How long will the judiciary play “let’s just pretend he is not there”? Let’s execute that Court Order for the Hearing from July 2012.

If we don’t acknolwedge it, Carolyn Carluccio has not committed treason. Really? How is that ignoring the crime makes it go away?

If we don’t acknowledge it, Carolyn Carluccio can continue to handle the little things around the court house… like marrying people and making speeches. Really? Paying her full salary to do nothing except not create more liability for the County?

If we don’t acknowledge it, Carolyn Carluccio won’t be sent to prison for her abuse of power under color of law. Protect the Criminal who protects her corrupt friends.

If we don’t acknowledge it, Montgomery County can pretend that Carolyn Carluccio has not involved multiple county departments in her treason by ordering them to enforce her void orders. She did it intentionally to force the COunty to join her corruption.

If the Sheriff does nothing to Carolyn Carluccio, then Eileen Behr does not have to face the fact that her deputies are involved in the treason and enforcement of corrupt orders where she lacked any jurisdiction… So Eileen Behr will not provide copies of the orders which sent her deputies to my house… even though the Court was Petitioned to provide them – Why not, they are related to the case….

OH SNAP!, it will expose the “secret” undercover investigation which was supposed to destroy me, lead me into a life of crime, or kill me outright.

Eileen Behr knows that. In her career, Eileen Behr became Chief of Police after a scandal. Coincidentally, one ‘agent, informant, whatever’ was the son of the man at the center of that scandal. He told me numerous times during our friendship (before his sudden disappearance) that he and his family understood how malicious and destructive corruption can be… and that there was no escaping them. Perhaps he was manipulated and compelled to cooperate to avoid any further terror against this family.

As long as they can continue to persuade Judge Haaz from proceeding with the hearing, The County is not exposed…

Unfortunately nothing changes… the Court has only further demonstrated their deliberate malice and intent to deny the law and to deny justice. By running out the clock until they can find the way to kill me. By continuing to terrorize me and my mother, through all the same tactics they have failed at before… tampering with computers, phones, financial transactions, and isolating their targets.

So keep going… you’ve got 6 years of rope by which you have been exposed as the corrupt terrorists on the bench determined to abuse your power and do so under color of laws which you refuse to follow or acknowledge.

Montgomery County Court House is corrupt. The actions of Carolyn Carluccio have been purely malicious and evil… And she was compelled to her actions to conceal the corrupt actions of the preceeding judges in this matter… BUT IT DOES NOT EXCUSE HER WICKEDNESS. Carolyn Carluccio’s actions have only further exposed the deliberate intent to terrorize an innocent man and to deny him a Life, any Liberty, and stood in the way of any Happiness since 2007.

Prosecute the Corruption in Montgomery County Court House. Start with Carolyn Carluccio… and expose the Federal Crimes of EVERY Judge ever assigned to this case… all the way back to the initial corruption by Rhonda Daniele which caused the entire fall from grace for the Montgomery County Bench. I’ve still never met the Judge who helped develope “the plan” to protect Angst & Angst from Federal prosecution for advising their client to commit Federal crimes.

Leaving it hanging in the balance in the courtroom of one of the first elected Democrat judges makes for a fall-guy opportunity for the predominently Republican judiciary. YES… we noticed that, too. Judge Haaz, Please don’t sacrifice your principles to fit in.

I do get it… It is hard to admit to your wrongdoing.

When the courts continue to harass and destroy it makes matters worse, not better. There can be no resolution when you are trying to finish off the target of your corruption. At which Judges Meeting was it decided that I should be killed for exposing your corruption?

Injustice does not end injustice… it makes it worse.

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