It would seem my previous post about tracking people who Google themselves has had an impact… LOL Web stats show a 2/3 decline in readership of the blog.

Would those who are witnessing the corruption, abuse of power and direct and determined effort to deny and prevent justice please take a moment to report the crimes to the US Attorney’s office.

If you are intimidated by reporting to an office where Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio may have friends from when she worked there, you may make the report to Washington DC. The Department of Justice already has a file on this case. Your career should be protected by the Whistleblower Act. DOJ likely has methods of protecting your identity and avoiding retaliation.

The injustice will not end by itself. It has never been my intention to ensnare judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge into this matter. We are all at the mercy of the sociopath and her mentor.

You have to wonder why other issues have also been prevented from the hearing schedule. Of course any hearing will be an opportunity to present the facts… and the corrupt judges of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas have made such a great effort to prevent any hearings… to prevent any justice…

The longer justice is delayed, the more I feel my life is at risk. I am exposed to the continued harassment from private investigators. The intentional delay in scheduling of hearings is extremely intimidating and threatening and prevents any opportunity to live a life without fear.

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