The battle plays out every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year since the injustice and corruption began in 2007. Now, it is clear.. There are court documents which expose the judiciary. They can’t pretend it is the paranoia of a litigant…

– because they cannot explain their actions which do not follow procedures or the law

– because they cannot explain their failure to schedule hearings to resolve any matter

– because they cannot explain the denial of due process

– because they cannot explain the denial of civil rights

And by continuing to ignore the matter, THEY involve more and more judges in the corruption.

I cannot schedule hearings, or make Court Administration schedule hearings. Yet, people blame me for not making it happen.

I cannot make a judge follow the law. Yet, people blame me for not making the judges follow the law.

I cannot make a judge behave ethically. Yet, people blame me for their misbehavior.

I cannot protect the reputation of the judiciary when their corruption is exposed and they recuse. Yet, somehow people blame me for the recusal of corrupted judges. I am blamed for their corruption and acts against me.

It is those judges who, when forced by the overwhelming evidence against them who quietly recuse, compel the next judge to take up the perverted justice.

The subsequent judge’s hands are dirtied by the prior actions of the judiciary. In his attempts to protect the reputation of the judiciary, he then becomes involved in the corruption. He too falls into becoming a victim of the threats and manipulative actions of the judiciary which he is compelled to protect.

There is no escape – only further corruption.

There is no absolution until they act responsibly.

Injustice does not end injustice. It extends it.

It will require great judicial strength to act responsibly regarding the corrupt and criminal actions of his predecessors in the matter. I persevere that this person exists and will be strong enough to take on the shame and disgrace that the judiciary has brought to the court. I persevere and I cry because there is nothing I can do. I can only persevere.

It is necessary to protect the reputation of the judiciary because without that there would be anarchy. But when the lack of self esteem of the judiciary is it’s own downfall, there is nothing that can be done to protect their reputation.

The judges themselves hold the judiciary in such low esteem… and do nothing to save their reputation by acting responsibly and according to the law. They fail, and blame others for their failure.

When judges are so corrupt that there is no way to excuse or deny their abuse of power … it is the judges themselves who are responsible for the fall into disrepute. And there can be nothing done to save them.

There is no escaping their abuse of power and their tactics which are self-serving and determined to destroy anyone who exposes them.

The court docket clearly demonstrates the evil I have experienced at the hands of these judges. Yet, they ignore it.

I am one man, who has survived, so far, and documented their terror, and followed their rules when they did not. They persist in ignoring justice and act only where they have no jurisdiction.

The terroristic actions taken by the Montgomery County Court are criminal on a Federal level.

On a human level. they are just evil.

There is no other word for it.

The only power I have (that they have not been able to take away) is the power to persevere through tremendous hopelessness and despair.

The only constant, I have had is from one single source… THE TRUTH.

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