Level TWO of SEVEN

The investigators/informants were mostly former, or current, drug abusers who had either been arrested for drug related offenses, or had ended up hospitalized because of their drug abuse.

The compensation they received was paid to them partly in drugs. How else could they attempt to create a drug addict unless they participated in drug use? Before arriving at my home, they always stopped at the ‘distribution point’ picked up the materials they were to provide to me… free of charge… and a little extra for themselves. Compensating a drug abuser with drugs.

It is worth pointing out that there was no way to differentiate between what was provided to the target and what was kept as a bonus for themselves.

I have pointed out numerous times that the personnel who were utilized against me were being abused. Once they realized that they were a part of something more sinister, if they tried to intervene on my behalf they would be subjected to their original jail sentence. Immediately and without benefit of any hearing. It would immediately be made clear to them that their part in this was simply to destroy a life. Any attempt by them to intervene or act responsibly would result in swift and immediate removal.

This is why Andy and Jaye disappeared after a phone call where I fabricated the story of them confessing their actions.

The story of Ron’s disappearance takes on the semblance of someone taking some sort of responsibility. Removing him from the situation and the state. Placing him in a Rehab program. These may seem to be the responsible actions of an organization that placed him in harms way. In Ron’s story, my fabricated story indicated he had become violent and attempted to beat me up. Within days of that phone conversation, he was gone. Were they acting responsibly and removing a physical threat? Possibly, but the only information about that physical threat was my conversation on my phone.

One of the methods used to determine if a party is under surveillance is to inject two truths/one lie into every conversation. When the lie is acted upon, or repeated back to you, the spy is revealed.

My reaction to the isolation after the immediate removal of people was a double edged sword. It confirmed my suspicions. It isolated me and left me alone. At times the isolation was debilitating. After these three instances, I decided it was more counter productive to my psyche, and no longer necessary, to continue this method of exposure. The evidence was clear. Coincidence could be ruled out. The facts remained.

Another quality, or experience, that most all of the agents/informants possessed was a direct connection to law enforcement personnel, or lawyers, or job experience with government contractors in the stealth surveillance market. These qualities were gleaned through simple small talk. In a situation where there was only one or two people, the similarities would have never exposed themselves. My situation was lasting for years providing plenty of time for the pattern to emerge.

– Work experience for a Government Contractor
– Work at the private investigation company
– Law School student
– Former Police Officer
– Former County Employee
– Former FBI personnel
– Former Attorney
– Child of a Police Officer, FBI, or County Employee
– Child of an Attorney

Almost ALL of these people would be placed into a situation with the knowledge that THEY TOO COULD BE DESTROYED and their families impacted should they take any action which exposes their ‘mission’. The threat of the tactics being turned to destroy them and their families was a great motivating factor. They were seeing the impact of this type of terror… AND BEING FORCED TO PARTICIPATE OR FACE THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES.

Taking someone with a drug problem, and depositing them in this type of situation is irresponsible at such a huge level. Taking a weak person, and placing them in a situation from which they cannot help nor escape is EVIL.

AND THIS IS HOW THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. What they do to a target who continues to persevere and hope in spite of them is unconsionable.

The things they were instructed to do will be Level 3 of this increasingly more salacious story. The epic failures.

The one thing people kept asking me was why I continued to tell people about my experience and what was happening. I had always hoped that there might be someone brave enough or with the proper connections to MAN UP against what was being done to me.

When that type of bravery was presented to save someone from further servitude and likely death under this program, I offered to help. I housed that individual at my house until he could get his thoughts together and find an escape from HIS situation. He never revealed whether he was escaping from the dealers, or the confidential informant program which was causing this type of destruction to many people. His words could clearly be interpreted either way. I felt I was doing the right thing by helping in either case. I felt the go-between was acting logically and responsibly and bravely on behalf of his friend.

At the same time, I feared he used up his last ‘favor’ and the affect of his actions to save his friend would make any effort on my behalf impossible. He disappeared on the day I went to local police with the documents proving the corrupt actions of Judge Rhonda Daniele. Though clearly documented and presented, the police refused to take any complaint against a sitting judge for fear of reprisal.

After what was done to his father, he understood what might happen if he helped… so he disappeared.

To the friend who I dubbed “Special Agent”: I knew what you were from the beginning. I trusted you as best as I could in spite of what I learned from the trace on my computer which you used on either your first or second visit. I still have those notes which surprisingly returned your connection to “Former FBI Agents”. The blocking and filtering actions seem to have disappeared and it is no surprise that your resume includes the government contractor who let you go… and the company who had the foresight to pick you up.

UPDATE: After no word since March 2010 when he walked out my door refusing to answer any questions about his involvement… I received an email taunting me from SPECIAL AGENT RON within 24 hours of posting this article.

The longer it has gone on (and it is still ongoing), the more difficult it will be for any man to stand up for me. Yet, they won’t stop. There is no escape.

Since August 2007, I have known that the only exits are my death, or their exposure/prosecution. Everything confirms that conclusion… yet I persevere.

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