I Remember. Thomas Ball found the only escape he could from the terror of Family Court, one year ago today. I Understand. I Cry. I Remember. I Persevere.


When their attempt to have Judge Carolyn Carluccio resume the case fails…

and exposes their ex parte judge shopping…

and their petition counters all the manipulative and corrupt efforts of Judge Carluccio to deny and prevent any opportunity for me to testify…

and their efforts to enforce a void order, based on a void order where the court has no jurisdiction is scheduled AND DESTINED TO EXPOSE THE FRAUD AND CORRUPTION…


I received their request for a continuance of the July 10 proceeding. Had they had THEIR Judge rush a perverted hearing to enforce their illegal, corrupt and malicious order, I bet they would have accepted any date.

They have requested a continuance of EVERY proceeding. Except one which I had requested.

Forced to request a continuance of a custody proceeding because my mother was having emergency surgery on the same date and time as the hearing, They demanded a hearing on their counter petition ANYWAY. They refused to permit a continuance and demanded the trial occur even though my mother was a primary witness for the matter. Judge Del Ricci clearly saw the malice and evil of Bob Angst and Sonya Healy that day. Judge Del Ricci saw they were removing me and my family from the hospital where they should be to a courtroom where we were faced fraudulent allegations. He granted the continuance, and I went immediately to the hospital.

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