It’s good to be friends with Risa Ferman. She decides who gets prosecuted when they commit a crime… and WHO DOESN’T. Who is held accountable and who gets away with it.

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute perjury… because there would be a line around the courthouse. The only exception is if she has an axe to grind. I think the County Commissioners and Gabrielle Drexler would agree.

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute corrupt judges.

Risa Ferman doesn’t investigate the undermining of the entire Montgomery County Family Court by one corrupt judge at the head of the division.

Everyone protects Judge Rhonda Daniele. She is vicious in her revenge when challenged. She destroys careers and lives without a second glance. Read her documents about losing some sleep over being challenged – after she robbed a man of his family, his home, his career. Her insanity at not understanding what she has done to her victims becomes abundantly clear.

I’ve never met her, or seen her and she destroyed my life and issued numerous court orders against me. Procedure be damned. I hope she didn’t lose any sleep over THAT!

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute corrupt lawyers. (They fearlessly and securely commit extortion of the judiciary in open court.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to letters asking her to investigate. (Nor does anyone else in the DA’s office.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to emails asking her to investigate. (Nor does anyone else in the DA’s office.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t permit me to make any comments on her Facebook page. She answers to no one and ignores her critics.

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to phone calls or messages.

The DA’s office never had to investigate I reported, THEY WERE ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING IN THE CRIME. The victim is reporting the crime to the perpetrator. Perhaps that is why this has continued since 2007.

Risa Ferman prosecutes the people she selects. She terrorizes some who expose her corruption. She uses her Drug Task Force to execute her dirty work. It seems when anyone connected to the Drug Task Force faces any charge, she uses her resources to attack the victim. Perhaps they enjoy this internal game of extortion and manipulation. Attack the victim or risk your illegal and unethical law enforcement “tactics” being exposed in court, or worse yet to the public at large.

When the District Attorney decides NOT to prosecute corrupt judges, that she is out partying with at local events, one has to question what is the deciding factor for prosecution in Montgomery County?

Risa Ferman may be more familiar with the “wink wink, let it slide” form of justice because she was a recipient.

From FOX Philadelphia

Fox 29 has learned the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. has found Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Ferman violated the federal Hatch Act when she ran for district attorney in 2007.

But despite the finding, Ferman will not be penalized and the office of special counsel is closing its file on the case.

The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees–in essence–civil servants–from engaging in partisan, political activities.

The Office Of Special Counsel found Ferman violated the Hatch Act by remaining as Montgomery County’s First Assistant District Attorney–an office which had received federal funds–while running for Montgomery County District Attorney in 2007.

It was a position she won.

In a letter to the person who complained, the office of special counsel wrote, “and although OSC has concluded that her 2007 candidacy for Montgomery County District Attorney was a violation of the Hatch act, we are closing our file in this matter without further action.”

Stephan Clyburn, a political science professor at West Chester Univeristy, made the complaint against Ferman with the special counsel.

Ferman’s office prosecuted Clyburn’s wife.

“I am sure the DA will plead ignorance of the law–will insist she had no idea she violated the law my response to that would be is she qualified to hold the position of district attorney if she is not familiar with the laws of this republic,” Clyburn said.

Anne Clyburn was prosecuted for theft by unlawful taking and other charges. She was convicted. She claims she was wrongfully accused and is working to have the conviction oveturned

Risa Ferman, on the telephone from outside the region, called the finding she violated the Hatch act bizarre.

She said others in similar positions had run for office without hatch act violations. She said had she know of the potential of a violation she would have stepped down as first assistant.

Ferman added, “I was following every rule of law.”

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