… Even the people to whom they illegally sold my home.

By selling to a lawyer, once the lawyer finds out about the fraud that has been committed against HIM. The lawyer will attempt to report it to authorities. BUT, in doing so he will also find out about the lack of jurisdiction of the judge. The nested three deep lack of jurisdiction of the judge. The fraud of the judge to cover up her direct involvement.

By law he must report the fraud/corruption as an officer of the court. His career is on the line if he reports the corrupt judge(s). His house (my house) is on the line if he does nothing.

He has been manipulated into their conspiracy.

BUT that doesn’t change the facts. The transfer of the deed is not valid. The property is still mine. The opportunity to further expose the corruption is still there.

The only thing in their way is me.

And they will try to kill me to prevent it from coming to light.

AND I STILL AWAIT THE HEARING ORDERED TO BE SCHEDULED ON JULY 10, 2012. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY HAVE NOT YET GOTTEN AROUND TO SCHEDULING THAT HEARING? Everyday I wait I feel further threatened and intimidated by the corrupt and fraudulent judges of Montgomery County, PA. The courthouse staff have covered for the corruption and fraud for 6 years. They continue to do so.

A Terrorist organization determined to undermine my life, my liberty, and any pursuit of any happiness.

In every department of the County… from the file clerks in the Prothonotary, through Court Administration, to the Domestic Relations Office, to the staff of the 10 judges who have had an opportunity to resolve the matter according to the law. BUT THEY HAD TO PROTECT THEIR LEADER. Judge Rhonde Lee Daniele. The head of the terrorist organization and the one who started the whole thing with her secret court orders. She is evil.

Web traffic seems to indicate law enforcement involvement. FINALLY. Norristown, Philadelphia, Harrisburg. The towns where the judges live also appear daily. And FBI locations nationwide. Even the FBI locations they manipulated into investigating me over the years. FINALLY. They are seeing the way they were used.

Does this mean everyone involved should be worried about the sociopath/psychopath going on a murder spree? It scares me to think that is how the Angst’s plan to end their terror. It happened before. The Kate Schaeffer post that EVERYONE was reading in the last few weeks is NOT about Kate Schaeffer as much as it is about the last time an Angst was investigated.

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