UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.
– Dr. Seuss

Last night I noticed that this web site was being visited and every file being touched by the server. When contacted about this activity the hosting company indicated it was a backup process running.

I was not restoring the site from a backup copy. The activity is suspicious.

Even after contacting the hosting company, the site continued to restore files until the 4AM today.

When you consider the comment left at the web site which presented a completely ridiculous position it would seem that they are either acting to remove information, or to cover their tracks from the intrusion.

Their comment presented a position based on a statement I never made. It then went on to detail things (wrong things) which I had not documented. The commenter then used those wrong details to indicate I was wrong. I don’t post comments because they blur the message, but I do read them. [Google the word METASPLOIT. Yes, the technology has existed for many years to enable stealthy tech-harassment, and enable anyone who wanted to destroy someone with full access to EVERYTHING they do on their computers and phones.]

This same tactic was used by Judge Carolyn Carluccio in her Opinion in December 2011. She presented completely incorrect dates and details and then applied a law which did not apply to the situation.


Well, this way it would appear that she addressed the issues of the Appeal. EVEN THOUGH, she has prevented the Appeal from being sent to the Superior Court. The Superior Court never saw her misinformation.



If I am wrong, why are they going to such extreme measures to prevent a review of the matter by the Superior Court? It makes you wonder.

And when you review the entire case, you realize that the court lacked jurisdiction to act against me in just about every one of their cruel and malicious orders… and all the while permitting my wife to ignore EVERY COURT ORDER WITH COMPLETE IMPUNITY. Why would judges act when they did not have jurisdiction? And then further the injustice by preventing hearings on the issues? And then take direct action to cover up their actions to prevent justice?

WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? WHY WOULD THEY DESTROY A MAN WITHOUT ANY REASON? OR IF THEY HAD A REASON, WHY NOT ADDRESS THE ISSUE INSTEAD OF TERRORIZING ONE MAN? They were manipulated by sociopathic lawyers, who conspired with them and then quickly threw the judiciary under the bus at the first sign of exposure.

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