The Honorable Judge Garrett D. Page
Montgomery County Court House
2 East Airy Street
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404-0311

Re: Healy v Healy
Docket# 2007-12477

January 16, 2013

Your Honor,

I apologize for the late timing of this letter. My brothers and sister and I have been called to travel to Florida as my father has been re-admitted to hospital on Tuesday and is dying.

I am respectfully requesting a continuance of the protracted hearing scheduled for January 17, 2013 so that I may travel as quickly as possible to be with my family.

As the matter before you is not ripe for resolution, has been pending since July 2012, and is attempting to enforce an order which is being appealed, my family and I would sincerely appreciate your rescheduling of the matter.

Additionally, I have filed an Appeal regarding your Order of January 3, 2013 as Court Administration has yet to schedule that matter on your calendar.

This matter has been ongoing since 2007. It should be noted that I have only asked for and been granted one continuance while my mother was undergoing emergency heart surgery. That continuance was opposed by Plaintiff’s counsel. Upon arrival in court, Judge DelRicci granted the continuance and ordered me to the hospital with my family where I belonged.

I await your approval on the continuance so that travel arrangements can be completed. I can be contacted at (215)343-1686.


Terance Healy


Appeal PDF file with attachments.


Terance Healy :
(Appellant) :
v. : Docket Number 2007-12477

Sonya Healy


Notice is hereby given that Terance Healy, Defendant, Appellant named above hereby appeals to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania from the order entered on this matter on the 3rd day of January, 2013.


1. The Order of 3rd January, 2013 is a one page document indicating the Judge Page has deemed the petition is not an emergency, and Court Administration is directed to schedule this in due course.


2. As of January 16, 2013, the order has not been distributed to the Appellant.

3. As of January 16, 2013, Court Administration has not scheduled the matter as ordered.

4. There has been no proceeding on this matter.


was filed timely, docketed by the Prothonotary, and properly served upon Appellee.

7. The Petition was filed in response to a Scheduling/Reassignment Order which was issued by Michael Kehs, Court Administrator on December 13, 2012.

8. The Scheduling Order assigned a hearing date of January 17, 2013, yet fails to include the Appellants Response and Counterpetition in the citation.

9. Court Administration has failed to schedule the matter to date.


10. The scheduled/reassigned proceeding relates to a petition filed by Appellee on May 18, 2012 and May 23, 2012 seeking enforcement of an Order.

11. At the July 10, 2012 proceeding before Judge Haaz, it was revealed that Angst & Angst had failed to properly serve and file the documents relating to the matter upon the Appellant, Terance Healy.

12. Service of the documents was performed during the proceeding and as such provided proper jurisdiction for the Court to conduct a hearing on the matter. An Order was issued for Court Administration to schedule a hearing.

12. Court Administration has failed to schedule the hearing as ordered by Judge Haaz on July 10, 2012.


13. An Appeal filed on August 15, 2011, docketed by the Prothonotary and served timely upon the parties and the judiciary is currently pending on the matter.

14. On August 22, 2011, the Court ordered a Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal.

15. On September 15, 2011, a CONCISE STATEMENT OF ERRORS COMPLAINED OF ON APPEAL was filed with the Court and served upon the judge and the parties.

16. The Prothonotary has failed to prepare and forward the documents relating to the Appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania for consideration.


17. As the Appeal is pending, any petition for enforcement of the Order, and/or subsequent orders issued without proper jurisdiction, is not ripe for consideration by the Court.

As such, Terance Healy, Defendant, Appellant above named, hereby appeals to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

A copy of the docket is attached.

Terance Healy
Pro Se

c/o Joan Healy
871 Mustang Road
Warrington, PA 18976


chip2 rfid-chip 740566_10151266313374398_810904099_o


The easiest way to prevent litigation (or at least hinder timely submission of documents) is TO HACK INTO THE COMPUTER OF THE LITIGANTS. The lawyers know this already. My original lawyer knew it well. Sara Armstrong explained to me exactly how the WEBWATCHER software had been detected on her computer. BUT, A Pro Se litigant is left exposed and vulnerable.

And here is how it happens…. “Mont Co Style”

Courthouse Viewer Cert issue4And when a litigant tries to access the Court Docket they MUST submit to the Court’s web site demand to install a certificate which undermines security measures and permits remote access to the entire computer.

Once access is gained, it’s no small problem to prevent necessary PDF files from being created, or filed, or adding routines to ‘reverse auto-correction” to misspell words… computers give up full remote control. Even for the placement of files which could be deemed incriminating, and unexplainable because you have no idea how they got there.

