Divorcing parents need to be aware of the high-tech tools of parental alienation.

These tools can and will be used against you in any custody matter. Be careful what you admit to doing… their generalizations could land you in trouble. If you admit to sending a text message to your children, you may find out that someone else has also been sending message, WHILE PRETENDING TO BE YOU. Their messages are NOT friendly. Their messages scare, threaten and intimidate your children into staying away from you… and never contacting you. This is all easily accomplished via The Spoof Card.


I was accused of terrorizing my children with messsages. How were invitations to dinner at the Outback, or ice cream at Cold Stone threatening?

BUT SOMEONE WAS SPOOFING MSGS TO MY KIDS AS ME… and it scared them. At least that was what the court documents indicated. Though this harassment was constantly fraudulently alleged, they never produced a single sentence of any supposed threatening txt message. Not in writing. Not verbally during testimony. Had they done so it would have exposed their fraud.

To get around this tactic, I posted every txt msg I sent my sons to my web site. The hope was that they would look and compare and see that their father had not changed into a madman. He just wanted to see his sons.

My children’s mother involved them directly in her criminal and harassing actions. Her private investigator had a camera in the house and the children kept slipping up in conversations and revealing things they had no way of knowing. As my phone calls were being recorded, I imagine there was some punishment for them revealing these tactics to me.

Brennan disappeared when he revealed I was typing petitions in the basement. 100% accurate. But how would he know that as he hadn’t been to the house and I did all that work in my office only moving to the basement to save on the A/C.
Colin disappeared when he revealed to my mother that ‘she wouldn’t believe what I was sending his mother from the computer.’ My mother was in her 70’s and immediately corrected him indicating I was not sending her anything. his mother was stealing it from the computer with her illegally installed surveillance program. (WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies) I knew showing that graphic movie on 70% speed forwards and backwards for 8 hours would be too much to not casue a reaction that would get back to me. And my wife was showing the children this graphic content? I counldn’t even watch it. I turned the monitor off and went to bed.

The last tool in the parental alienation tech arsenal was known as Flexi-Spy, or a derivative of it. Spyware for cell phones. It permitted full remote control of any cell phone. Call screening. Call recording. Txt Msg screening and filtering and prevention. Imagine never returning calls because you didn’t get them. You become unreliable because you fail to respond to anything. Of course, you aren;t getting the calls, or you get disconnected in the middle of a call which could lead to detection or prevention of the tech tools being used against you. THEN, oddly you can’t call back because that number no longer is in service. The frustration you can experience at the hands of any hacker can be used to destroy any parent who tries to survive the tech harassment.

The first time I heard the words ‘tech-harassment’, was when my wife accused me of harassing my sons. She was spewing lie after lie in a mediation meeting and refusing to permit ANY contact and that one odd phrase stood out. The one phrase that covered everything I had been experiencing since she began secretly planning her surprise divorce. The mediator realized he could resolve nothing and threw his hands in the air and ended the mediation. And the alienation continued onto the custody folks and years later went before judge #3 on the day of my youngest son’s 18th birthday. Did they stall that one long enough to destroy a relationship?

When I search the term, it revealed a number of tools used to harass and undermine and intimidate. And then, I couldn’t find them anymore. WebWatcher can block any search page from finding any word, or prevent any page wqith a word on it from displaying. Adding any keyword to that list was quick any easy and handled by remote control.

These tools were all written up in a legal journal in February 2007. They existed and were being used to place inappropriate picture on computers. Then the future ex-spouse only had to make a call to police, and the target was caught. Unable to explain the nasty pictures. Branded a pervert or worse. Think about surviving the isolation and alienation once that label is thrown at you.

I pulled the hard discs once I proved the illegally installed surveillance/remote control software was installed. They could hardly convince anyone that someone who knows his computers are under surveillance and has documented this with local police, county detectives and the FBI would knowingly place illegal porn on his computers. AND then pull the discs to secure the evidence. BUT it did secure the evidence against them, and created a huge liability for the software company who denied their stealth program… which wasn’t so stealthy as to avoid my detection. And when Jaimie Kronic, from Awareness Technologies, confirmed the illegal installation technique I witnessed in exchange for my method of detecting the program, she was fired. And the software updated to prevent that method of detection.

A warning to all alienated parents, you have no idea the high-tech powers that can and will be used against you. It’s gone way beyond calling you ‘bad’. It’s gone into full high-tech mode. Fight to the finish. And these tools could all be yours for under $200… just don’t get caught… or if you do, quickly hire a private investigator to cover for you so you may avoid prosecution. Even more secure if you hire former FBI agents who currently do contract work for your local police or county. They get a free pass and it gets extended to every criminal thing you do too!

Risa Vetri Ferman, the Montgomery County District Attorney, has ignored reports and calls and has refused to take any action in my case. Of course, any action by her would reveal the corruption of the judiciary. Opposing counsel has interned for a judge, the head of the Family Court Division, who immediately issued a SECRET COURT ORDER to get the conspiracy and corruption started. The order was found after 3 years of being berated as the paranoid computer guy by judges who would recuse to avoid making any decisions except to prevent resolution of any matter.

The DA won’t prosecute the judges… because then the judge will retaliate against the DA’s office??? The police won;t take a report against the judges violating civil rights… because the judge will retaliate against the police department??? The US Attorney and FBI won’t take a case unless it has been reported to police. Really? That’s how justice works in Norristown. That’s HOW JUSTICE DOES NOT WORK IN NORRISTOWN.

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