It would seem my previous post about tracking people who Google themselves has had an impact… LOL Web stats show a 2/3 decline in readership of the blog.

Would those who are witnessing the corruption, abuse of power and direct and determined effort to deny and prevent justice please take a moment to report the crimes to the US Attorney’s office.

If you are intimidated by reporting to an office where Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio may have friends from when she worked there, you may make the report to Washington DC. The Department of Justice already has a file on this case. Your career should be protected by the Whistleblower Act. DOJ likely has methods of protecting your identity and avoiding retaliation.

The injustice will not end by itself. It has never been my intention to ensnare judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge after judge into this matter. We are all at the mercy of the sociopath and her mentor.

You have to wonder why other issues have also been prevented from the hearing schedule. Of course any hearing will be an opportunity to present the facts… and the corrupt judges of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas have made such a great effort to prevent any hearings… to prevent any justice…

The longer justice is delayed, the more I feel my life is at risk. I am exposed to the continued harassment from private investigators. The intentional delay in scheduling of hearings is extremely intimidating and threatening and prevents any opportunity to live a life without fear.

It would seem that the people who are Googling themselves and finding themselves mentioned on this web site (for whatever reason) are using Anonymous services to hide their addresses. What are you hiding from?

The volume of persons in Jakarta, Indonesia who are interested in reading about the Montgomery County Court and specific court personnel would seem to indicate they all may also be using the same service. Did the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit cancel your internet access? What are you hiding from?

Web sites have amazing statistical powers. Where you came from. What you read. What keywords brought you to the site. How many times you’ve been to the site, by day, week, month and year. I also see how fast everyone jumps onto the site after a new entry.

I also watch for the hackers and specifically which records they are deleting from the archived statistics. Yes, sometimes the data that disappears is more telling than the data left behind.

The records deleted in early 2008 indicated the IP addresses involved. Hacking the site immediately after the phone call where I explained to my wife that I could see her and her attorneys setting up for fraudulent identity theft report was not the most brilliant effort. And, I followed that at with the burglary email sent out with the ‘picture error’ which recorded every IP address that read the email – and everyone to whom they forwarded the email.

All the sneaking around, spying, acting like you have fooled anyone is just pointless. When the people I report the crimes to are accomplices to the crimes, and this results in those involved pretending that there is no evidence to review because law enforcement has refused to look at ANY evidence… It doesn’t make it any less evident.

Think Shroedinger’s box…. The truth is still the truth even when you haven’t looked at it. The truth will only be recognized once the box is opened. Not opening the box does not eliminate the truth from existence.

As for the folks at the courthouse, I have made an effort to NOT blog the names of the courthouse administrative staff responsible for following the corrupt orders and requests of the judiciary. Though it has been clear for several years that they are being required to conceal information like the emails sent to secretly cancel all those hearings in 2011. When their names appear on the site it is because they are essential parts of the topic. When they don’t appear, it isn’t that they are not known or forgotten, it’s just that your families shouldn’t necessarily be able to google your name and find out about how in order to save your job you are required to participate in corruption.

While I find the participation reprehensible, it is not entirely by your choice. You are following orders from those who are corrupt, unethical and conspiring to conceal their activity. Interesting that the ones who have immunity are the one’s ordering people without immunity to action, or moreso to inaction. But, they aren’t fooling anyone.


On July 10 2012, Judge Haaz ordered Court Administration to schedule a hearing. That has not yet happened.

In August 2012, I sent a letter to the Judge, Court Administrator Michael Kehs and Family Court Administrator Cheryl Leslie calling their attention to the failure to schedule the hearing. There was no response. No hearing has been scheduled.

It is now mid-September. This is not an inadvertent scheduling problem. Should the hearing occur, I will be permitted the opportunity to present the facts on this the matter – something Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was absolutely determined to prevent from ever happening.

Once presented, the extreme corruption, malice and absolute cruelty of Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio will be exposed. The orders that she issued without jurisdiction (or hearings) will be voided. Her ridiculous and distorted opinion filed with herself which failed to address any real issue regarding the Appeal of her Orders to the Superior Court. She additionally has prevented of the Appeal from moving forward to the Superior Court by the County Prothonotary.

The reason for Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio’s actions will be exposed. Her willful, unethical and criminal abuse of power to prevent her actions and the activities of the 8 preceeding judges in this matter from being exposed, or explained. Carolyn Carluccio’s failure to follow judicial procedures and ethics also quite likely remove any judicial immunity for her actions. But she WANTED to be the one to destroy me and drive me to suicide. She made that quite clear. Did her career history with the US Attorney’s Office afford her the luxury of a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE pass?

When authority figures distort truth, abuse their power, involve additional county personnel and departments in their denial of due process and treasonous acts it creates helpless situation for honest, innocent individuals. When law enforcement is too preoccupied with preventing their criminal liability from being exposed, they deny equal protection under the law and essentially become terrorists. You are left with no choice but to report the crimes the one of the co-conspirators involved with the crimes.

Injustice doesn’t end injustice. It extends it.

