The answers are as follows:

a) Abuse Of Power Under Color Of Law
b) Corruption/Conspiracy
c) Violation of Procedure/Law
d) Judicial Extrinsic Fraud
e) Denial of Due Process/Procedure
f) Lack of Jurisdiction

According to my research, there is no way for jurisdiction to be granted to the court retroactively. The orders issued by the corrupt judges of Montgomery County lacked jurisdiction. Delaying the inevitable hearings only serves to prolong the denial of due process.

Additionally, it is a threat to my life. The only way it won’t matter is if I die. I have been told by two lawyers (who would not /could not take the case) that I should not feel safe AND that my life was in danger. The longer hearings are delayed the greater the threat on my life becomes clearer and further debilitating. If my information was wrong… why delay the hearing? The last thing the Montgomery County Judiciary needs is MORE proof of the corruption which has involved the entire Family Court Judiciary.

Every order issued by Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio lacked jurisdiction. There is no way to gain jurisdiction for her orders where she neglected to hold any hearings on the matter. And in many of those cases Angst & Angst had intentionally made certain the paperwork was not complete further exposing the lack of jurisdiction for thier petitions. Their is also no way to enforce the orders… which is why I was forced at the command of Carolyn Carluccio to endorse multiple checks totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars during the last appearance. No way to see that money. And it was gained through fraud. The fraudulent sale of MY home.

In June 2012, Judge Carolyn Carluccio and Judge Thomas DelRicci spoke at a public meeting regarding how the Montgomery County Judiciary would begin following procedures regarding jurisdiction. Funny, I didn’t think that the law regarding proper process for jurisdiction was an optional issue.

Do you suppose they realized after the full year of terror (2011) I had experienced at the hands of the VERY corrupt and biased and just downright EVIL Carolyn Carluccio as she abused her power… that they realized that the court was doing this to more than just me. There were others who had lawyers to conceal the judicial corruption. Without a lawyer, my case is clearly documented with the court and exposes her absolute determination to ignore, the law, procedure and civil rights in her efforts to strip me of everything. Everything. EVERYTHING. Because her criminal actions were exposed in the court documents. The destroyed EVERYTHING and still didn’t gain my suicide. They underestimated the power of the truth and my ability to persevere through the hopelessness and despair of being further victimized.

Carolyn Carluccio had multiple opportunities to recuse as her violations were exposed and documented with the Court. She never held those hearings on those petitions. She kept issuing invalid court order on top of invalid court order on top of invalid court order. She made sure there was no way to escape her corrupt, illegal and destructive acts.

Now it would seem that the current judge is unable to schedule a hearing because it will expose the criminal actions of the many judges involved in the matter. Judge Haaz ordered a protracted hearing to be scheduled on July 10, 2012. It is now December 2012 and that hearing has NOT yet been scheduled. This was brought to the attention of Court Administration and the Judge in August 2012. There was no response to my letter and no scheduling order issued. (Oddly, DelRicci and Carluccio both indicated in their discussion in June that the Judges would schedule hearing and provide the date and time to litigants during the Short List. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. But the Court Order for Scheduling by Court Admin did clearly confirm the change in procedure and expectations. Is Judge Haaz being threatened to not conduct the hearing?

Whether on the petition against me, or my counter petition, the question of jurisdiction will definitely be raised and the crimes of Carolyn Carluccio will be further exposed and recorded. They will see Carolyn Carluccio for the cruel and malicious monster who was determined to destropy a man who survived injustice in the Montgomery County Court since 2007.

There are a few basics things to consider.
— Justice delayed is justice denied.
— Jurisdiction is necessary for a court order to be valid.
— The misinformation of an authority figure does not make law or truth where there is none. It’s fraud.

I will post the Court Orders and their corresponding issues below and in individual posts and summarize below.


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