Divorcing parents need to be aware of the high-tech tools of parental alienation.

These tools can and will be used against you in any custody matter. Be careful what you admit to doing… their generalizations could land you in trouble. If you admit to sending a text message to your children, you may find out that someone else has also been sending message, WHILE PRETENDING TO BE YOU. Their messages are NOT friendly. Their messages scare, threaten and intimidate your children into staying away from you… and never contacting you. This is all easily accomplished via The Spoof Card.


I was accused of terrorizing my children with messsages. How were invitations to dinner at the Outback, or ice cream at Cold Stone threatening?

BUT SOMEONE WAS SPOOFING MSGS TO MY KIDS AS ME… and it scared them. At least that was what the court documents indicated. Though this harassment was constantly fraudulently alleged, they never produced a single sentence of any supposed threatening txt message. Not in writing. Not verbally during testimony. Had they done so it would have exposed their fraud.

To get around this tactic, I posted every txt msg I sent my sons to my web site. The hope was that they would look and compare and see that their father had not changed into a madman. He just wanted to see his sons.

My children’s mother involved them directly in her criminal and harassing actions. Her private investigator had a camera in the house and the children kept slipping up in conversations and revealing things they had no way of knowing. As my phone calls were being recorded, I imagine there was some punishment for them revealing these tactics to me.

Brennan disappeared when he revealed I was typing petitions in the basement. 100% accurate. But how would he know that as he hadn’t been to the house and I did all that work in my office only moving to the basement to save on the A/C.
Colin disappeared when he revealed to my mother that ‘she wouldn’t believe what I was sending his mother from the computer.’ My mother was in her 70’s and immediately corrected him indicating I was not sending her anything. his mother was stealing it from the computer with her illegally installed surveillance program. (WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies) I knew showing that graphic movie on 70% speed forwards and backwards for 8 hours would be too much to not casue a reaction that would get back to me. And my wife was showing the children this graphic content? I counldn’t even watch it. I turned the monitor off and went to bed.

The last tool in the parental alienation tech arsenal was known as Flexi-Spy, or a derivative of it. Spyware for cell phones. It permitted full remote control of any cell phone. Call screening. Call recording. Txt Msg screening and filtering and prevention. Imagine never returning calls because you didn’t get them. You become unreliable because you fail to respond to anything. Of course, you aren;t getting the calls, or you get disconnected in the middle of a call which could lead to detection or prevention of the tech tools being used against you. THEN, oddly you can’t call back because that number no longer is in service. The frustration you can experience at the hands of any hacker can be used to destroy any parent who tries to survive the tech harassment.

The first time I heard the words ‘tech-harassment’, was when my wife accused me of harassing my sons. She was spewing lie after lie in a mediation meeting and refusing to permit ANY contact and that one odd phrase stood out. The one phrase that covered everything I had been experiencing since she began secretly planning her surprise divorce. The mediator realized he could resolve nothing and threw his hands in the air and ended the mediation. And the alienation continued onto the custody folks and years later went before judge #3 on the day of my youngest son’s 18th birthday. Did they stall that one long enough to destroy a relationship?

When I search the term, it revealed a number of tools used to harass and undermine and intimidate. And then, I couldn’t find them anymore. WebWatcher can block any search page from finding any word, or prevent any page wqith a word on it from displaying. Adding any keyword to that list was quick any easy and handled by remote control.

These tools were all written up in a legal journal in February 2007. They existed and were being used to place inappropriate picture on computers. Then the future ex-spouse only had to make a call to police, and the target was caught. Unable to explain the nasty pictures. Branded a pervert or worse. Think about surviving the isolation and alienation once that label is thrown at you.

I pulled the hard discs once I proved the illegally installed surveillance/remote control software was installed. They could hardly convince anyone that someone who knows his computers are under surveillance and has documented this with local police, county detectives and the FBI would knowingly place illegal porn on his computers. AND then pull the discs to secure the evidence. BUT it did secure the evidence against them, and created a huge liability for the software company who denied their stealth program… which wasn’t so stealthy as to avoid my detection. And when Jaimie Kronic, from Awareness Technologies, confirmed the illegal installation technique I witnessed in exchange for my method of detecting the program, she was fired. And the software updated to prevent that method of detection.

