habit of bringing people with him. Those people would then slip up and say something revealing and quickly disappear. Often, they indicated other people who were confidential informants that they knew. Because Jay and I seemed like such good friends, they didn’t realize I was the target.

It confused people when I would discuss my case, and they were sitting there wondering why I was telling them things in front of the person who was doing it to me. I wasn’t supposed to know I was the target. AND I also was not obligated to keep it a secret. They feared what would happen should they join the conversation. I knew what would happen. They would disappear. When an informant reveals themselves them go directly to jail. There is no discussion, no hearing, no excuses. From what I have read, that is a standard procedure. They immediately get the sentence which was excused for their services as an informant.

There was one weekend where Jay had invited people over to my house and then left them there.

It was strange because when this happened Jay denied he had invited one person over. It literally came down to my asking the person “Who are you? and Why are you here?” I have always referred to that weekend as the weird weekend. Because there was too many people acting to try to set me up in something I had nothing to do with. And what I wanted nothing to do with.

That weekend had started when one person had disappeared for 8 hours in the frigid January cold. When he returned he indicated he was walking around the neighborhood for 8 hours. That was a lie, because after this person had been gone for 2 hours, it got dark and I became worried. I had driven around the neighborhood, and the next, and the industrial park looking for him in case he was lost. I had driven around for over a half hour looking for him. He was NOT walking the streets for 8 hours. He returned to the house after 11PM that night, and acted like him walking for 8 hours in the frigid cold was completely natural.

It would be a year later that Mark Smylie would indicate that Matt had lived at his apartment for a while. A slip of the tongue indicating that Jay was a “cop” was the last time I saw Mark. It really didn’t shock me… I had always thought he was a cop also.

I think Jay got in hot water when he and I helped to rescue Matt and get him out of town. I had no regrets for helping. I learned alot from Matt. Our stories had similar parallel points. I also thought that if Jay was gonna save me, his opportunity had passed because he had used up all his good will on Matt.

I haven’t heard from Jay since. His final txt message to me was that he just figured I was a person who couldn’t cope with loss. REALLY??? And they hadn’t even stolen my house, force me to homelessness, and thrown away my personal possessions at that time. I can cope with loss. I don’t cope so well with 7 years of terror. And people who pose as friends.

(This is part of the series which will name private investigators, confidential informants, and undercover police officers. There have been over 60 people who fall into these categories.)

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