Every time I have gone to the library, the library internet connection has been down. EVERYTIME.

Stopped up to the Library in Doylestown, and upon return am unable to access their web site. It has also put the Nook into an infinite reboot loop.

Did I mention that the cell phone was UNABLE to connect with the Library phone line. And thew library personnel indicated there was nothing wrong with their phone lines.

Funny that their web site which was not going to install any software has downloaded software and rendered the reader useless.

This has been the experience since 2007. NOTHING ever works as it should, as designed, or as expected. It just doesn;t work and thjere is no workaround.

ONLY EXPLANATION. The hackers can block those types of internet connections easily.

Even during Hurricane Sandy, I was unable to access local internet. Unable to change my service through the phone to add whatever it might need. The option to add isnt available, and doesn;t work when you are hacked, and targeted.

They have full control of computers and phones AND DEVICES. So my comment when I say my ability to communicate, and to do research is very limited holds true. As much today as it did in 2007. You cannot escape a targeted hacker intrusion.

Especially one that is ordered by a corrupt judge who is abusing her power and county resources and county contractors (Private investigators) to terrorize you.


AND GET THIS EVEN THE BARNES AND NOBLE SUPPORT SITE IS DOWN. So they trashed your device and have blocked you from finding anything out about repairing it. It also happened with Hewlett Packard – they intercepted the mail and had the wrong reinstallation discs sent back then.

And for those who tell me it’s just me… how does one go from NEVER having any issue with any computer, phone or device to having constant problems and viruses and intrusions and hacks and failures ON EVERYTHING.

It’s maddeningly frustrating… but they persist.

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