A warning to all alienated parents, you have no idea the high-tech powers that can and will be used against you. It’s gone way beyond calling you ‘bad’. It’s gone into full high-tech mode. Fight to the finish. And these tools could all be yours for under $200… just don’t get caught… or if you do, quickly hire a private investigator to cover for you so you may avoid prosecution. Even more secure if you hire former FBI agents who currently do contract work for your local police or county. They get a free pass and it gets extended to every criminal thing you do too!

Risa Vetri Ferman, the Montgomery County District Attorney, has ignored reports and calls and has refused to take any action in my case. Of course, any action by her would reveal the corruption of the judiciary. Opposing counsel has interned for a judge, the head of the Family Court Division, who immediately issued a SECRET COURT ORDER to get the conspiracy and corruption started. The order was found after 3 years of being berated as the paranoid computer guy by judges who would recuse to avoid making any decisions except to prevent resolution of any matter.

The DA won’t prosecute the judges… because then the judge will retaliate against the DA’s office??? The police won;t take a report against the judges violating civil rights… because the judge will retaliate against the police department??? The US Attorney and FBI won’t take a case unless it has been reported to police. Really? That’s how justice works in Norristown. That’s HOW JUSTICE DOES NOT WORK IN NORRISTOWN.


It would seem that The Dump’s legal team can’t find me…

Here’s a suggestion check with the Marketing people who send me the adverts…

It would seem that legal paperwork has been filed against me. Yet, the docket seems to reflect an inability to find me.

PERHAPS THE REASON is that the legal actions will expose the crimes of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio. Pre-trial motions would permit the opportunity for justice.

Let me explain… the property was taken and intentionally destroyed by my wife. This was done based on an order issued where the court lacked jurisdiction. That order was additionally based on an order issued without jurisdiction. And THAT Order was based on an Order where the court lacked jurisdiction. Yes, a lack of jurisdiction nested three deep.

In July 2011, Judge Carluccio admitted on the record that she did not have jurisdiction, and then proceeded to issue another order where she lacked jurisdiction. She refused to put that order in writing, insisting that her stating it into the record was sufficient. It took weeks to obtain the transcript. The verbal order would have resulted in my arrest had I attempted to follow it without a document in my hands. It was not the first time that this tactic was attempted.

To compound the issue, once that second invalid order was issued in July 2011, Valerie Angst withdrew the petition. No need for that petition. Judge Carluccio addressed every issue. Amazing the judge’s precognition and knowledge of the contents of a petition which had only been filed immediately before the hearing. Did Valerie Angst make certain the judge would not have jurisdiction for her actions? Sure, she did. It’s how she leverages and manipulates the judges. It was not the first time. This was not the first judge. Once manipulated the judges will submit to their corruption with enthusiasm, BUT Angst & Angst will always expose the judges actions anyway. It permits further manipulation of the judiciary. It allows them to terrorize me further.

Valerie Angst has also committed extortion in open court and on the record forcing Judge Carluccio to violate procedure, ethics and the law. (September 2011) The odd thing is that on this one issue, sanctions, the Judge had proper jurisdiction. However, the extortion raised the sanction from $3000 to $13000 because the confidential invoice became an inappropriate ex parte document when presented only to the judge.

When I requested a copy of the invoice, Judge Carluccio would not provide me with a copy. She couldn’t. The document listed the other inappropriate ex parte communications between Judge Carluccio and Angst & Angst. To give me a copy would be a confession of her lack of ethics.

If you just rolled your eyes,… READ THIS: When the invoice for Angst & Angst legal fees was submitted for equitable distribution, it listed the inappropriate ex parte communications with Judge Bertin. Judge Bertin immediately recused without explanation when this was revealed in August 2010. Judge Carluccio ignored the petitions requesting the content of those inappropriate ex parte documents. That’s right… it’s happened before with each of the judges.

Judge Carluccio has refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in May 2011.

Judge Carluccio has refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in July 2011.

Judge Carluccio has actively prevented the Appeal of her Corrupt Orders, filed in August 2011, from being sent to the Superior Court.

Judge Carluccio again refused to address her lack of jurisdiction in September 2011.

Judge Carluccio authored an opinion which can best be described as misinformation. The document lists facts, unfortunately the facts are not relative to the matter, or the Appeal.