Does anyone else see the irony of Judge Thomas DelRicci, Judge Carolyn Carluccio, and Michael Kehs holding a June 2012 public meeting discussing their new reforms changing how the courts may act to schedule their own hearings DURING THE SHORT LIST CONFERENCE enables the legal process to move along quickly and not hang on for months and years? Perhaps that part of the reforms weren’t conveyed to Judge Haaz. Though his Order required pre-trial statements and litigants to follow procedure and law, only an unethical and secret ex parte conversation regarding the matter would make one think that the matter will just disappear if ignored.
For the record, the corruption and fraud have left me homeless, unemployed and destitute, forced to defend against vexatious and constant litigation from just-plain-stupid lawyers, and dealing with the continued intrusions of computer and phone surveillance, and the frequent discovery of private investigators following me and watching my mother’s home. While waiting, I am being terrorized and harassed further. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.

In Montgomery County PA, The District Attorney and her Drug Task Force use Drug-Addicted and HIV-Infected Gay Men as Prostitutes in attempts to set up targeted individuals. Her method to keep these people out of jail and out of the media is to make an informant deal, then use them and throw them in jail anyway. They can’t speak out, they signed away their voice. Their lawyers are disabled and cannot act on their behalf because of the confidentiality requirement.

Whether they succeed or fail, they end up shells of human beings who preyed on innocent people and destroyed lives. Over 45 of them failed in my case… I estimate 7 teams failed. Each believing they were smarter than each other and the prior team.

These people sign away their rights when they join the confidential informant program. You can’t blame them for wanting to stay out of jail. But, they didn’t know how they would be abused and misused in this program.

And when they realized they were pawns in an attempt to set me up, they stopped trying to set me up. Realizing the guy who was giving them a place to rest and shower and feel safe, and a meal was NOT the bad guy in the scenario. Those trying to set me up were further exposed.

Better to deny me the information, and the paperwork, prevent me from getting hold of the documents or have any form of hearing where I can testify. DENY THOSE HEARINGS. CANCEL ALL PETITIONS. MUST PROTECT THE REPUTATION OF THE JUDICIARY WHO HAS DENIED CIVIL RIGHTS AND CONTINUED THE TERROR… THE ABUSE OF POWER.

I found that Secret Order hidden at the Prothonotary. NO HEARINGS AFTER THAT. They were completely exposed as the terrorists on the bench, and their conspiracy with all county agencies and departments was evident.

Problem is the judges keep recusing when exposed, resulting in another judge becoming involved in the conspiracy and corruption and necessary protection of the reputation of the judiciary. 10 judges so far. Complete denial of civil rights and due process and procedure. Makes you wonder what could possibly be going on here.

Take everything I have from every aspect of my ‘life’ to crush me. BUT, when they don’t get the suicide they want, they continue to attack their targeted victim.

As (Judge) Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was mailing her ‘Unappealable’ Orders – which she had no jurisdiction to issue – there were multiple surprise visitors from the County Psych ward who have no idea why they were told to check on me. Suggesting suicide. I brought them into the house to see the reason for their visits. They either lied about not knowing why they were there, or they were only there to suggest suicide using reverse psychology. They saw the volume of paperwork, demonstrated and explained to them they left and never followed up with the information about who sent them.

Their private investigator can do anything to terrorize someone and never face prosecution. He’s working for law enforcment, and is former FBI using tactics learned while working for the FBI. Fraud, misdirection, surveillance, isolation, harassment and terror.

This is happening in communities across the US. The drug war has disregarded civil rights by using private investigators who are exempt from prosecution no matter what damage they do, or crimes they commit. Reporting the crimes only targets the victim further. They are reporting the crimes to the very people who are commiting the crimes. No investigation required… so they do nothing. THE VICTIM IS FURTHER VICTIMIZED, the only escape is DEATH.


Failure to act demonstrates participation.

Here are the Facebook links for anyone who may wish to inquire with District Attorney, Risa Ferman; Sheriff Eileen Behr; or Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio.




Now, you may also wish to realize that they judge’s use of county resources as part of her abuse of power and conspiracy to deny civil rights creates a HUGE liability which does not have immunity from prosecution.

Just about every county department has been involved in this matter, and has refused to provide information or documentation on their actions or inactions.

Each time they have attempted to mislead with misinformation they have only further exposed their participation in the terror and harassment.


On July 10, 2012, Judge Haaz ordered Court Administration to schedule a hearing. THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED.


Simple… If there is a hearing, the September 2011 order where Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio lacked jurisdiction will be voided.

If there is a hearing, the July 2011 order where Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio lacked jurisdiction will be voided.

If there is a hearing, the May 2011 order where Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio lacked jurisdiction will be voided.

If there is a hearing, the malice and cruelty of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio will be exposed as she admitted in the other hearings that she did not have jurisdiction before issuing further invalid orders.

If there is a hearing, it will expose that Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio involved other County personnel in enforcing her corrupt and invalid orders. In legal-speak, she involved other County personnel in her treason. This exposes the county to further liability.

