Lawyers who are sociopaths are skilled at using law enforcement and the judicial system to harass, torment and terrorize their victims. You won’t win. It is unlikely that you will survive.

If you are going to court against the sociopath lawyer, you must anticipate that he or she will lie. They will lie in every document, every statement, and every testimony. There is no punishment for liars.

Where you can present the truth, the sociopath will put on a convincing act and get away with it, or alternately prevent you from ever being permitted to present the truth in a hearing.

The sociopath will manipulate those in a position of power into a liability which will then be further used to elicit/extort actions in their favor.

Document everything—preferably not on a computer that can be hacked (ALL computers can be hacked when you are targeted). Write down exactly what happens and when. Save every relevant piece of paper. This will make you a well-documented victim should you survive. The sociopath lawyer has no intention of permitting your survival.

Educate yourself to how sociopaths operate and assure that anyone supporting you is up to the challenge of facing a lawyer who is a sociopath.

Every potential supporter will be attacked, directly or indirectly, until you are isolated.

The sociopath does not like a well-documented victim, or a victim who is able to communicate effectively.

Also, be aware that the sociopath will keep dragging you into court on frivolous matters — and further indicate that you have brought the frivolous petition. They have a manipulated judge hearing the case. And a new judge will require the judge to protect the reputation of the preceeding judges on the matter.

The time may come when you have to weigh the costs and benefits; however, your sociopath opponent will thrive on the damage and chaos they create.

Proceed under the assumption that the sociopath will disregard any agreement or judgment, the sociopath lawyer will advise them to do this and then further use their manipulations and extortion to prevent any penalty. This will further victimize their opponent when any attempt is made to enforce a court order. The sociopath lawyer will make every use of the liabilities they have created for the judiciary which must conceal their prior actions, and the actions of others also manipulated into liability.

The sociopath lawyer will not ever let anything end. They will continue to bring you to court until you are dead… because they can, and no one will stop them. And when you present the facts, you will be denied any opportunity for a hearing. Any such hearing would expose the corruption and the abuse of power and the conspiracy, there will be no hearings and judges will rule without jurisdiction further creating a liability.

Further denying your rights. Further preventing you from living any life.

The sociopath has no conscience, no guilt, and revels in the terror and chaos they create for their victim. They also thrive on the ability to expose their partners, to further manipulate, and to extort the liabilities they created for the purpose of entertainment.

Until you commit suicide, or they have you murdered. Then, they’ll laugh about it at the Bar Association meetings because they manipulated every level of law enforcement from the local police to the County District Attorney and the County Sheriff.

Would the District Attorney dare to investigate/prosecute your murder after they ignoring your requests for law enforcement for years?

Equal protection under the law… not for the victim of the sociopath lawyer.

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