When a Judge orders Court Administration to schedule a hearing, and THAT hearing will expose a very determined and intentional abuse of power under color of law by one judge… and further expose the abuse of power and corruption of the 10 preceeding judges who have acted on the matter.


and after one month a letter is sent to the Judge, the Court Administration head and the administrator for Family Court…


and there is no response to the letter from Judge Haaz, Michael Kehs, or Cheryl Leslie.


and Court Administrator does not schedule the hearing

and Court Administration does not schedule the hearing

and the judge’s own staff does not schedule the hearing

When those who are responsible for the scheduling of a hearing ALL fail to act, there must have been some communication involved in their intentional failure to act or respond. Communication to commit a crime is called CONSPIRACY. Not Conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact. Conspiracy Crime.

Then it can be determined that there is clearly a criminal conspiracy to deny justice and to conceal the abuse of power of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio occuring at Montgomery County Courthouse.

But WHY???? Here’s a short list of reasons.

The same courthouse who has failed to forward the Appeal filed on August 15, 2011 to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

The same courthouse where the Prothonotary exposed the conspiracy to hide secretly issued court orders – found and docketed Auguist 10, 2010

The same courthouse where no hearings were held on any matter submitted by the Defendant from the date the secret order Of Judge Rhonda Daniele was found to the present day.

The same courthouse where Judge Carolyn Tornetta carluccio repeatedly issued orders where she lacked jurisdiction in attempts to enforce orders where she lacked jurisdeiction to conceal that she issued orders to leave me homeless and destitute where she lacked jurisdiction to do so.

The same courthouse where deputies were dispatched to enforce the corrupt orders of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio involving the Sheriff’s department in the criminal activity of enforcing an order which has been exposed to lack jurisdiction.

The same courthouse where Judge Thomas DelRicci threw the Defendant in jail for contempt of an Order which did not exist and had never been before a judge.

The same courthouse where lawyers extorted orders from the judiciary which were contrary to law and civil procedure based on their possession of the secret order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele.

The Montgomery County Family Court is a criminal organization headed by the most ruthless Judge I have never met. Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele.

And it would seem that my wife’s attorney may have interned for a newly elected Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele, and had a relationship which may have greanted her the professional courtesy of the judge’s assistance in getting Valerie Angst out of the jam she created when she advised her client to use illegal surveillance on my personal and business computers, and to tap and redirect my phone and cell phones.

Who could make all of these criminal things go by without being “cognizable”…. The judiciary of the Montgomery County Family Court.

Ask Judge Emanuel Bertin about what he did when the crimes of attorneys were presented in his family courtroom. Of course, they had already conspired to the decision. And Angst & Angst presented a bill which included the ex parte meetings between Judge Bertin and Angst & Angst. When presented to the court, Judge Bertin recused without explanation.

Judge Barrett may have behaved like a complete jerk during the one session in hos courtroom, but he immediately recused when exposed for his bias and direct acts of intimidation.

Where criminal actions are not only endorsed, and accepted and ignored, they are encouraged.

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