Just a note, that although Carolyn Carluccio demonstrated her complete lack of ethics or sense of humanity by fraudulently issuing court orders which left me homeless and penniless and unable survive on my own while refusing to enforce ANY court order. Carluccio persists in preventing the Appeal of her malicious and defective orders.

Carolyn Carluccio’s intent is to make sure no one else gets a look at her twisted actions on the bench. Her actions and orders solidify and reinforce the arguments presented for the appeal. The 30 or so facts that had to be submitted timely and be all inclusive.

Carolyn Carluccio IGNORED those reasons, and incorrectly wrote and filed an opinion to herself (because she hasn’t allowed it to get to the Superior Court) saying the paperwork was late. IT WASN’T. A 5 year period is permitted when extrinsic fraud is involved. Extrinsic fraud is when the fraud is intentionally meant to deny your civil rights.

Carolyn Carluccio is a constant liar and a fraud. She is corrupt.

Carolyn Carluccioe is so afraid of exposure that she rewards extortion and ethics violations IN HER COURTROOM AND ON THE RECORD. She had numerous opportunities to recuse from the case. The recusal petitions were filed and ignored. No hearings were held.


While preparing the legal documents to take this to Federal Court …





THE TRUTH IS STILL OUT THERE HAUNTING THEM. And it’s all they left me… and they are at risk.

I’ll assume it is the private investigator who has been seen following me…. Is the PI working to cover his own liability? or Angst & Angst liability? or the Courts liability? all those corrupt judges? or the Drug Task Force’s liability? or the officer on the drug task force who was manipulated into their conspiracy.

Nothing like bullying and terrorizing the victim even after they have destroyed him.
You destroyed my career.
You destroyed my family.
You destroyed my friendships.
You stole my house and sold it illegally out from under me.
You threw away everything I owned.

You are not going to get the suicide that you tried so desperately to attain.

I get it… you will not stop terrorizing me…. I survived. The truth and hope kept me alive.

And the penalty for surviving 6 years of corruption and injustice and terror and harassment and isolation and loneliness is further terror. I am stronger than I ever imagined… and you underestimated me at every turn.

I have to sit and wonder if Rhonda Daniele, Carolyn Carluccio, Thomas Del Ricci, Emanuel Bertin, and Arthur Tilson ever get together and ask themselves WHY DID WE DID THAT TO HIM? To them it was just a job that they got caught doing wrong. They were just covering for the actions of one of their own, and for each other.

The judges were also covering for the sociopathic lawyer who had her friend the judge issue a secret order in hopes it would distract from prosecution for her advising her client to violate Federal wiretap laws. The same sociopathic lawyers would expose the judges actions and extort impunity for their client to ignore every court order.

Del Ricci calling me the paranoid computer guy over and over in proceedings, and then not providing me the copy of the secret document in May 2008. (Had Del Ricci provided that document, Tilson, Bertin, Barrett and Carluccio would have never been involved.) Instead EVERY JUDGE ON THE FAMILY COURT BENCH HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CORRUPTION.

I wasn’t ever supposed to find the documents. When I found the documents, and Angst & Angst boasted on the record of the judges active participation in the fraud and unethical ex parte conversations.

Rhonda Daniele issued that order and made it impossible for the judges to do their job. They could not recuse as a group without exposing the secret order of Rhonda Daniele. And Angst & Angst were able to leverage the secret into impunity. No matter that the Defendant was being forced to survive the inexplicable injustice and outright fraud and lies.

It must have been funny the way the judges covered it up by ignoring the law. Ignoring procedure. Ignoring their oath. THEY STOLE MY LIFE. Every passion. My very existence. Every minute of every hour of every day since May 2007. WHY? I’ve never even seen Rhonda Daniele.

A Note to Gabrielle Drexler… I pray they don’t persecute you. A police officer on the drug task force has so much criminal information about the tactics of law enforcement, they have the ability to leverage that information against any judge or District Attorney.
Montgomery County Courts are corrupt. And they don’t give a fuck who witnesses what they will do to destroy and humiliate an innocent person.


Sonya Healy : #2007-12477
v. :
Terance Healy :


The following is an outline of the malicious actions and impact of Judge Carolyn Carluccio.

Since the case began, and was reassigned and addressed by 8 judges, there has not been a judge who went more willingly into the corruption, ethics violations and conspiracy than Judge Carluccio.
Judge Carluccio embraced her role and acted with an enthusiasm and malice completely devoid of the trust placed in her by the people of Montgomery County.

There has been no justice, no respect and no law in her courtroom.