I’ve notified the Court of their Certificate problem for years. Since I noticed it. They have made no effort to fix it. The digital certificate expired in 2008. This is not an it just expired yesterday issue. It expired YEARS ago. IT HAS BEEN EXPIRED FOR YEARS. Even a random update would have corrected the issue. It must be ‘broken’ intentionally.

I’ve told them in email… and in person… to desk personnel and supervisors… and over the phone… BUT still no action taken.
August 19, 2011 Courthouse web site – Invalid Certificates
January 2, 2013 County Web Site Use Requires Security Hack

A few weeks ago, I had no alternative but to permit the certificate to be installed on my computer. I had to reformat/rebuild the computer the other night. It was unable to accomplish simple actions any longer. I had no choice, as I needed to file electronically.

The Court has utilized it’s insight.

I recall that Judge Del Ricci announced his SURPRISE recusal with the future effective date just as I was printing the 25 page petition requesting his recusal. I had been unable to print for a week without any reason. Then, the letter from Judge Del Ricci arrived announcing he would recuse in 2 weeks. More scheduling games, it had been months since he continued a hearing to a future (and never scheduled) date.

How did Judge DelRicci know I was about to ask for his recusal?
Did he also know that I had edited the document down from 125 pages to 25? It tooks weeks to write the document. Research. Law Citations. Ethics Citations. That level of detail of his injustice was never filed because it suddenly wasn’t necessary. His letter announcing his recusal prevented him from being embarassed and exposed for the injustice and abuse of power demonstrated in his courtroom. His letter prevented the judicary from being exposed to the scandal.

But S E R I O U S L Y, how did he know what was coming? Surveillance programs? Review his speech / testimony as he announced his recusal from the bench. He admits to many ethics violations, and threatens ME with a lawsuit for some document he never identified. Review the Annotated version.

Reading the annotated version NOW after finding the secret order of Judge Rhonda Daniele, the head of the Family Court division with whom Judge DelRicci consulted. The evidence that Judge DelRicci concealed Daniele’s Secret Order during a conference only makes the judges actions all the more evident and completely reprehensible.

In his own words Judge DelRicci has admitted to a conspiracy with Judge Daniele. In other hearings – Judge DelRicci admitted to conspiracy with the Montgomery Township Poice Department to prevent prosecution for burglary.

It’s obvious that he knew MY Request for his Recusal was coming… his statement all but refers to it. BUT THAT DOCUMENT ONLY EXISTED ON MY COMPUTER, AND YET HE REFERS TO IT AS IF IT IS FILED AND PUBLIC.?

Knowing now what I did not know then… Judge DelRicci is the judge who oversees/oversaw court administration. if ever there was a judge who could control his own schedule it was Judge DelRicci.

Montgomery County’s Web Site requires a Security hack. WHY?

Why when it was brought to their attention did they do nothing?

Why when it was emailed did they do nothing?

Why has Mark Levy, the Prothonotary, and an elected official, done nothing? His was the office where the Secret order of Judge Rhonda Daniele was hidden and available only to the Judges and Masters. Until that one day in August 2010 when the file was accidentally given to me.

176695_10151222222974398_1559581877_oThe Prothonotary also changed the rules when it was revealed that Judge Carolyn Carluccio LIED when she indicated she performed an extensive review of the case… Court Documents revealed she never had the file checked out during her review. When you look at JUST the Docketed Paperwork it fills 5 Binders? Once her lie was exposed, the sign-out sheet was no longer available to the public. See Docket # 2007-12477-303 The Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice has involved the Prothonotary all along.

Why is Installation of a Certificate which expired in 2008 STILL a required action to use the County Web Site? (As of January 2013, STILL REQUIRED)

Now, recall the early news reports from Lower Merion School District. When the school was caught using the remote cameras on students laptops and taking pictures of their very private lives… the District had been helped by the County in developing the ‘solution’. The only reason they got caught is because the ‘watcher’ had a fiduciary responsibility to report what was thought to be illegal drug use… Skittles? Even if it was illegal drug use, instead of candy, it demonstrated the Drug Task force had the capability to conduct stealth surveillance into the families and lives of children.

The tools were made available to township police under DEA programs and was explained in documents issued by The White House.
Technology Transfer Program READ THE LAST TWO PAGS AND COMPARE IT TO THIS SITE. I’ve documented the terror caused and methods of detection and survival by the devices listed.

