I am still awaiting a response to the request made to the USDOJ. They said it may take some time…. it has been quite some time.

When law enforcement conducts and shares illegal surveillance outside of procedure, it results in a stalemate where no one can explain their actions.

When the court becomes so corrupt that it cannot follow the procedures or the law, and prevents and obstructs a person from living freely,AND ATTEMPTS TO COVER UP THEIR CORRUPTION BY THROWING ANOTHER JUDGE AT THE MATTER… it only results in another judge being manipulated into the corruption and conspiracy.

Who might have helped with concealing the illegal surveillance? How many of the 10 (and counting) judges who have seen this matter ordered surveillance? (ORDERING SURVEILLANCE ON A DIVORCE CASE SEEMS A LITTLE OUT OF THE ORDINARY, EH???) Even though they were aware of it’s destructive effects on my business, my finances and my entire life? BUT did it in hopes of covering their corruption.

There is no exit, until justice is served.

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