It would seem that the people who are Googling themselves and finding themselves mentioned on this web site (for whatever reason) are using Anonymous services to hide their addresses. What are you hiding from?

The volume of persons in Jakarta, Indonesia who are interested in reading about the Montgomery County Court and specific court personnel would seem to indicate they all may also be using the same service. Did the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit cancel your internet access? What are you hiding from?

Web sites have amazing statistical powers. Where you came from. What you read. What keywords brought you to the site. How many times you’ve been to the site, by day, week, month and year. I also see how fast everyone jumps onto the site after a new entry.

I also watch for the hackers and specifically which records they are deleting from the archived statistics. Yes, sometimes the data that disappears is more telling than the data left behind.

The records deleted in early 2008 indicated the IP addresses involved. Hacking the site immediately after the phone call where I explained to my wife that I could see her and her attorneys setting up for fraudulent identity theft report was not the most brilliant effort. And, I followed that at with the burglary email sent out with the ‘picture error’ which recorded every IP address that read the email – and everyone to whom they forwarded the email.

All the sneaking around, spying, acting like you have fooled anyone is just pointless. When the people I report the crimes to are accomplices to the crimes, and this results in those involved pretending that there is no evidence to review because law enforcement has refused to look at ANY evidence… It doesn’t make it any less evident.

Think Shroedinger’s box…. The truth is still the truth even when you haven’t looked at it. The truth will only be recognized once the box is opened. Not opening the box does not eliminate the truth from existence.

As for the folks at the courthouse, I have made an effort to NOT blog the names of the courthouse administrative staff responsible for following the corrupt orders and requests of the judiciary. Though it has been clear for several years that they are being required to conceal information like the emails sent to secretly cancel all those hearings in 2011. When their names appear on the site it is because they are essential parts of the topic. When they don’t appear, it isn’t that they are not known or forgotten, it’s just that your families shouldn’t necessarily be able to google your name and find out about how in order to save your job you are required to participate in corruption.

While I find the participation reprehensible, it is not entirely by your choice. You are following orders from those who are corrupt, unethical and conspiring to conceal their activity. Interesting that the ones who have immunity are the one’s ordering people without immunity to action, or moreso to inaction. But, they aren’t fooling anyone.

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