Montgomery County is quite knowledgable when it comes to legal and illegal surveillance techniques… How many ex parte conversations, ex parte orders and search warrants were issued by the judges assigned to my case? Their intent to hinder and terrorize and entrap… and they weren’t able to set me up, so they decided to destroy. AND THEY ARE STILL TRYING.


Which wins?

An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy & truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”


The pictured device came to life last night. It has not flashed in years… Suddenly, it is detecting phone signals??? I’m actually surprised the battery is still good, it was purchased over 10 years ago.

736536_10151257048499398_2032976510_oBack in the days when analog phones were everywhere, this device allowed you to see the phone was ringing… over the radio in your car.

Analog phones went out of order at the “analog sunset” on February 18, 2008. So why is this device picking up an analog signal in 2013? After the analog sunset, only the government had use of the existing analog system.

Could it have anything to to with the person who walked by my windows in the backyard late last night? Hmmm… I was on the phone when I saw someone walk by.

Last time I found it flashing was years ago… in my dresser drawer in the middle of the night, I had awakened to see the edge of the drawer flashing.


You have to wonder why an uncomplicated Divorce has involved over half of the current judiciary. The ONLY logical explanation is corruption at a level high enough to undermine the entire judiciary.

A Secret Order by Judge Rhonda Daniele was discovered 3 years into the matter. That document explained credibility determinations, and ethics violations while everyone proceeded to conceal the existence of the order which was used as leverage to coerce unjust rulings, actions and orders. ONCE DISCOVERED and DOCKETED, there were no further hearings, and all Petitions filed by the Defendant were ignored.

Years of a court docket exposing the conspiracy of the judiciary left Judge Carolyn Carluccio unable to explain the deliberate and intentional abuse of power under color of law. Carluccio also was not about to enforce the orders issued by her corrupted predecessors and leveraged by the Plaintiff’s attorneys, Angst & Angst.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio retaliated against the Defendant who attempted to protect her, and the judiciary, by requesting her recusal. Multiple times. Even when advised that her actions were reported to the US Attorney/FBI. Judge Carolyn Carluccio refused to recuse no matter how grievous her exposed actions.

Carolyn Carluccio worked for the US Attorney’s office. Carolyn Carluccio was President of the Montgomery County Bar Association. Carolyn Carluccio was a Judge. She had connections and power that she could abuse… AND SHE DID.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio retaliated without jurisdiction.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio admitted she did not have jurisdiction and yet continued to issue orders AND PREVENT HEARINGS. Judge Carolyn Carluccio destroyed the Defendant – she stole his home, threw away his possessions, and prevented and blocked any Appeal.

Carolyn Carluccio is beyond simply being a corrupt judge. Carolyn Carluccio is evil. She is a disgrace as a human being and has caused the judiciary incredible shame and disrepute. Her actions without jurisdiction cannot be attributed to the justice system. Carolyn Carluccio’s abuse of power under color of law is nothing less that criminal.

And those that conspire to protect the abuse and terror inducing crimes are equally criminal.

The following are the Montgomery County Judiciary.

Hon. William J. Furber, Jr., President Judge
Hon. Richard Hodgson, President Judge (Former) Ignored reported corruption
Hon. Joseph A. Smyth
Hon. Bernard A. Moore
Hon. William R. Carpenter
Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele Secret Orders, Ex Parte Orders
Hon. Emanuel A. Bertin RECUSED without request/explanation
Hon. Thomas M. Del Ricci RECUSED without request
Hon. R. Stephen Barrett RECUSED upon request
Hon. Arthur R. Tilson Voided Protection From Abuse, Ex Parte Orders without explanation
Hon. Thomas C. Branca
Hon. Steven T. O’Neill
Hon. Thomas P. Rogers
Hon. Garrett D. Page Currently Assigned (Unexplained)
Hon. Kelly C. Wall In Forma Pauperis DENIED
Hon. Carolyn T. Carluccio Refused to Recuse – Multiple requests, Retaliated, Reassigned without explanation
Hon. Wendy Demchick-Alloy Assigned to another matter(?)
Hon. Patricia E. Coonahan Failure to Enforce Orders act
Hon. Gary S. Silow
Hon. Richard P. Haaz Ignored by Court Admin, Reassigned without explanation
Hon. Cheryl L. Austin
Hon. Toby Dickman Passed away in Fall 2007.
Hon. Stanley R. Ott Granted Protection from Abuse
Hon. Lois E. Murphy
Hon. William T. Nicholas, S.J.
Hon. S. Gerald Corso, S.J.
Hon. Calvin S. Drayer, Jr., S.J.
Hon. Kent H. Albright, S.J. Issued Orders which were unenforced

Hon. William J. Furber, Jr., President Judge

Hon. Richard Hodgson, President Judge (Former) (Indicated he did not get involved in the credibility determinations of his Custody Masters – even when there was a secret Order issued by one judge and Sara Goren had demonstrated her absolute bias – and detemination to prevent custody hearings from occuring. His failure permitted the corruption to spread to additional judges.)