December 2010

1. Judge Carluccio is assigned the case in early December, one month after the Recusal of Judge Stephen Barrett.
2. There are several petitions awaiting hearings. (Docket #210, #211, #214, #226, #227, #240, #241, #261)
3. Judge Carluccio receives an inappropriate ex parte communication from Angst & Angst.
4. Judge Carluccio, when presented with the lawyers ethical violation, failed to act in accordance with the Code of Judicial Ethics and becomes a party to the ethical violation.
5. Defendant petitioned the court for the ex parte document. (Docket #272) Filed as an Emergency, Judge Carluccio promptly denied the petition without explanation. (Docket #273) THERE WAS NO HEARING ON THE MATTER.
6. Defendant also petition for the ex parte documents which were exchanged with the prior judges in this matter. (Docket #271) THERE WAS NO HEARING ON THE MATTER.

January 2011

7. Judge Carluccio, during her January Short List, refuses to permit the Defendant any opportunity to address the petitions he had filed. Judge Carluccio, indicates she has no time on her schedule for hearings, and Orders hearings for June 1-2, 2011. (Docket #282 regarding #210, #211, #214, #226, #227, #240, #261) Omitted, without explanation, from the scheduling Order is #241 which is regarding ex parte communication between Angst & Angst and Judge Emanuel Bertin.

This was an intentional six month delay in the resolution of the financial and health matters, but the Judge is in control of her schedule.
This scheduling tactic had been played out so many times by the Masters and Judges that it was becoming insulting that they would continue the delaying game as if the Defendant actually believed their statements.
Defendant could do nothing about the Courts schedule. Every Judge has played this feigned “Sorry, there are no openings any sooner’ scheduling game.

February 2011

8. Angst & Angst file an Emergency Petition. (Docket #283)
Strangely, it is not filed electronically. All petitions filed by Angst & Angst since 2008 have been filed electronically.
9. The EMERGENCY Petition is mailed to the Prothonotary and received by the Prothonotary on February 24, 2011.

March 2011

10. The EMERGENCY Petition is not processed by the Prothonotary until March 1, 2011. A delay of one week processing an EMERGENCY Petition.
11. The corresponding Certificate of Service is filed ELECTRONICALLY on March 2, 2011. (Docket #284)
12. On March 3, 2011, Judge Carluccio grants the EMERGENCY and schedules a hearing on March 9, 2011. (Docket #285)
13. Defendant received the Petition on March 4, 2011, and the Scheduling Order on March 5, 2011.
14. This did not permit a great amount of time to prepare and file a response. That was the intent.

It is worth noting that the quick scheduling of the Petition was intentional. Angst & Angst had not filed any petition to which the Defendant could respond with a counterpetition since December 2009. Judge Bertin had ordered a Response and Counterpetition separated in August 2009.
In December 2009, Judge Bertin heard the testimony and evidence regarding the petition (the re-filed counter). Judge Bertin ruled that the issues were ‘not cognizable’, offered no explanation as he could not ethically provide legal advice. Judge Bertin dismissed the petition and ordered the Defendant to pay sanctions.
NOT COGNIZABLE indicated that since the issues were not directly relating to Family Court issues, the Family Court could not address them. IF HOWEVER, the counterpetition had not be re-filed as ordered by Judge Bertin, it would have been cognizable because it was connected to a Family Court Issue.
The Defendant had been anticipating the opportunity to respond and counterpetition might arise again. The Defendant was able to assemble a Response and Counterpetition and file it on March 8, 2011.

15. The Defendant filed the Response and Counterpetition on March 8, 2011. (Docket #286)
16. The Response and Counterpetition documented the injustices of the Court since August 2007. The document was organized, clearly written, and included a Table Of Contents listing the major issues to be presented. It was also not a complete listing, there were more issues to be documented, however, time did not permit everything to be filed before the Emergency Hearing on March 9, 2011.
17. On March 9, 2011, Judge Carluccio was demonstrating a level of corruption, malice and fraud which could not be ignored.
18. The Hearing did not take place because as soon as Judge Carluccio was caught in several lies and intimidation tactics, she ended the proceeding and indicated it would be continued.
19. Judge Carluccio issued an Order which had nothing to do with the EMERGENCY issues before her. (Docket #287)
20. On March 10, 2011, Judge Carluccio issued an Order which wrongly paraphrased and completely misrepresented the proceeding from the day prior.
21. Judge Carluccio ordered an Equitable Distribution Hearing for March 29, 2011.

Equitable Distribution is not supposed to occur until all other petitions have been resolved. Scheduling the ED Hearing before all of the others would make them difficult to pursue. I believe this was their intent.

