The Fraud and Malice of the Court is clearly documented and demonstrates that THEY WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO EVER END. The documents are docketed. The proof of the terroristic intention of the court is in their own documentation.

There is no getting over it…
There is no moving beyond it…
There is no ending to it…
There is no escaping it… THEY HAVE NEVER INTENDED THAT TO BE AN OPTION. The Court has ordered that there be no end to this matter. Not without further hearings. And the court will not schedule those hearings. And the court will not permit an Appeal to move forward. AND THE COURT WILL CONTINUE TO ABUSE IT’S POWER TO FURTHER INTRUDE VIA TECHNOLOGY AND DENY MY LIFE.

The intention of the court has been to destroy a man to the point of suicide. But, I wouldn’t oblige them.

The inaction of law enforcement is an endorsement of the Court’s fraud and malice.
The inaction of the Judicial Conduct Board is an endorsement of the Court’s fraud and malice.
The inaction of the County Sheriff is an endorsement of the Court’s fraud and malice.
The inaction of the Attorney General is an endorsement of the Court’s fraud and malice.

The action of Federal Authorities is indicative of a protracted investigation into the matter. There is no reason to believe that Federal Authorities would ignore, endorse and sanction this level of corruption and abuse of power. Federal Authorities are still in Luzerne County. Every illegal action they discover in Luzerne is also happening in Montgomery… and all of them have happened in this case. The indictments have started in Luzerne County.

The Court issued an order which extends in perpetuity.

That order was issued based on a Petition filed moments before a hearing on another matter.

Carolyn Carluccio repeatedly indicated the purpose of the hearing preventing any testimony by the Defendant which was not directly related to the single issue.

Carolyn Carluccio repeatedly denied any objections for relevance as the Plaintiff proceeded to testify regarding the freshly submitted petition.

Carolyn Carluccio then went on to fraudulently indicate that hearings had been held on all matters.

The New Order was based on the fraudulent and defective Orders which were being prevented from Appeal by Carolyn Carluccio. Preventing any resolution of any matter has been a standard established since the initial deception in August 2007 by Rhonda Daniele.

But this Order goes on in perpetuity… and prevents any recovery without resolution of the matter. It prevents the Defendant from having any life until the matters are resolved.

The fraudulent and malicious order demonstrates the clear intent to terrorize the Defendant who survived 6 years of injustice and corruption.

And to ensure that there would never be another hearing, the Plaintiff withdrew the last minute petition on the next day. Of course, otherwise there might have been a hearing… and Carolyn Carluccio had already issued an order on the matter WITHOUT A HEARING. Any hearing would further expose the direct involvment of Carolyn Carluccio in the fraud and conspiracy.

Carolyn Carluccio is trying to acheive the destruction of a Defendant who has refused to commit suicide after his life has been destroyed without any hope of any future. Any hearings would only provide him the opportunity to present the facts which are all in the courts own documents. Carolyn Carluccio will keep nesting her fraud within the prior frauds where she is preveting any Appeal from moving forward.

If there was no legal basis for the Appeal, they would have allowed the Superior Court the opportunity to deny the Appeal. Carolyn Carluccio knows she is wrong. She lies in her Orders. She lies in her Opinions. She is a disgrace to the judiciary. She is a disgrace to humanity. She hides behind the robes and destroys lives. She won’t permit any escape from her corrupt court.

There is no escaping the terroristic corruption and abuse of power in the Montgomery County Court. And there is no surviving it… and that is exactly what the court intends… to terrorize and attack me for the rest of my life.

There is no future without resolution. There can be no resolution without exposing the injustice and corruption. I am left with no other choice but to persevere until someone finally exposes the crimes of the judges and prosecutes them for the terror they have caused.

Carolyn Carluccio has provided an instrument for destruction which can be used in perpetuity… which if not addressesd will continue in perpetuity… which she has issued based on fraud… which fraud was based on prior frauds.. which she will not permit to be addressed. The Order remains a threat against any future… and a fraud which the court refuses to address or resolve.

For some reason, the documents I filed with the court clearly document the growing conspiracy and fraud. Documents which have been IGNORED by the court that continued the injustice, and which documented the abuse of power of a judiciary intent on the destruction of a man who refuses to commit suicide.

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