THE DECEMBER 2011 OPINION FURTHER EXPOSES THE DELIBERATE AND INTENTIONAL ACTIONS BY JUDGE CARLUCCIO TO COMMIT EXTRINSIC FRAUD. The document was also not provided to the Superior Court. Judge Carluccio has filed a fraudulent opinion with herself, in order to mislead, while she also prevents the Appeal from moving forward. The extrinsic fraud is mentioned in the Appeal paperwork, yet instead of addressing it, she decided to commit further acts of fraud. To demostrate it?????

Judge Carluccio must be under the mistaken belief that injustice ends injustice, when it actually makes it worse.

After being terrorized and litigated since 2007, Judge Carluccio acted to destroy me.

Without jurisdiction to do so, she arbitrarily cancelled a series of 15 hearings on petitions which had been filed since August 2010 related to major financial issues which she neglected to address;

– she threw me out of my home;

– she prevented me from obtaining any personal property from my home;

– she had my family’s home sold;

– she further prevented me from finding out about the sale of the home;

– she ordered any of my possessions to be thrown in the garbage if I did not retrieve them by the closing date, AND THEN CONTINUED A HEARING ON THE CLOSING DATE ISSUE because it was scheduled for the closing date;

– she then demanded I endorse all checks or face contempt/jail;

– there was no choice but to endorse the checks knowing I would receive any money.

Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio is CORRUPT.

The only excuse for her extreme malice and corruption is that she was covering for the preceeding judges who were manipulated to injustice because of an injustice by Judge Rhonda Daniele, the Head of Family Court.

Had the judiciary acted responsibly, the corruption would not have grown to envelope so many judges.

Had the Judicial Conduct Board acted responsibly, the corruption would not have enveloped so many judges.

Just as injustice lead to further injustice, the corruption of the Montgomery County Family Court was like a cancer affecting every judge involved in the case. The arrogant and deliberate crimes of the judiciary to destroy a man who was terrorized by their corruption. A man who took every possible measure to prevent the continued corruption and manipulation of the judges into liability.

BUT, Carolyn Carluccio wanted to be the monster. She delighted in the task. She was provided several detailed petitions by which she could recuse herself, and prior judges had done when exposed. Carolyn Carluccio made a clear and determined decision to be malicious and cruel to an extreme point.

And because of her lack of jurisdiction, I am still married. The divorce is not valid.

It is worth noting that Judge Carluccio’s orders are void. There is no way to make a void order valid. There is no way to retroactively obtain jurisdiction for an order where there was none. There was no hearing on the issues. There is no way to enforce a void order.

Further, enforcement of a void order is a crime. Ordering county officials to enforce a void order is a crime. (AND SOMEONE DID… sending those deputies to my home to enforce the order. The County Deputies brought the police along with them. Yes, Judge Carluccio has also ignored the petition to determine who requested the deputies assistance.)

Here’s The Game:
Unless and until a judge declares the orders void, they exist. They are not enforceable. Any attempt at enforcement would only lead to the orders being voided. An enforcement petition was filed in May 2012. My 11 sentence response simply listed the issues to be dealt with.

Judge Haaz has not held the enforcement hearing he ordered to be scheduled in July 2012.

Court Administration has not scheduled the hearing.

No one has responded to my letter questioning the delay in scheduling.

Judge Haaz could schedule the hearing himself. I honestly cannot bring myself to believe that he has chosen to further the injustice. Alternately, he may have reported the corruption of Judge Carolyn Carluccio and the family court judges. … And any coercion he has experienced to further the corruption and injustice.

So update that petition to include Sonya Healy. She has the money. She has the furniture. She phoned police to have me arrested each time she was caught throwing out my property. She refused to permit me to retrieve my things. Consider that we were married at the time of the transaction. According to the law, we are still married.

That said, I welcome the opportunity to present the facts above to the Court. Carolyn Carluccio went to great lengths to make sure I never had that opportunity… and it would seem they are continuing to make sure a hearing is never held.

And not only was THE DUMP’s marketing people able to contact me… I found out about the matter because a lawyer sent me a letter seeking to represent me in the case. It seems the Plaintiff is the only one who can’t find me.


It seems there is a peice of software running multiple nested virtual environments and it is having trouble.


But, stealth software designed to access my computer and prevent, redirect and obfuscate … Well, that type of software would definitely use multiple nested virtual environments to stay hidden.

NOTE TO MAGIC FIXER, the annoying little pop-ups on the television that are like a cairon when you watch television have been affected and are hanging from the top of the screen.

