When Risa Ferman is honored to be with Judge Carolyn Carluccio, it becomes very clear the reason that they are IGNORING my case.

When the entire County is exposed because of the illegal and un-Constitutional use of county resources and personnel it becomes more necessary to protect the criminals and the county.

They are additionally partying with the Sheriff who cannot explain why her Deputies were utilized to enforce an Order where the judge lacked jurisdiction.

It’s nice when the ladies all stick together. They are also sticking together in violation of their oath of office. I never took an oath on my first day of work. It is strange that people who make such a huge event out of taking an oath to start a job protect others who violate that same oath.

And it is funny that I am blocked from posting to Risa Ferman’s Facebook page, yet fake ID’s can post away.

UPDATE: Risa deleted the post about my case… and then called around to everyone. Tracked their access. The phone tree seems to have been activated. This may make it hard for District Attorney Ferman to denyt knowledge of the case. HUH?

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