Level ONE of SEVEN:

The County used drug enforcement personnel, and confidential informants to attempt to set me up. They used the fact that they had isolated me to make it so that I would befriend anyone just to not be alone, to have someone to talk to.

While I may have befriended their people… I never trusted them. I wanted to trust them. But these people were not in a position to act responsibly. If they realized how they were being manipulated by the County Drug Task Force they also recognized that they had no exit. If they attempted to do anything to help me, they disappeared. These people were disposable to the County, and to law enforcement agencies who were abusng their power these people were garbage.

While I never trusted them, I never mistreated any of them. It was this fact that cause many of them alot of emotional turmoil. Once they realized I was battling a sociopathic lawyer, and injustice from a corrupt and biased series of judges all determined to conceal the fraud and crimes against me, they also realized that they could do nothing to help. They had to wonder why they had been dispatched to me. They knew this type of attack could happen to an innocent person. They would face even worse circumstances should they reveal their part in it.

Of course, it was in their best interest to disappear; to never explain; to not speak to me or communicate to me ever again. While understandable, that only added to the emotional and psychological abuse that I have survived.

From the first, to the last, I knew who they were and was able to identify what they were. They were prostitutes for the Drug Task Force / or the contracting firm which manages the confidential informant program for the County. This allows the County to deny people rights while ignoring the crimes being committed by their contractor. When all else failed they had a list of judges that had been manipulated into compliance and further injustice.

Informants would do whatever they were told to keep themselves out of jail – though many ended up in jail anyway.

The Drug Task Force uses people and then discards them. They have no respect for anyone. The District Attorney’s Drug Task Force were her team of prostitutes, the District Attorney as pimp. Look at the names mentioned on this site and you will see, since 2007, I have encountered many of the County’s corrupt law enforcement personnel and their collaborators.

The DA’s prostitutes would do ANYTHING they were directed to… One only has to look at what was done to me to recognize that they would stop at nothing to destroy an innocent man… to destroy an entire family.

Surely there was more in it for an informant than not going to jail, or continued employment with a Private Investigation firm contracted to handle the illegal activities of a corrupt Drug Task Force. How the team was compensated is Level TWO. Their ultimate goal… my death.

Why a Private Investigation firm to manage informants?
By utilizing a private investigation firm to subcontract the management of confidential informants, Law Enforcement has no direct connectio (responsibility) for illegal activity in the course of investigation. Everything can be blamed on the PI. And if anyone files a complaint against the PI, Law Enforcement ignores it. They protect their own.

Current Technology allows them to monitor the computers and phones of their informants to be certain that they do not reveal their activities to the target. I am sure their agreement with the District Attorney authorizes the surveillance of their phones and computers, and additionally the use of their phones and computers to hack the target. Confidential Informant Program Management.

They are also doing this illegally furthering their abuse of power to the target. [ This is why when I made up stories about Ron, Discord, and Andy, they disappeared. ]

A target who is clearly not involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of illegal drugs, should not be investigated for over 5 years. So why were they being manipulated to this activity?

To protect the officer that was on the Drug Task Force who violated my civil rights in August 2007 when he revealed his knowledge of the intrusion onto my computers?
To conceal a corrupt judge issuing an order and keeping it a secret, while using it to create paranoia?
To conceal the acceptance and furtherance of the abuse of power by successive judges in a simple divorce case?

It seems officers on a Drug Task Force have a powerful tool to use against people, and to leverage tolerance of their crimes by the District Attorney’s office. (I am certain Gabrielle Drexler and the Lower Merion School District can understand that leveraged abuse of power.)

WHEN THE TARGET REALIZES THE ABUSE OF POWER, CORRUPTION, and TECHNOLOGY being used to destroy him, and not only survives but documents it on a web site. They attack him further pushing for a suicide, and I just wouldn’t give them that. So they took more… abused more, and were further exposed.

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