On July 10, 2012, there was a short list conference before Judge Richard Haaz.

During this conference, Valerie Angst’s tactic of failing to file her paperwork properly was demonstrated.

Because of this ‘tactic’, Judge Haaz would not have jurisdiction. Judge Haaz addressed that issue and resolved it to the point where a hearing on another day would provide jurisdiction for the matter. Clearly, Judge Haaz understood jurisdiction, that jurisdiction could not be retroactive, and jurisdictional failures in this case goes back to before the first court date.

My 11 Sentence Response and Counterpetition directly and succinctly addressed the issues.

Judge Haaz issued an Order for Court Administration to schedule a hearing. THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

I wrote to the Court after 30 days and asked about the delay. There has been no response. The hearing date remains unscheduled.

Should the hearing occur, the corruption will be clearly exposed, documented, recorded, and the undeniable terror inflicted by Judge Carolyn Carluccio will result in Federal criminal charges against her and possibly a few other members of the judiciary. That hearing will not be scheduled until the Federal government becomes involved.

* * * A little background… (Read on and see why 11 sentences were SO succinct.)

Valerie Angst was trying to manipulate Judge Haaz into acting where he didn’t have jurisdiction in an attempt to enforce an order issued (9/23/2011) by Judge Carluccio where SHE DID NOT HAVE JURISDICTION… and yes, THAT too was based on an order issued (7/13/2011) where Judge Carluccio DID NOT HAVE JURISDICTION… AND EVEN THAT Order was based on an order ISSUED (5/9/2011) where Judge Carluccio DID NOT HAVE JURISDICTION. A three level deep lack of jurisdiction because of the criminal and corrupt actions of Judge Carluccio. (Does that explain why Valerie Angst wrote a personal ex parte and outside procedure letter to Judge Carluccio to return to the case? Judge Carluccio did NOT resume the case, and apparently thought she was still responsible to file the petition. Duplicate on the Docket.)

Enforcement of an Order issued where a Judge did not have jurisdiction is a crime. Judge Carluccio kept throwing bad court order after bad court order. Judge Carluccio refused to hold hearings on any petition which pointed out her lack of jurisdiction. Judge Carluccio kept digging herself in deeper. Judge Carluccio failed to hold any hearing on any petition which was properly filed with the court. She demonstrated her determination and her bias.

BUT there’s even more, because Valerie Angst would file petitions with the Court on the evening before hearings which somehow Judge Carluccio had time to review and issue immediate orders upon without any hearing on THOSE issues. YES, No notice. No Service. No Hearing. No Jurisdiction.

BUT THEN, Valerie Angst would withdraw her petition assuring that no hearing would ever take place. There was no need for the hearing. judge Carluccio had already issued her order. NO OPPORTUNITY TO RESPOND OR COUNTERFILE. (See March 2011 CounterPetition and you will see why they were not going to permit opportunity to respond/counter.)

During the proceeding on September 23, 2011, when it came to the penalty for my exposing the void orders, Valerie Angst presented an invoice for her service to the court. Initially seeking $3000 in sanctions. When the invoice was presented Valerie Angst refused to provide it to me. (PROCEDURAL VIOLATION) This was called to the attention of Judge Carluccio who did not enforce the procedure. (PROCEDURAL VIOLATION)

As the communication was taking place between the Judge and ONLY one party in the matter, it was an Ex Parte Communication and an ETHICS VIOLATION. Yes, it was taking place in Open Court and in full view of the people in the room.

When called to her attention, Judge Carluccio failed to resolve the issue on the record. (ETHICS VIOLATION)

Judge Carolyn Carluccio increased the amount of the sanction to $13,000.

WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT? Simple answer. Valerie Angst included on her invoice all of the previous ex parte comm8unications with Judge Carluccio. If I were given a copy, Judge Carluccio would be indicting herself.

But that’s outrageous… unless you recall that Angst & Angst included entries relating to ex parte communications with Judge Bertin in their invoice when seeking fees. Judge Bertin inexplicably and promptly recused from the case once the ethics violation was presented to the Master.

BUT THERE IS STILL EVEN MORE: While she refused to hold any hearings or follow procedure or law, Judge Carluccio was preventing the appeal from moving forward to the Superior Court. Even going so far as to write an Opinion and file it with herself which was simply misinformation, redirection and fraud. The document does not relate to the case, or the reasons filed with the court.

Yes, while continuing to act to conceal her complete failure, Judge Carluccio was also acting to prevent the matter from going to the Superior court. The Appeal is still pending.

The Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis is still pending. Filed timely and properly, it was immediately assigned to Judge Carluccio. From the bench on September 23, 2011, she LIED and denied that it was assigned to her and she was preventing the hearing. The Court Records indicate she is WRONG. The Court Staff indicate she is WRONG. (She actually asked Court Admin to mail it back to me. I suppose this was a ridiculous attempt at making it seem as though I withdrew the petition/Appeal)

YES, The judge who left me destitute and homeless by her invalid Orders, nested upon her invalid orders, nested upon her invalid orders was preventing the matter from proceeding anywhere.

BUT THERE IS EVEN MORE: Because on September 23, 2011, I was also informed upon arrival in court that my home was sold two days before the hearing. Additionally that they had thrown out my possessions as ordered by Judge Carluccio – without jurisdiction. AND Judge Carluccio had continued the hearing on my petition to be informed of the closing date on my home which was originally scheduled for the closing date. Yes, Judge Carluccio continued the hearing to ENABLE THE SECRET closing on the sale of the home.



Have I mentioned that I asked Carolyn Carluccio to Recuse several times? She refused to act responsiblky to even cover for herself by recusing once she was caught and exposed. This happened several times. Judge Carluccio is under the mistaken belief that her misinformation as an authority figure makes it fact, or worse yet, law.

Angst & Angst had manipulated Judge Carluccio into submission immediately upon her assignment to the case in December 2010. When their apparent ex parte communication was exposed, Judge Carluccio not only covered for them, she cancelled the petition on the issue without a hearing. And she cancelled the petition relating to the prior ex parte communications with the previous judges. Also without a hearing.

Once they had the manipulation set, Angst & Angst used their control to bring about an Emergency Hearing with very short notice (March 20111). All enabled by Judge Carluccio. All endorsed by Judge Carluccio. It seems Judge Carluccio also handled the paperwork filing. Timestamps tell a story.

Judge Carluccio was not deterred by procedure or law or fact or honor or ethics. She would issue orders where there had been no hearing. She would cancel hearings by email without notice to the parties. She would LIE and say she reviewed the case file WHEN SHE DID NOT HAVE THE CASE FILE CHECKED OUT OF THE PROTHONOTARY.

(When this fraud was documented, the signout sheet was no longer available to the public. Too late, I suppose.)

Judge Carolyn Carluccio went more willingly into the corruption and coverup, and intentional and deliberate denial of my civil and human rights than any of the preceeding judges in the matter.

September 23, 2011 was supposed to be their ‘finishing move’… during the proceeding I was surrounded by 7 deputies. They wanted an outburst. They wanted their victim to get angry… instead I was further victimized.

I need to type more, but emotionally I can’t handle it right now…. That people have observed and permitted my destruction by the Terrorists on the bench is more upsetting than I can handle. I will resume this document at another time.

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