When Carolyn Carluccio issued her first orders where she lacked jurisdiction, she was NOT acting as judge. Her order is void.

When Carolyn Carluccio acted to conceal her void orders, she admitted that she lacked jurisdiction. She was NOT acting as a judge. Her actions were criminal.

When Carolyn Carluccio further issued orders against the defendant who pointed out her lack of jurisdiction. She was NOT acting as a judge. Her actions were criminal. Her involvement of county resources to enforce her corrupt and void orders was conspiracy. Her actions were criminal.

When Carolyn Carluccio issued an Opinion which was misinformation and fraud, she was committing extrinsic fraud. She was demonstrating her extrinsic fraud. This was part of the Appeal she was preventing from moving to Superior Court. She had been committing fraud and not acting as a judge for the entire period the matter was in her courtroom. Her actions are criminal.

Judges only have judicial immunity when they are acting as a judge. When they are not following procedure and the law, they are NOT acting as a judge and can be criminally prosecuted for their crimes.

In contrast, when the CASH FOR KIDS corruptio was exposed in Luzerne County, PA, the judges were not held responsible for their actions sending the thousands of children to juvenile detention BECAUSE THEY WERE ACTING AS JUDGES when they sentenced the children. The crimes they were prosecuted for were not the individual actions against the children. They were prosecuted for their corrupt and criminal activity off the bench because they were not acting as judges as the time. When not acting as a judge, they have no immunity. What they did to each of the thousands of children was resprehensible but they did it under judicial immunity.

CAROLYN CARLUCCIO does not have judicial immunity for her corrupt orders and actions designed to obstruct justice, deny civil rights, ignore due process and prevent the matter from moving to Superior Court, because she was knowingly not following the procedures. Carolyn Carluccio was NOT acting as a judge. But, Carolyn Carluccio can only be prosecuted when the District Attorney prosecutes the case. And Risa Ferman, the District Attorney, is too busy out partying with Carolyn Carluccio to prosecute her crimes.

As the crimes Carolyn Carluccio has committed are clearly ABUSES OF POWER UNDER COLOR OF LAW, she can also be prosecuted by the Federal Prosecutor, the US Attorney. Carolyn Carluccio has worked for the US Attorney’s office. They seem determined to not return calls or respond to reports. Unless, the FBI Corruption Task Force is looking into her crimes. The matter has been with the Department Of justice for over a year. They did say it would take time.

The crimes that Carolyn Carluccio has committed are additionally creating a massive liability for Montgomery County. The Conspiracy and collusion of the Family Court Judiciary takes that civil liability and increases it exponentially. The failure of the County to address the corruption increases the liability of the County for the damages caused by the judges, and the County’s actions in supporting the corrupt acts of the County judiciary.

Once a lawyer hears what has happened in my case, they immediately acknowledge that I should not feel safe, and that my life is indeed at risk.

My last lawyer, who only worked for me for 3 weeks, was receiving death threats. I had been brought in by detectives to see if I could help them with the investigation. That same day when I was late for our meeting, the detective came into the courtroom and witnessed first-hand the bias and intimidation of Carolyn Carluccio – a judge trapped without jurisdiction who admitted she had no jurisdiction. The transcript is on this site for anyone to read. (July 2011)

My first lawyer has disappeared. She resigned after 6 weeks at her firm’s request. I have been unable to find her since 2008. She had been emailing regularly and then all emails stopped. And I have found no record of her anywhere on the interwebs.

A lawyer I had hired for one day on custody issues repeatedly assessed my situation in three words. “I was fucked.” He did not anticipate I would survive the onslaught. That was in July 2008. This man was a friend. And I have not seen him since.

Carolyn Carluccio was also the President of the Montgomery County Bar Association. The Montgomery COunty Bar Association has never returned a call regarding recommendation of a lawyer for this matter. Not one lawyer has ever returned a call when I was seeking representation.

No lawyer would want to take on a case where they would expose the corruption of so many judges.

Litigating without a lawyer was not something I wanted to do. I had no choice but to continue without representation.

THAT part backfired on the judiciary. They did not have a lawyer they could excuse for malpractice. They did not have a lawyer they could bully into inaction, missed deadlines or legal failures. They found out I was capable of representing myself. Though the judges failed to act responsibly and it would appear I lost everything at my own hands, the docket was documenting the court’s corruption. The docket was documenting the complete denial of due process. The docket was documenting the lack of jurisdiction. The court’s own documents were documenting the absolute determination to destroy the Defendant who persevered.

Carolyn Carluccio threw all caution to the wind and went FULL ON Abuse of Power Under Color Of Law. And her actions exposed the judiciary she was attempting to protect. But she was attempting to protect that judiciary by causing my suicide. By blatantly demonstrating that there was no hope for the truth or justice in her courtroom.

She order the sale and destruction of my home and property, and stalled, delayed and continued hearings on every petition filed to prevent those actions.

Carolyn Carluccio showed me the penalty for surviving was to lose everything.

The 2 things Carolyn Carluccio could not destroy. 1. HOPE 2. TRUTH

Carolyn Carluccio is a liar. She is a fraud. She is corrupt. She is evil. She is truly a disgrace to the justice system.

The Court has tried to hide Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio by having her handle matters where she can do no further damage. I guess they keep her there to cover or conceal the liability that any disciplinary actions may have on her career or the County. Clearly, the judiciary finds it more necessary to protect the monsters who disgrace the judiciary.

When monsters like Carolyn Carluccio and Rhonde Lee Daniele have the ability to create a tremendous liability for the County, and to use county resources to conceal their crimes, they create a massive liability for the County. And when they fail to create a set-up against me, they further act to prevent exposure of their crimes. They don;t like this web site. They check it daily. They check it within hours of every new post. And THEY SHOULD. Because the chaos and terror they created, is documented. And while chaotic, their criminal actions are harder and harder to conceal.

When it all comes down… When all is said and done… Will you be ready?… When it comes… Oh, when it comes.

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