On July 10 2012, Judge Haaz ordered Court Administration to schedule a hearing. That has not yet happened.

In August 2012, I sent a letter to the Judge, Court Administrator Michael Kehs and Family Court Administrator Cheryl Leslie calling their attention to the failure to schedule the hearing. There was no response. No hearing has been scheduled.

It is now mid-September. This is not an inadvertent scheduling problem. Should the hearing occur, I will be permitted the opportunity to present the facts on this the matter – something Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was absolutely determined to prevent from ever happening.

Once presented, the extreme corruption, malice and absolute cruelty of Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio will be exposed. The orders that she issued without jurisdiction (or hearings) will be voided. Her ridiculous and distorted opinion filed with herself which failed to address any real issue regarding the Appeal of her Orders to the Superior Court. She additionally has prevented of the Appeal from moving forward to the Superior Court by the County Prothonotary.

The reason for Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio’s actions will be exposed. Her willful, unethical and criminal abuse of power to prevent her actions and the activities of the 8 preceeding judges in this matter from being exposed, or explained. Carolyn Carluccio’s failure to follow judicial procedures and ethics also quite likely remove any judicial immunity for her actions. But she WANTED to be the one to destroy me and drive me to suicide. She made that quite clear. Did her career history with the US Attorney’s Office afford her the luxury of a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE pass?

When authority figures distort truth, abuse their power, involve additional county personnel and departments in their denial of due process and treasonous acts it creates helpless situation for honest, innocent individuals. When law enforcement is too preoccupied with preventing their criminal liability from being exposed, they deny equal protection under the law and essentially become terrorists. You are left with no choice but to report the crimes the one of the co-conspirators involved with the crimes.

Injustice doesn’t end injustice. It extends it.

Does anyone else see the irony of Judge Thomas DelRicci, Judge Carolyn Carluccio, and Michael Kehs holding a June 2012 public meeting discussing their new reforms changing how the courts may act to schedule their own hearings DURING THE SHORT LIST CONFERENCE enables the legal process to move along quickly and not hang on for months and years? Perhaps that part of the reforms weren’t conveyed to Judge Haaz. Though his Order required pre-trial statements and litigants to follow procedure and law, only an unethical and secret ex parte conversation regarding the matter would make one think that the matter will just disappear if ignored.
For the record, the corruption and fraud have left me homeless, unemployed and destitute, forced to defend against vexatious and constant litigation from just-plain-stupid lawyers, and dealing with the continued intrusions of computer and phone surveillance, and the frequent discovery of private investigators following me and watching my mother’s home. While waiting, I am being terrorized and harassed further. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.
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