Hon. Joseph A. Smyth

Hon. Bernard A. Moore

Hon. William R. Carpenter

Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele (Issued Secret Orders on multiple occasion, multiple hidden nondocketed orders. used a series of orders to attempt to have me jailed at Christmas. She is the head of the Family Court Division. She DOES NOT LIKE TO BE CHALLENGED – EVER!!! I’ve never met her, but I believe she is behind all of the corruption in the Family Court Division. Her secret actions have perverted every proceeding. I have read where she has had lawyers disbarred/suspended because they caused her to lose sleep. Her corruption and abuse of power as haunted me for 7 years… )

Hon. Emanuel A. Bertin (Recused without explanation when his ex parte communications with the Plaintiff were exposed.)

Hon. Thomas M. Del Ricci (Recused on the record admitting ethics violations and threatening to sue the Defendant – but not indicating what for. Perhaps it had something to do with him throwing me in jail for violating an order which diod not exist – and where he lacked any jurisdiction to take that action. Or maybe it was while he was committing ethics violations after the plaintiff had vandalised and robbed my home and poisoned my dog. At that conference, he was presented with the SECRET ORDER OF RHONDA DANIELE and had to keep the secret. Conspired with Montgomery Township Police to prevent prosecution for the Burglary.)

Hon. R. Stephen Barrett (Recused after request by Defendant.)

Hon. Arthur R. Tilson (Canceled Protection From Abuse Order against Plaintiff, Issued multiple Ex Parte Custody Orders without hearings before or after.)

Hon. Thomas C. Branca

Hon. Steven T. O’Neill

Hon. Thomas P. Rogers

Hon. Garrett D. Page (assigned the matter after a 6 month UNEXPLAINED delay scheduling the hearing with Judge Haaz.)

Hon. Kelly C. Wall (denied Defendant’s Petition In Forma Pauperis because she indicated the County could not afford the expense.)

Hon. Carolyn T. Carluccio (Issued multiple nested Orders without Jurisdiction. The MOST Vicious and corrupt judge on the bench. Refused to Recuse though her corruption was evident and recusal was offered on MULTIPLE occasions. She chose to retaliate and decikmate the Defendant’s home and property without proper jurisdiction. And then has blocked and prevented the Appeal. SHE IS CORRUPT and EVIL!)

Hon. Wendy Demchick-Alloy (Has a matter before her where they purport to be unable to locate me.)

Hon. Patricia E. Coonahan (Failed to act on an Emergency Petition, leading to Judge Bertin;s Recusal, Judge barrett’s Recusal and the failure of Judge Carluccio to hold the hearings to enforce an Order on Medical Benefits)

Hon. Gary S. Silow

Hon. Richard P. Haaz (Demonstrated his clear understanding of jurisdiction, which prevented an immediate hearing because of intentional errors of the Plaintiff’s attorneys. Only to be prevented from holding a hearing when Court Administration failed to schedule the hearing he ordered.

Hon. Cheryl L. Austin


Hon. Stanley R. Ott (Issued a Protection from Abuse Order when the computer and phone technology harassment was presented in his courtroom.)

Hon. Lois E. Murphy


Hon. William T. Nicholas, S.J.

Hon. S. Gerald Corso, S.J.

Hon. Calvin S. Drayer, Jr., S.J.

Hon. Kent H. Albright, S.J. (Issued Orders which were not enforced)


Please help spread MY story. Post it to your page, write to the media.

The only exit after 7 years of terror is by exposing the actions against me.


Please HELP.


Jay Anhorn was a friend for months. We had met when he moved back to the area. He disappeared on the day I went to Montgomery Township Police to file a report against Judge Rhonda Daniele. I had been instructed to go to the police by the US Attorney/FBI. The FBI could not take the case without it coming from the police. Even after seeing the documentation and proof, the police had refused to take any complaint against a sitting judge indicating they would never be able to accomplish their job if they did.

Jay was typical of investigator/undercover officer profile. His father had been a local police officer until his father was slandered and removed from the force while seeking the Chief of Police position. His father’s exit from public service was tainted and slanderous. In a peculiar turn of events, the person who became Chief at that time, has since similarly landed into the position of the County Sheriff. As chief law enforcement officer in the county, she has deliberately failed in her responsibility in this matter beyond any doubt or measure. She will not honor her oath of office and has participated in the conspiracy to conceal the crimes of the judiciary.

