I have noticed lately the appearance of articles around the web which correspond to the illegally installed surveillance software which have targeted my personal, professional and financial life since 2007.

Here are a few where I have found lately people arriving from these articles to read my experience:

Windows Software Deployment and Update Script

My Comment on the article:
I would have given anything to find your script at any time since 2007 when my computers have been targeted by a private investigator/hacker. Law enforcement refuses to prosecute a private investigation firm that consists of Retired FBI Agents. I don;t know whether you realize it, but the programs that you seem to highlight in a few articles are being hijacked and utilized to provide computer surveillance. Java, Flash, Adobe, Printers and Windows Media are all being used to secretly copy and transmit computer data in small packets. Java and Flash are used to run the stealth programs. Adobe is used to compact the data for transmission and to prevent the hacker from being exposed because they took exact copies of files. They create pdf files, through the use of modified printer drivers. This method assures their stolen info is not going to contain steganography or beacons.

Too late for me at this point. Their programs have destroyed my financial, professional and personal life. (http://www.work2bdone.com/live) I no longer use Windows. The secret registry hooks and reinstallation and hide and seek subroutines made Windows an impossible operating system to work under. I now run a Linux based OS from CD and replace the cd weekly.

Corrupt Windows NTFS Junction Points

My Comment on the article:
My experience over the last 6 years of being hacked has exposed the use of junction points as a method of preventing Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs from functioning. One cleverly added junction point guarantees that the scan never finishes.
The first program to expose this tactic was Kaspersky.
This tactic has been used regularly over the years to stall until the surveillance/remote control program could be updated to handle a newly installed AVAS program.
The tactic also can effectively prevent installation of any new program or diagnostic from completion.
My story as a 6 year victim of targeted hacks/surveillance is available here… http://www.work2bdone.com/live Private Investigators, who are former FBI and handle illegal surveillance for local authorities, can get away with destroying lives.

When my rebuild from early October had slowed typing to a crawl, and made it appear that I was no longer capable of spelling, punctuation or use of Proper Case, I realized the intrusion was updated for my Linux installation. I also discovered over 60,000 symbolic links… and that just can’t be right for a basic linux installation.

Since running from CD, the computer has regained it’s speed, and I can spell and type again!! There’s no way of avoiding their intrusive programs. The more I do to survive their intrusion, the more R&D they gain from watching me.

It’s been that way since the original installation of WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies in February 2007. Since the webwatcher software intrusion was confirmed in May 2007. Since it was caught installing itself secretly through Windows Mail on a brand new Vista machine (App compat file for WebWatcher Install detected/stored when it pretended to download from Windows Update). Since it was negotiated that I would reveal how I detected their programs and saw their data prep’d for transmission using Thumbsplus and BART in exchange for the removal of their illegally installed program. They fired the negotiator, Jaime Kronic, for confirming their illegal stealth installation method. I then watched the software further it’s evolution from detected virus program… to rootkit… to bootkit.

The intruding software’s ability to filter, obfuscate and redirect required the use of the one thing their programmers may not have had much experience with. Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and Windows 98…. All of which were MORE secure because the technology didn’t exist for these operating systems to be hijacked and manipulated wirelessly and via bluetooth. Bluetooth is a surveillance tool.

Any cellphone which comes within a few meters of a computer can be programmed with the capability to hack that computer. Installing a small string that directs the computer to go out to the web on reboot and install stealth surveillance software.

If you try to contact support for the computer, you may be surprised that they have hacked your cell phone to make sure you don’t find the help you seek.

And it is useful to know these types of programs can also be used to set you up by planting files, materials and information which can destroy a reputation and a life. And when you keep saying you have no idea how that file got on your computer, NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU… You may end up isolated. Your friends and family may become nervous or afraid of any association. High tech destruction of lives… available for download and installation NOW!

Though they do put some fine print in their software agreement that their program is not to be used illegally. That doesn’t seem to work too well… if you report an illegal installation, you just painted a target on yourself.

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