I have 2 days left with my Trial, unfortunately I will not be buying the program. I would recommend it, however the intrusion onto my computer is a targeted intrusion (see other post)It has been unable to run properly and consistently.

The program has aided in revealing the files involved in the intrusion.
Immunet revealed and quarantined 21 Rootkits, and detected the same files when they reappeared days later.
Immunet repeatedly indicated that the Computer had not been scanned.
The updates were checked daily, however after the first few days they seemed to have been removed or lost. Checking again often brought the same updates.

To fix my computer, I would need programs which can do the following:
1. Detect, remove and prevent reinstallation of a Rootkit which loads on a Virtual Disk into Virtual memory.
2. Repair the Security for every level as the Group Policy and other policies have been circumvented.
3. Audit and Repair the Certificates.
4. Secure and prevent holes in Computer Management and Event reports.
5. SFC does not complete, it gets to 48% and fails. There are issues with the usual suspect programs, where the code has been added to existing .dll’s.
6. A method to harden the Registry and prevent hidden entries, and encoded entries which redirect browsers and obstruct Search Engines.
7. A way to audit to assure that all Updates are installed properly and HAVE NOT BEEN COMPROMISED.
8. A way to prevent ANY remote access to the computer through stealth shells or terminal programs.
9. A way to prevent ANY hidden Virtual Drives from being created.
10. A way to repair the MBR, without their failsafe program requiring a reinstallation using the original backup discs which have been compromised. Any cd or dvd which has ever been placed in any of my computers has been compromised – they reinstall the triggers for the intrusion to reinstall. (This has backfired because they no longer can remove themselves from the situation, and hide and deny deny deny. Their intrusion reinstalls itself. Try as they might to cover up their crime, their persistent programming just won’t allow it.

The program which was initially ILLEGALLY installed on my computers was WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies. That installation took place in February 2007. Since then the program has been improved based on the actions I have taken to expose and circumvent it. After countless rebuilds of my computers, I have had no choice but to accept the intrusion as a part of regular computing. There is no escaping a targeted intrusion. In all liklihood the current intrusion is through a different program from a different companty.

I’ll say this for the IMMUNET program, it functioned better and longer than the other major AVAS programs. Like Kaspersky, it showed the activity but was unable to prevent reinstallation… at some point those Activity Notices start to feel like taunts and it is no longer necessary.

A surprise was that they did not attempt to Junction or Symbolic Link the program into a loop which would not finish and alolow quarantine. This had been the downfall of each Kaspersky installation.

For some reason, the information about the Anti-Spyware Coalition, ATMOST and NSS suddenly became available. I am still trying to read up on what happened to the organization/s because Awareness Technologies was a part of the ASC. When they packaged the virus into the first version of WebWatcher, they were given a free pass from the AVAS programs affiliated with ASC. In light of my experience that enabled my terror and harassment to continue unchecked and unaided, and gave the intruders the ability to obsfuscate, redirect, block, and fully remote control my computers and my life. (See the damage: http://www.work2bdone.com/live)

My THANKS to Immunet for the program and the information it provided.

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