The magic fixer is the undeniable actions necessary to repair the computer so they can resume their illegal surveillance. I have found over the last 6 years that whenever things stop working, LEAVE THE COMPUTER ON. Disconnected or not… usually within an hour the computer has repaired itself.

This has worked for years… and more incredibly it also works for knock and bangs on the car… of course those are the GPS units which have come losose and start bouncing in the fender. One mention of that in a phone call and the noise is gone.


The folks at 48 Hours have rerun a show on corruption, drugs and private investigators. I again extend them the invitation to hear my story. Everything on this web site is true, Fact. And I have the proof to back up every statement.

NCIS has already covered the terror I have experienced. On the show, their victim didn’t survive. I have… I survive each day to be further terrorized. And it continues still.

Get in touch with me. Through the comments or on Facebook.
Terance Healy

Ah, the morning after… The RETALIATION for attempting to expose my story. Anonymous Phone calls started at 8:55 am, repeated almost hourly all day so far. First calling the house, then calling the cell phone. The random Facebook people contacting me for ‘nothing’, but want to waste my time. The computer operating system begins failing every few minutes. The menu system will no ,longer work… Can’t take screen shots… (THAT ONE IS SO FUNNY, EH? They don;t like when I publish screen shots of their activity.) Google on my phone will not permit me to search for more than 4 characters in a word or phrase. Frustrating, but clearly a result of further exposure. Petty tactics. Learned over 6 years of activity. The terror continues… But I’ll just expose their tactics all the more.



Suicides from ages for boys age 10-14 is twice the rate of girls
…..from 15-19 the rate is four times as high
…..from 20-24 the rate is six times as high
…..the suicide rate for Senior men over 85 is 1350% higher than for women.

The suicide rate is one of the best indicators of the powerlessness of men in society.

Add in the desperation and hopelessness of having your life destroyed by 10 corrupt judges over a series of 6 years, while you try everything in your power to proceed through the legal system which the judiciary is ignoring.

Abuse of Power Under Color of Law to terrorize a father who discovered the President of the Family COurt Division had issued a secret Court Order which undermined EVERYTHING in the legal matter and caused the corruption of every judge who heard any petition in the matter.

They plotted and conspired to destroy a man FOR NO REASON MORE THAN TO PROTECT THIER CORRUPTION AND FRAUD.

EVIL. Pure Evil.

Why is Judge Rhonda Daniele still on the bench destroying lives?

Why is Judge Carolyn Carluccio still on the bench – though sdhe has been removed from Family Court?

Why is Judge Emanuel Bertin still on the bench?

Why is Judge Thomas Del Ricci still on the bench – but similarly removed from Family Court?

Why has Judge Patricia Coonahan, Judge Arthur Tilson still protecting the corruption and fraud of their fellow judges?

Are they really protecting the reputation of the judiciary when they cause the furtherance of corruption and the malicious and intentional destruction of a man by abusive corrupt judges?

Had the Judicial conduct board acted on the first report, the matter could have been quickly resolved. INSTEAD, they did nothing and furthered the crimes and the involvement of more and more judges.


I am not who I was, but I know who I am. And I won’t give up.
– E. Shadeslayer


It’s good to be friends with Risa Ferman. She decides who gets prosecuted when they commit a crime… and WHO DOESN’T. Who is held accountable and who gets away with it.

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute perjury… because there would be a line around the courthouse. The only exception is if she has an axe to grind. I think the County Commissioners and Gabrielle Drexler would agree.

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute corrupt judges.

Risa Ferman doesn’t investigate the undermining of the entire Montgomery County Family Court by one corrupt judge at the head of the division.

Everyone protects Judge Rhonda Daniele. She is vicious in her revenge when challenged. She destroys careers and lives without a second glance. Read her documents about losing some sleep over being challenged – after she robbed a man of his family, his home, his career. Her insanity at not understanding what she has done to her victims becomes abundantly clear.

I’ve never met her, or seen her and she destroyed my life and issued numerous court orders against me. Procedure be damned. I hope she didn’t lose any sleep over THAT!

Risa Ferman doesn’t prosecute corrupt lawyers. (They fearlessly and securely commit extortion of the judiciary in open court.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to letters asking her to investigate. (Nor does anyone else in the DA’s office.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to emails asking her to investigate. (Nor does anyone else in the DA’s office.)

Risa Ferman doesn’t permit me to make any comments on her Facebook page. She answers to no one and ignores her critics.

Risa Ferman doesn’t respond to phone calls or messages.

