I have experienced a targeted intrusion onto my computers for the last 5 years. There has been no effective escape.

This is not a random intrusion. I have been targeted by a private investigator, as that private investigator works with local law enforcement, there has been no assistance, investigation or prosecution for the intrusion/remotes control/surveillance/redirection.

Initially it started as WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies. I still have the appcompat file which they installed through windows mail in an email which did NOT need to be opened. The software deployed as soon as the email was delivered to the machine.

Since that time I have watched them update their program as they watched me expose it. There is no way to prevent a targeted installation such as this. They have the power to filter the web, and to disable avas programs. I have watched them disable all of the major programs. It seems the simplest method has been to install a junction or symbolic link which prevents a scan from ever completing.

The programs have been exposed on Linux, and Windows installations. Again, I have watched the installation programs download with me powerless to prevent it. I have attempted to work with it however the ability to control email and web access has made it necessary to confirm any information I receive. They are using me as their R&D department and updating their programs to circumvent/prevent my actions from being successful.

The current version runs from a BIOS initiation, creating a virtual disk from whioh to load the program. As it them runs from virtual memory it has been difficult to nail down. But the clues are there that i am running a version of windows inside their window. Basically there are hardware issues which cannot be addressed while stuck in their window.

Numerous programs have indicated the presence of the surveillance/remote control/filtering program, but none can remove it. At best, I have watched protection work for a few hours, maybe a few days, and then become useless.

I have been lucky only because when I detected the initial intrusion in 2007, I pulled all hard disks from all computers. This has prevented them from placing incriminating files on my computer and then accusing me of responsibility for them. I immediately recognized the possibility/probability of this type of action.

You may be asking WHY? The initial install was by my wife, on my business computers as she planned a divorce. Once detected she and her lawyer hired the private investigator to cover the federal crime. The private investigator is former FBI and works directly with the county managing their informant program and also surveillance (without search warrants). This involvement with law enforcement has prevented law enforcement from taking any action, as they risk exposing their own methods.

I have tried everything I can think of. 20+ years in IT and I have used everything I ever learned about computers and Internet and IP tracking.

Do you have any advice? I am under constant assault by the attorneys who have manipulated law enforcement into inaction. The lawyers have done the same with the courts. Once one judge was manipulated, 8 subsequent judges in the divorce have been forced to further the injustice in violation of laws and procedures. Most of the legal battle is documented on www.work2bdone.com/live It’s not a whining divorce site. It documents a terroristic high tech divorce which has destroyed a family for going on 6 years.

Whenever I am attempting to assemble a petition for the court which will expose the actions/injustice/corruption, I am served with more ridiculous and frivolous actions from my wife’s attorney designed to just create chaos. This has been the case since the initial intrusion was proven in July 2007. They have also used their surveillance information to have judges recuse without the petition requesting it even being filed. When anything else fails, the lawyers expose the judges unethical conversations with them and gain more impunity for themselves and further injustice for me.

Any Help or advice would b greatly appreciated. If you do contact me, i assure you I will respond. Remember, they control the computers. They also control the cell phone. Effective communication has not been easy. But here are work arounds, and once initial contact is made, they do not interfere as much.

Please help. Your comments on this post are reviewed and never posted to the web site.

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