In the last few weeks, I have spoken to two attorneys who have asked me the same question. Do I think I am safe? The answer is NO. I live in fear but I do not allow it to cripple me. It has become a way of life after the experiences since 2007. If they try to murder me, there are enough people who know the truth, who have read this web site, that maybe then they will be prosecuted.

Those attorneys are not able to take the case.

My last attorney was victimized by death threats.

My first attorney has disappeared.

When judges in courtrooms deny your civil rights, and abuse their power, and terrorize you for years, there is no escape. This is not supposed to happen in the USA. But it is happening.

US Constitution

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

PA Constitution
§ 11. Courts to be open; suits against the Commonwealth.
All courts shall be open; and every man for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay. Suits may be brought against the Commonwealth in such manner, in such courts and in such cases as the Legislature may by law direct.

§ 20. Right of petition.
The citizens have a right in a peaceable manner to assemble together for their common good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances or other proper purposes, by petition, address or remonstrance.


When going through hell, KEEP GOING. (Winston Churchill)


August 13, 2012
The Honorable Richard P. Haaz
Judges Chambers
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404

RE: Healy v. Healy
Docket# 2007-12477

Your Honor,

During a Short List Conference on July 10, 2012, you directed the Plaintiff’s attorney to serve a copy of their Petition on the Defendant, and reviewed the Response and Counter Petition which I had filed timely and served on the Plaintiff.

You then issued an Order for Court Administration to schedule a ½ day protracted hearing. A copy of the Order is attached.

It has been over a month and the hearing remains unscheduled. Court Administration has neglected to schedule several hearings in the matter resulting in unresolved issues including the matter not being forwarded to the Superior Court for Appeal. The Appeal was filed on August 15, 2011.

I would appreciate your attention to have this hearing placed on your schedule at the earliest possible opportunity.

I would also appreciate a Case Management Meeting to review the case, the numerous outstanding petitions and the delay in Court Administration/Prothonotary processing of the Appeal.

Respectfully yours,

Terance Healy
Defendant, Pro Se

cc: Michael Kehs
Cheryl Leslie
Angst & Angst

[Via Certified Mail to all parties]


Copyright Infringement? I’ve been expecting this one for years.

Computers have been hacked and none of the anti-virus programs will detect and prevent it. So along comes my harasser and installs secret versions of programs which I use legally – it messes up the computer and internet speeds. I notice the affect of their illegally installed stealth program on the processor but there’s nothing I can do to stop it, remove it or prevent it. They intentionally download copyrighted material with a tracer on it, and my mother gets a notice from Verizon about the infraction.

They initially wanted to try this years ago using child pornography, but I was able to pull every hard disk from every computer and store them with a friend defeating the set-up tactic. One would have to ponder why someone who knows they are under surveillance and has documented it would suddenly begin to collect disgusting and illegal pictures.

Perhaps they are afraid that the next hearing will reveal their abuse of power and the conspiracies behind it… it’s been over 3 weeks since the judge ordered the hearing to be scheduled. It has not. Have to wonder what lengths they will go to to further prevent justice.


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