The DA’s office never had to investigate I reported, THEY WERE ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING IN THE CRIME. The victim is reporting the crime to the perpetrator. Perhaps that is why this has continued since 2007.

Risa Ferman prosecutes the people she selects. She terrorizes some who expose her corruption. She uses her Drug Task Force to execute her dirty work. It seems when anyone connected to the Drug Task Force faces any charge, she uses her resources to attack the victim. Perhaps they enjoy this internal game of extortion and manipulation. Attack the victim or risk your illegal and unethical law enforcement “tactics” being exposed in court, or worse yet to the public at large.

When the District Attorney decides NOT to prosecute corrupt judges, that she is out partying with at local events, one has to question what is the deciding factor for prosecution in Montgomery County?

Risa Ferman may be more familiar with the “wink wink, let it slide” form of justice because she was a recipient.

From FOX Philadelphia

Fox 29 has learned the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. has found Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Ferman violated the federal Hatch Act when she ran for district attorney in 2007.

But despite the finding, Ferman will not be penalized and the office of special counsel is closing its file on the case.

The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees–in essence–civil servants–from engaging in partisan, political activities.

The Office Of Special Counsel found Ferman violated the Hatch Act by remaining as Montgomery County’s First Assistant District Attorney–an office which had received federal funds–while running for Montgomery County District Attorney in 2007.

It was a position she won.

In a letter to the person who complained, the office of special counsel wrote, “and although OSC has concluded that her 2007 candidacy for Montgomery County District Attorney was a violation of the Hatch act, we are closing our file in this matter without further action.”

Stephan Clyburn, a political science professor at West Chester Univeristy, made the complaint against Ferman with the special counsel.

Ferman’s office prosecuted Clyburn’s wife.

“I am sure the DA will plead ignorance of the law–will insist she had no idea she violated the law my response to that would be is she qualified to hold the position of district attorney if she is not familiar with the laws of this republic,” Clyburn said.

Anne Clyburn was prosecuted for theft by unlawful taking and other charges. She was convicted. She claims she was wrongfully accused and is working to have the conviction oveturned

Risa Ferman, on the telephone from outside the region, called the finding she violated the Hatch act bizarre.

She said others in similar positions had run for office without hatch act violations. She said had she know of the potential of a violation she would have stepped down as first assistant.

Ferman added, “I was following every rule of law.”


How long will the judiciary play “let’s just pretend he is not there”? Let’s execute that Court Order for the Hearing from July 2012.

If we don’t acknolwedge it, Carolyn Carluccio has not committed treason. Really? How is that ignoring the crime makes it go away?

If we don’t acknowledge it, Carolyn Carluccio can continue to handle the little things around the court house… like marrying people and making speeches. Really? Paying her full salary to do nothing except not create more liability for the County?

If we don’t acknowledge it, Carolyn Carluccio won’t be sent to prison for her abuse of power under color of law. Protect the Criminal who protects her corrupt friends.

If we don’t acknowledge it, Montgomery County can pretend that Carolyn Carluccio has not involved multiple county departments in her treason by ordering them to enforce her void orders. She did it intentionally to force the COunty to join her corruption.

If the Sheriff does nothing to Carolyn Carluccio, then Eileen Behr does not have to face the fact that her deputies are involved in the treason and enforcement of corrupt orders where she lacked any jurisdiction… So Eileen Behr will not provide copies of the orders which sent her deputies to my house… even though the Court was Petitioned to provide them – Why not, they are related to the case….

OH SNAP!, it will expose the “secret” undercover investigation which was supposed to destroy me, lead me into a life of crime, or kill me outright.

Eileen Behr knows that. In her career, Eileen Behr became Chief of Police after a scandal. Coincidentally, one ‘agent, informant, whatever’ was the son of the man at the center of that scandal. He told me numerous times during our friendship (before his sudden disappearance) that he and his family understood how malicious and destructive corruption can be… and that there was no escaping them. Perhaps he was manipulated and compelled to cooperate to avoid any further terror against this family.

As long as they can continue to persuade Judge Haaz from proceeding with the hearing, The County is not exposed…

Unfortunately nothing changes… the Court has only further demonstrated their deliberate malice and intent to deny the law and to deny justice. By running out the clock until they can find the way to kill me. By continuing to terrorize me and my mother, through all the same tactics they have failed at before… tampering with computers, phones, financial transactions, and isolating their targets.

