It would seem that The Dump’s legal team can’t find me…

Here’s a suggestion check with the Marketing people who send me the adverts…

It would seem that legal paperwork has been filed against me. Yet, the docket seems to reflect an inability to find me.

PERHAPS THE REASON is that the legal actions will expose the crimes of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio. Pre-trial motions would permit the opportunity for justice.

Let me explain… the property was taken and intentionally destroyed by my wife. This was done based on an order issued where the court lacked jurisdiction. That order was additionally based on an order issued without jurisdiction. And THAT Order was based on an Order where the court lacked jurisdiction. Yes, a lack of jurisdiction nested three deep.

In July 2011, Judge Carluccio admitted on the record that she did not have jurisdiction, and then proceeded to issue another order where she lacked jurisdiction. She refused to put that order in writing, insisting that her stating it into the record was sufficient. It took weeks to obtain the transcript. The verbal order would have resulted in my arrest had I attempted to follow it without a document in my hands. It was not the first time that this tactic was attempted.

To compound the issue, once that second invalid order was issued in July 2011, Valerie Angst withdrew the petition. No need for that petition. Judge Carluccio addressed every issue. Amazing the judge’s precognition and knowledge of the contents of a petition which had only been filed immediately before the hearing. Did Valerie Angst make certain the judge would not have jurisdiction for her actions? Sure, she did. It’s how she leverages and manipulates the judges. It was not the first time. This was not the first judge. Once manipulated the judges will submit to their corruption with enthusiasm, BUT Angst & Angst will always expose the judges actions anyway. It permits further manipulation of the judiciary. It allows them to terrorize me further.

Valerie Angst has also committed extortion in open court and on the record forcing Judge Carluccio to violate procedure, ethics and the law. (September 2011) The odd thing is that on this one issue, sanctions, the Judge had proper jurisdiction. However, the extortion raised the sanction from $3000 to $13000 because the confidential invoice became an inappropriate ex parte document when presented only to the judge.

When I requested a copy of the invoice, Judge Carluccio would not provide me with a copy. She couldn’t. The document listed the other inappropriate ex parte communications between Judge Carluccio and Angst & Angst. To give me a copy would be a confession of her lack of ethics.

If you just rolled your eyes,… READ THIS: When the invoice for Angst & Angst legal fees was submitted for equitable distribution, it listed the inappropriate ex parte communications with Judge Bertin. Judge Bertin immediately recused without explanation when this was revealed in August 2010. Judge Carluccio ignored the petitions requesting the content of those inappropriate ex parte documents. That’s right… it’s happened before with each of the judges.

Judge Carluccio has refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in May 2011.

Judge Carluccio has refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in July 2011.

Judge Carluccio has actively prevented the Appeal of her Corrupt Orders, filed in August 2011, from being sent to the Superior Court.

Judge Carluccio again refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in September 2011.

Judge Carluccio authored an opinion which can best be described as misinformation. The document lists facts, unfortunately the facts are not relative to the matter, or the Appeal.

THE DECEMBER 2011 OPINION FURTHER EXPOSES THE DELIBERATE AND INTENTIONAL ACTIONS BY JUDGE CARLUCCIO TO COMMIT EXTRINSIC FRAUD. The document was also not provided to the Superior Court. Judge Carluccio has filed a fraudulent opinion with herself, in order to mislead, while she also prevents the Appeal from moving forward. The extrinsic fraud is mentioned in the Appeal paperwork, yet instead of addressing it, she decided to commit further acts of fraud. To demostrate it?????

Judge Carluccio must be under the mistaken belief that injustice ends injustice, when it actually makes it worse.

After being terrorized and litigated since 2007, Judge Carluccio acted to destroy me.

Without jurisdiction to do so, she arbitrarily cancelled a series of 15 hearings on petitions which had been filed since August 2010 related to major financial issues which she neglected to address;

– she threw me out of my home;

– she prevented me from obtaining any personal property from my home;

– she had my family’s home sold;

– she further prevented me from finding out about the sale of the home;

– she ordered any of my possessions to be thrown in the garbage if I did not retrieve them by the closing date, AND THEN CONTINUED A HEARING ON THE CLOSING DATE ISSUE because it was scheduled for the closing date;

– she then demanded I endorse all checks or face contempt/jail;

– there was no choice but to endorse the checks knowing I would receive any money.

Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio is CORRUPT.

The only excuse for her extreme malice and corruption is that she was covering for the preceeding judges who were manipulated to injustice because of an injustice by Judge Rhonda Daniele, the Head of Family Court.

Had the judiciary acted responsibly, the corruption would not have grown to envelope so many judges.

Had the Judicial Conduct Board acted responsibly, the corruption would not have enveloped so many judges.

Just as injustice lead to further injustice, the corruption of the Montgomery County Family Court was like a cancer affecting every judge involved in the case. The arrogant and deliberate crimes of the judiciary to destroy a man who was terrorized by their corruption. A man who took every possible measure to prevent the continued corruption and manipulation of the judges into liability.

BUT, Carolyn Carluccio wanted to be the monster. She delighted in the task. She was provided several detailed petitions by which she could recuse herself, and prior judges had done when exposed. Carolyn Carluccio made a clear and determined decision to be malicious and cruel to an extreme point.

And because of her lack of jurisdiction, I am still married. The divorce is not valid.

It is worth noting that Judge Carluccio’s orders are void. There is no way to make a void order valid. There is no way to retroactively obtain jurisdiction for an order where there was none. There was no hearing on the issues. There is no way to enforce a void order.

Further, enforcement of a void order is a crime. Ordering county officials to enforce a void order is a crime. (AND SOMEONE DID… sending those deputies to my home to enforce the order. The County Deputies brought the police along with them. Yes, Judge Carluccio has also ignored the petition to determine who requested the deputies assistance.)

Here’s The Game:
Unless and until a judge declares the orders void, they exist. They are not enforceable. Any attempt at enforcement would only lead to the orders being voided. An enforcement petition was filed in May 2012. My 11 sentence response simply listed the issues to be dealt with.

Judge Haaz has not held the enforcement hearing he ordered to be scheduled in July 2012.

Court Administration has not scheduled the hearing.

No one has responded to my letter questioning the delay in scheduling.

Judge Haaz could schedule the hearing himself. I honestly cannot bring myself to believe that he has chosen to further the injustice. Alternately, he may have reported the corruption of Judge Carolyn Carluccio and the family court judges. … And any coercion he has experienced to further the corruption and injustice.

So update that petition to include Sonya Healy. She has the money. She has the furniture. She phoned police to have me arrested each time she was caught throwing out my property. She refused to permit me to retrieve my things. Consider that we were married at the time of the transaction. According to the law, we are still married.

That said, I welcome the opportunity to present the facts above to the Court. Carolyn Carluccio went to great lengths to make sure I never had that opportunity… and it would seem they are continuing to make sure a hearing is never held.

And not only was THE DUMP’s marketing people able to contact me… I found out about the matter because a lawyer sent me a letter seeking to represent me in the case. It seems the Plaintiff is the only one who can’t find me.

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