I kind of knew Jay was involved all along. He fit the profile. He had moved back to the area after a bad experience in North Carolina. As he never did anything to cause me harm, I was glad of a friend. I always thought in the back of my mind that he would come through for me someday.

When one if his close friends was in trouble and Jay wanted to help him out, allow him to clear his head, and get out of the area, I offered to put him up for a few days. I had always wanted to meet Matt. So many people had mentioned him over the years. I was curious to hear his story from himself.

Jay had a habit of bringing people with him. Those people would then slip up and say something revealing and quickly disappear. Often, they indicated other people who were confidential informants that they knew. Because Jay and I seemed like such good friends, they didn’t realize I was the target.

It confused people when I would discuss my case, and they were sitting there wondering why I was telling them things in front of the person who was doing it to me. I wasn’t supposed to know I was the target. AND I also was not obligated to keep it a secret. They feared what would happen should they join the conversation. I knew what would happen. They would disappear. When an informant reveals themselves them go directly to jail. There is no discussion, no hearing, no excuses. From what I have read, that is a standard procedure. They immediately get the sentence which was excused for their services as an informant.

There was one weekend where Jay had invited people over to my house and then left them there.

It was strange because when this happened Jay denied he had invited one person over. It literally came down to my asking the person “Who are you? and Why are you here?” I have always referred to that weekend as the weird weekend. Because there was too many people acting to try to set me up in something I had nothing to do with. And what I wanted nothing to do with.

That weekend had started when one person had disappeared for 8 hours in the frigid January cold. When he returned he indicated he was walking around the neighborhood for 8 hours. That was a lie, because after this person had been gone for 2 hours, it got dark and I became worried. I had driven around the neighborhood, and the next, and the industrial park looking for him in case he was lost. I had driven around for over a half hour looking for him. He was NOT walking the streets for 8 hours. He returned to the house after 11PM that night, and acted like him walking for 8 hours in the frigid cold was completely natural.

It would be a year later that Mark Smylie would indicate that Matt had lived at his apartment for a while. A slip of the tongue indicating that Jay was a “cop” was the last time I saw Mark. It really didn’t shock me… I had always thought he was a cop also.

I think Jay got in hot water when he and I helped to rescue Matt and get him out of town. I had no regrets for helping. I learned alot from Matt. Our stories had similar parallel points. I also thought that if Jay was gonna save me, his opportunity had passed because he had used up all his good will on Matt.

I haven’t heard from Jay since. His final txt message to me was that he just figured I was a person who couldn’t cope with loss. REALLY??? And they hadn’t even stolen my house, force me to homelessness, and thrown away my personal possessions at that time. I can cope with loss. I don’t cope so well with 7 years of terror. And people who pose as friends.

(This is part of the series which will name private investigators, confidential informants, and undercover police officers. There have been over 60 people who fall into these categories.)


Mark Smylie is an artist in Philadelphia who pretended to be interested in helping. I met him through Brent. Mark heard most of my story. I was invited to his place about every other week for a few months. It was good to get out of the house. Mark tried to help me find a lawyer. Unsuccesfully.

Surprisingly, Mark knew several of the same people involved in my story. Some had even lived at his apartment. It surprised me that he knew any of them.

We were friends until the night he saw a picture of Jay Anhorn, and he exclaimed, “We all knew he was a cop.” I hadn’t seen Jay in almost a year. Since the day I went to report the deliberate crimes of judges to Montgomery Township Police as I had been directed by the FBI to do.

I knew that after I left, I wouldn’t hear from Mark again. Mark didn’t return phone calls or text messages for weeks. I eventually gave up trying to stay in touch. He wasn’t the first to disappear following a revelation. They all disappeared after court events, or a slip of the tongue.

THEN, over the summer, I noticed Mark updated his Facebook to indicate he was the President of a Private Investigation Company for 20 years.

In early November, when I typed a post on this site about things to check into, I included checking on the isolated murders on nights when I visited at Mark’s place. Within 30 minutes, I got an email from him asking where I got the idea that he was a private investigator. It was still on his Facebook page. The prompt turn around from my posting the info to his email, was disturbing and frightening… and indicative of his involvement.

No point in a reply… He was misrepresenting himself. What is the point in debating it.

(This is part of the series which will name private investigators, confidential informants, and undercover police officers. There have been over 60 people who fall into these categories.)

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