Judges are only exempt from criminal prosecution when they follow procedures and are acting like judges. When they are being criminals, they lose their immunity. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio is a criminal.

This will further expose the conspiracy with Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio which was used to extort further penalties against me. (See Sociopath lawyer posts.)

And that exposure will open the entire case to the corrupt and malicious and destructive unethical and illegal actions of every judge involved in this matter in an effort to conceal the Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele without hearings, without distribution to the Defendant, and which was not docketed and hidden from the Defendant for 3 years.

Yes, I know why they aren’t scheduling a hearing… I wonder what silly excuse they will think to use for this?

They have ignored a letter sent in August requesting scheduling.

As the court lacked jurisdiction to issue the orders (and admitted such on the record), Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was not acting as a judge and can be held liable for her malice, cruelty, abuse of power, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

Protecting the reputation of the Judiciary is important… but when 10 judges are acting to protect the reputation of the judicary, one might want to ask WHEN JUDGES ARE COMMITTING FURTHER CORRUPT ACTS TO CONCEAL THE CORRUPT ACTIONS OF JUDGES, AT WHAT POINT DO THEY RECOGNIZE THEY ARE CONTRIBUTING MORE TO THE DISGRACE OF THE JUDICARY?

(And if the Judicial Conduct Board had acted on any of the requests for investigation, they could have prevented this matter from disgracing so many judges of the Montgomery County Bench.)

Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio acted to conceal the unethical and fraudulent acts of the preceeding eight judges on the matter. To protect the corrupt judiciary at all costs…. and denying a man his civil rights, taking his children, his home, his profession, his possessions was required because it was necessary to push me to suicide. Epic fail.

After Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio refused to hold any hearings on ANY petition filed by the Defendant to prevent testimony and evidence of the corrupt judiciary, why would they grant a hearing and provide that opportunity.

Yes, there are reasons they are not holding the hearing WHICH WAS REQUESTED BY THE PLAINTIFF”S ATTORNEYS. Why would the Plaintiff’s attorneys request another hearing? A sociopath enjoys manipulating their pawns into further terrorizing their victim.

What is wrong with these people who sit in judgement and witness and participate in the destruction of a family and a man? The concept of “First, Do no harm.” is lost on these corrupt judges.

AND WHILE I WAIT, they continue to attack my life, my mother’s home and automobile, computers and phones, and they continue to interfere with any friendships. And I wait while they terrorize me further.


Lawyers who are sociopaths are skilled at using law enforcement and the judicial system to harass, torment and terrorize their victims. You won’t win. It is unlikely that you will survive.

If you are going to court against the sociopath lawyer, you must anticipate that he or she will lie. They will lie in every document, every statement, and every testimony. There is no punishment for liars.

Where you can present the truth, the sociopath will put on a convincing act and get away with it, or alternately prevent you from ever being permitted to present the truth in a hearing.

The sociopath will manipulate those in a position of power into a liability which will then be further used to elicit/extort actions in their favor.

Document everything—preferably not on a computer that can be hacked (ALL computers can be hacked when you are targeted). Write down exactly what happens and when. Save every relevant piece of paper. This will make you a well-documented victim should you survive. The sociopath lawyer has no intention of permitting your survival.

Educate yourself to how sociopaths operate and assure that anyone supporting you is up to the challenge of facing a lawyer who is a sociopath.

Every potential supporter will be attacked, directly or indirectly, until you are isolated.

The sociopath does not like a well-documented victim, or a victim who is able to communicate effectively.

Also, be aware that the sociopath will keep dragging you into court on frivolous matters — and further indicate that you have brought the frivolous petition. They have a manipulated judge hearing the case. And a new judge will require the judge to protect the reputation of the preceeding judges on the matter.

The time may come when you have to weigh the costs and benefits; however, your sociopath opponent will thrive on the damage and chaos they create.

Proceed under the assumption that the sociopath will disregard any agreement or judgment, the sociopath lawyer will advise them to do this and then further use their manipulations and extortion to prevent any penalty. This will further victimize their opponent when any attempt is made to enforce a court order. The sociopath lawyer will make every use of the liabilities they have created for the judiciary which must conceal their prior actions, and the actions of others also manipulated into liability.

The sociopath lawyer will not ever let anything end. They will continue to bring you to court until you are dead… because they can, and no one will stop them. And when you present the facts, you will be denied any opportunity for a hearing. Any such hearing would expose the corruption and the abuse of power and the conspiracy, there will be no hearings and judges will rule without jurisdiction further creating a liability.

Further denying your rights. Further preventing you from living any life.

The sociopath has no conscience, no guilt, and revels in the terror and chaos they create for their victim. They also thrive on the ability to expose their partners, to further manipulate, and to extort the liabilities they created for the purpose of entertainment.

Until you commit suicide, or they have you murdered. Then, they’ll laugh about it at the Bar Association meetings because they manipulated every level of law enforcement from the local police to the County District Attorney and the County Sheriff.

Would the District Attorney dare to investigate/prosecute your murder after they ignoring your requests for law enforcement for years?

Equal protection under the law… not for the victim of the sociopath lawyer.


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