My wife has filed fraudulent claims with the LIBERTY MUTUAL insurance company UNDER MY NAME. And they send out the checks, which must be endorsed by both of us.

I was FORCED UNDER DURESS to sign several insurance checks totaling over $10,000 by Judge Carolyn Carluccio, even though there was no petition filed in regard to the insurance checks.

I was surrounded by 7 deputies at the time. Oh, and I haven’t seen a penny from the checks I was forced to endorse.

The SURPRISE petition submitted moments before that proceeding (which was supposed to be on other issues which were all IGNORED) by Angst & Angst about the checks was withdrawn immediately afterward. (There has been tremendous effort to prevent hearings. TOO MUCH FRAUD AND CORRUPTION MIGHT BE EXPOSED.)

The thing is Sonya Healy continues to call Liberty Mutual about HER CLAIMS made in MY NAME. She demands a stop payment on prior checks and the check to be re-issued to her at another address.

Sonya Healy did this for years with the Mortgage statement. Calling their customer service department and having the address changed MONTHLY! For years! She then would drag me into court and force ME to provide the statements. This happened at least annually over the last 7 years. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage could not always provide me the statements, because Sonya Healy also stopped them from being printed.

Liberty Mutual called again yesterday… Sonya Healy asked for a stop payment and a reissue of a check. NO STOP PAYMENT NECESSARY. Here’s why…

Liberty Mutual has been reminded of the fraud and the continued activity in the legal matter. Their Golden Eagle division seems to have caused an incredible silence… which seems to be an indication that Montgomery County may also be associated with the insurance company. Perhaps some liability coverage?

I’ve watched the web traffic when they all talked together and read the same pages on this blog at the same time over the course of an hour. Yes, web statistics can tell you that sort of thing.

So stop with the Stop Payments already. You are costing the insurance company fees. The checks expire after 6 months… or when I shred them whichever comes first.

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