Suicides from ages for boys age 10-14 is twice the rate of girls
…..from 15-19 the rate is four times as high
…..from 20-24 the rate is six times as high
…..the suicide rate for Senior men over 85 is 1350% higher than for women.

The suicide rate is one of the best indicators of the powerlessness of men in society.

Add in the desperation and hopelessness of having your life destroyed by 10 corrupt judges over a series of 6 years, while you try everything in your power to proceed through the legal system which the judiciary is ignoring.

Abuse of Power Under Color of Law to terrorize a father who discovered the President of the Family COurt Division had issued a secret Court Order which undermined EVERYTHING in the legal matter and caused the corruption of every judge who heard any petition in the matter.

They plotted and conspired to destroy a man FOR NO REASON MORE THAN TO PROTECT THIER CORRUPTION AND FRAUD.

EVIL. Pure Evil.

Why is Judge Rhonda Daniele still on the bench destroying lives?

Why is Judge Carolyn Carluccio still on the bench – though sdhe has been removed from Family Court?

Why is Judge Emanuel Bertin still on the bench?

Why is Judge Thomas Del Ricci still on the bench – but similarly removed from Family Court?

Why has Judge Patricia Coonahan, Judge Arthur Tilson still protecting the corruption and fraud of their fellow judges?

Are they really protecting the reputation of the judiciary when they cause the furtherance of corruption and the malicious and intentional destruction of a man by abusive corrupt judges?

Had the Judicial conduct board acted on the first report, the matter could have been quickly resolved. INSTEAD, they did nothing and furthered the crimes and the involvement of more and more judges.

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