In the last few weeks these words have been remarkable and outstanding.

Every time I hear the word ALONE, I think of how they tried to isolate me. To make me feel alone. To make me feel as if there was no one on the planet who was aware and seeing what was being done. To make me feel hopeless. To make me feel ignored.

They failed in that also because I AM NOT ALONE.

Darren understands.

Rita understands.

Myra understands. “Wising you all the best I hope you find a few moments of happiness.”

Frank understands. “Hang in there.”

People who conveyed a simple sentence. People who cared enough. People who offered a smile. People who had every opportunity to disappear as many have done (as practically everyone had done). People who sent me a simple message indicating they understood and were there. I WAS NOT ALONE.

AND Patty has been there every time I needed her.

I am not alone. And no matter what they try to do to isolate and destroy me. I will never be alone.

AND To my “imaginary” friends on Facebook. Your support has been a lifesaver.

Thank You. We're All Alone…. Together

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