The pictured device came to life last night. It has not flashed in years… Suddenly, it is detecting phone signals??? I’m actually surprised the battery is still good, it was purchased over 10 years ago.

736536_10151257048499398_2032976510_oBack in the days when analog phones were everywhere, this device allowed you to see the phone was ringing… over the radio in your car.

Analog phones went out of order at the “analog sunset” on February 18, 2008. So why is this device picking up an analog signal in 2013? After the analog sunset, only the government had use of the existing analog system.

Could it have anything to to with the person who walked by my windows in the backyard late last night? Hmmm… I was on the phone when I saw someone walk by.

Last time I found it flashing was years ago… in my dresser drawer in the middle of the night, I had awakened to see the edge of the drawer flashing.

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