So keep going… you’ve got 6 years of rope by which you have been exposed as the corrupt terrorists on the bench determined to abuse your power and do so under color of laws which you refuse to follow or acknowledge.

Montgomery County Court House is corrupt. The actions of Carolyn Carluccio have been purely malicious and evil… And she was compelled to her actions to conceal the corrupt actions of the preceeding judges in this matter… BUT IT DOES NOT EXCUSE HER WICKEDNESS. Carolyn Carluccio’s actions have only further exposed the deliberate intent to terrorize an innocent man and to deny him a Life, any Liberty, and stood in the way of any Happiness since 2007.

Prosecute the Corruption in Montgomery County Court House. Start with Carolyn Carluccio… and expose the Federal Crimes of EVERY Judge ever assigned to this case… all the way back to the initial corruption by Rhonda Daniele which caused the entire fall from grace for the Montgomery County Bench. I’ve still never met the Judge who helped develope “the plan” to protect Angst & Angst from Federal prosecution for advising their client to commit Federal crimes.

Leaving it hanging in the balance in the courtroom of one of the first elected Democrat judges makes for a fall-guy opportunity for the predominently Republican judiciary. YES… we noticed that, too. Judge Haaz, Please don’t sacrifice your principles to fit in.

I do get it… It is hard to admit to your wrongdoing.

When the courts continue to harass and destroy it makes matters worse, not better. There can be no resolution when you are trying to finish off the target of your corruption. At which Judges Meeting was it decided that I should be killed for exposing your corruption?

Injustice does not end injustice… it makes it worse.


Apparently it is not only the Pennsylvania Republicans who block my site.

What are they afraid of…?

Date: Sun 04 Nov 2012 04:57 PM

Hi there Terrance. Have you come to your senses yet. ?
About me and a guard business.

Everything else ok ?

Really? That email came as a surprise. Had to appreciate the insult, the timing, and the lie. I had no expectations when I typed #22 in my To Do List. Certainly not a reaction within a few hours from someone I hadn’t heard from in a long time.

I had not heard from Mark since receiving a txt msg on September 1, 2012:

I never lied
I sold the business years ago
I did tell u I was in that business anyway
So give it up

Apparently, Mark has forgotten he admitted his association with a Private Investigation firm. He had posted it on Facebook last Summer. (And it’s still on his FB page today!!)

When I noticed his career/professional information had been updated, I had sent Mark a txt msg.

ON AUGUST 27, 2012:
FROM TERANCE: Wondering how you never mentioned running a detective agency.
ON AUGUST 28, 2012:
FROM TERANCE: Did you get a good laugh at me trusting you?
On SEPTEMBER 1, 2012:
FROM TERANCE: Did it make you some points to lie to me?

After 3 messages in 4 days, Mark replied with the msg above admitting he had been the President of a Security and Private Detective Agency.

Prior to this, the last txt msg had been on April 17, 2012. Why would a friend stop communicating?

TERANCE: It’s been a week, so i guess I may as well point out that from the moment you indicated that EVERYONE KNEW JAY WAS A COP, I knew I probably wouldnt see or hear from you. I hate being right sometimes. Thanks for helping. Take Care.

Prior to that there were several attempts to communicate to which there was no reply.

There had been a few exchanges where Mark suddenly could not understand or recall anything we had talked about in prior months. He began following the same script that each prior “agent, detective, informant, whatever” had followed when they disappeared. Isolating. Alienating. Insulting. Forcing me to explain via text message everything they could no longer recall.

It totally sucked that he blew it by making the one statement about Jay. I needed a friend more than I needed the truth and he only confirmed the situation with regard to Jay. I knew Jay was involved from very early on. And Jay had disappeared over a full year before.

What is most troubling is that I believe that the reconnection, the contact, insult and taunt were in response to #22 on my TO DO LIST.

22. Comparison of visits with “secret” Private Investigator with murders of individuals walking alone in the vicinity of his apartment and the Market East station.

When I had typed that last entry the day before, it was just a thought that it might be worth looking into. I remember there had been at least two murders of individuals walking alone down the street within blocks of Mark’s apartment when I had been there. The incredible coincidence of hearing from Mark within 2 hours of the post leads me to ponder that there could really be something to it. Could it be possible people had been mistakenly attacked and murdered because I walked a different route EVERY time between the Septa station and Mark’s place.

Ya just gotta wonder. Hmmm?

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