Copyright Infringement? I’ve been expecting this one for years.

Computers have been hacked and none of the anti-virus programs will detect and prevent it. So along comes my harasser and installs secret versions of programs which I use legally – it messes up the computer and internet speeds. I notice the affect of their illegally installed stealth program on the processor but there’s nothing I can do to stop it, remove it or prevent it. They intentionally download copyrighted material with a tracer on it, and my mother gets a notice from Verizon about the infraction.

They initially wanted to try this years ago using child pornography, but I was able to pull every hard disk from every computer and store them with a friend defeating the set-up tactic. One would have to ponder why someone who knows they are under surveillance and has documented it would suddenly begin to collect disgusting and illegal pictures.

Perhaps they are afraid that the next hearing will reveal their abuse of power and the conspiracies behind it… it’s been over 3 weeks since the judge ordered the hearing to be scheduled. It has not. Have to wonder what lengths they will go to to further prevent justice.


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