The easiest way to prevent litigation (or at least hinder timely submission of documents) is TO HACK INTO THE COMPUTER OF THE LITIGANTS. The lawyers know this already. My original lawyer knew it well. Sara Armstrong explained to me exactly how the WEBWATCHER software had been detected on her computer. BUT, A Pro Se litigant is left exposed and vulnerable.

And here is how it happens…. “Mont Co Style”

Courthouse Viewer Cert issue4And when a litigant tries to access the Court Docket they MUST submit to the Court’s web site demand to install a certificate which undermines security measures and permits remote access to the entire computer.

Once access is gained, it’s no small problem to prevent necessary PDF files from being created, or filed, or adding routines to ‘reverse auto-correction” to misspell words… computers give up full remote control. Even for the placement of files which could be deemed incriminating, and unexplainable because you have no idea how they got there.

I’ve notified the Court of their Certificate problem for years. Since I noticed it. They have made no effort to fix it. The digital certificate expired in 2008. This is not an it just expired yesterday issue. It expired YEARS ago. IT HAS BEEN EXPIRED FOR YEARS. Even a random update would have corrected the issue. It must be ‘broken’ intentionally.

I’ve told them in email… and in person… to desk personnel and supervisors… and over the phone… BUT still no action taken.
August 19, 2011 Courthouse web site – Invalid Certificates
January 2, 2013 County Web Site Use Requires Security Hack

A few weeks ago, I had no alternative but to permit the certificate to be installed on my computer. I had to reformat/rebuild the computer the other night. It was unable to accomplish simple actions any longer. I had no choice, as I needed to file electronically.

The Court has utilized it’s insight.

I recall that Judge Del Ricci announced his SURPRISE recusal with the future effective date just as I was printing the 25 page petition requesting his recusal. I had been unable to print for a week without any reason. Then, the letter from Judge Del Ricci arrived announcing he would recuse in 2 weeks. More scheduling games, it had been months since he continued a hearing to a future (and never scheduled) date.

How did Judge DelRicci know I was about to ask for his recusal?
Did he also know that I had edited the document down from 125 pages to 25? It tooks weeks to write the document. Research. Law Citations. Ethics Citations. That level of detail of his injustice was never filed because it suddenly wasn’t necessary. His letter announcing his recusal prevented him from being embarassed and exposed for the injustice and abuse of power demonstrated in his courtroom. His letter prevented the judicary from being exposed to the scandal.

But S E R I O U S L Y, how did he know what was coming? Surveillance programs? Review his speech / testimony as he announced his recusal from the bench. He admits to many ethics violations, and threatens ME with a lawsuit for some document he never identified. Review the Annotated version.

Reading the annotated version NOW after finding the secret order of Judge Rhonda Daniele, the head of the Family Court division with whom Judge DelRicci consulted. The evidence that Judge DelRicci concealed Daniele’s Secret Order during a conference only makes the judges actions all the more evident and completely reprehensible.

In his own words Judge DelRicci has admitted to a conspiracy with Judge Daniele. In other hearings – Judge DelRicci admitted to conspiracy with the Montgomery Township Poice Department to prevent prosecution for burglary.

It’s obvious that he knew MY Request for his Recusal was coming… his statement all but refers to it. BUT THAT DOCUMENT ONLY EXISTED ON MY COMPUTER, AND YET HE REFERS TO IT AS IF IT IS FILED AND PUBLIC.?

Knowing now what I did not know then… Judge DelRicci is the judge who oversees/oversaw court administration. if ever there was a judge who could control his own schedule it was Judge DelRicci.

Montgomery County’s Web Site requires a Security hack. WHY?

Why when it was brought to their attention did they do nothing?

Why when it was emailed did they do nothing?

Why has Mark Levy, the Prothonotary, and an elected official, done nothing? His was the office where the Secret order of Judge Rhonda Daniele was hidden and available only to the Judges and Masters. Until that one day in August 2010 when the file was accidentally given to me.

176695_10151222222974398_1559581877_oThe Prothonotary also changed the rules when it was revealed that Judge Carolyn Carluccio LIED when she indicated she performed an extensive review of the case… Court Documents revealed she never had the file checked out during her review. When you look at JUST the Docketed Paperwork it fills 5 Binders? Once her lie was exposed, the sign-out sheet was no longer available to the public. See Docket # 2007-12477-303 The Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice has involved the Prothonotary all along.

Why is Installation of a Certificate which expired in 2008 STILL a required action to use the County Web Site? (As of January 2013, STILL REQUIRED)

Now, recall the early news reports from Lower Merion School District. When the school was caught using the remote cameras on students laptops and taking pictures of their very private lives… the District had been helped by the County in developing the ‘solution’. The only reason they got caught is because the ‘watcher’ had a fiduciary responsibility to report what was thought to be illegal drug use… Skittles? Even if it was illegal drug use, instead of candy, it demonstrated the Drug Task force had the capability to conduct stealth surveillance into the families and lives of children.

The tools were made available to township police under DEA programs and was explained in documents issued by The White House.
Technology Transfer Program READ THE LAST TWO PAGS AND COMPARE IT TO THIS SITE. I’ve documented the terror caused and methods of detection and survival by the devices listed.

Montgomery County is quite knowledgable when it comes to legal and illegal surveillance techniques… How many ex parte conversations, ex parte orders and search warrants were issued by the judges assigned to my case? Their intent to hinder and terrorize and entrap… and they weren’t able to set me up, so they decided to destroy. AND THEY ARE STILL TRYING.

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