22. On March 16, 2011, the Defendant filed a Petition for Judge Carluccio to Recuse herself from the case. The title of the document sums the request up succinctly. PETITION FOR THE RECUSAL OF JUDGE CAROLYN TORNETTA CARLUCCIO FOR CONSPIRACY, CORRUPTION, FRAUD, INTIMIDATION, CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS / PROCEDURE AND DENIAL OF CIVIL RIGHTS. (Docket #289)
23. On March 29, 2011, Judge Carluccio denied the petition without any hearing. Judge Carluccio did not recuse or distribute an Order indicating her denial.

24. On March 29, 2011, Defendant began by asking the Court to address the issue of the June 1-2, 2011 protracted hearings.
25. The hearings had been removed from the schedule on the court website without any notice.
26. Emails/Praecipes to Court Administration had been issued and not distributed to the parties. The secret praecipes had rescheduled the hearings for March 29, 2011.
27. Judge Carluccio indicated that scheduling issue was an error. She lied.
28. Judge Carluccio reaffirmed the purpose of the March 29th proceeding was Equitable Distribution and NOT the outstanding petitions.
29. Over the course of the Equitable Distribution hearing, Defendant raised the issues relating to the outstanding petitions and was repeatedly reassured by Judge Carluccio that those hearings would occur.
30. At the end of the day, Defendant reminded Judge Carluccio about the unscheduling of the hearings where upon Judge Carluccio issued an Order scheduling the Protracted Hearings for May 5, 2011. (Docket #291)

It is interesting to note that these proceedings had been rescheduled so frequently and for multiple days. Judge Carluccio had no time on her schedule for these matters on January 10 when she pushed them out for six months. Time has been wasted on multiple proceedings where nothing has been heard or resolved. Judge Carluccio orders the 2 days of protracted hearings originally set for June 1-2, 2011 to be held in 1/2 day on May 5, 2011.

April 2011

31. On April 14, 2011, Judge Carluccio issues her next Order (Docket #294) without any proceeding, incorrectly renaming the petitions she is addressing, and ‘disposing’ of the petitions. The Order includes a footnote attributing the listing of misnamed petitions to the response/counterpetition from March 8, 2011.

32. Judge Carluccio refers to her having conducted a lengthy review of the docket, but the Divorce Clerk records indicate the judge did not have the file from the Prothonotary at the time.
33. The file being promptly returned to the Prothonotary on March 30, 2011.
34. At this point in time the docket had almost 300 entries, a review of the docket without the printed copies would have been EXTREMELY time consuming.
35. Defendant also had repeatedly indicated that the hearings had not taken place and the issues were outstanding.

Yes, the defendant does understand.


Any hearing on the matters would permit the introduction of evidence of the injustices, extrinsic fraud and the corruption of the judiciary assigned to the matter.

Judge Carluccio is revealing her active participation in the obstruction of justice.

36. Bear in mind, the Defendant has no choice but to continue to seek justice from a Court which is determined to act in an improper, unethical and corrupt manner. If the defendant fails to point out these ‘indiscretions’, Defendant might not be permitted to present them to a higher court when the time comes. The Court has acted with intent to prevent any order from being appealed. THE COURT HAS FAILED TO MAKE ANY TIMELY DECISIONS RELATING TO THE CASE.
37. On April 26, 2011, Defendant again petitions for the hearings to be scheduled. (Docket #295)
38. On April 29, 2011, Judge Carluccio DENIED that petition without any proceeding further basing her Order on an additional review of the docket. (Docket #296)

May 2011

39. On May 3, 2011, as the Judge’s April 14th order did not correctly title the petitions which she was ‘disposing’ of, Defendant stopped at the courthouse to check with Court Administration regarding the schedule for Thursday May 5, 2011. Interestingly, the court web site was still listing the hearings as scheduled. The renaming issue also could have created further confusion.
40. Court Administration contacted the Judge who indicated there were no hearings scheduled. When asked by Court Admin, the Judge refused to issue any order confirming the cancellation.
41. Defendant had the impression that the goal was for him to not show up at the hearing. The Judge would legitimately dismiss the petition for a no-show. Once Equitable Distribution has been heard, it is too late to introduce any new petitions, so the petitions could not procedurally be re-filed.
42. On May 4, 2011, Defendant received a copy of a letter from Angst & Angst to Judge Carluccio asking about the schedule for May 5, 2011. Angst & Angst had faxed it to Judge Carluccio on May 3.
That evening, Defendant checked the court web site and there was an Order issued by the Judge on May 3rd, but not docketed until May 4th. Defendant did not have a copy of this order and had not been contacted regarding the schedule.

If Defendant didn’t show up, the petitions could all be cancelled.If Defendant showed up and everyone was there for hearing(s), the tactic would be revealed. Defendant needed to be ready for nine potential hearings.If Defendant showed up and no one was there for the hearing(s), then Angst & Angst had information which Defendant did not receive.Defendant had no choice but to prepare and go to the scheduled hearing, and the Defendant did.

43. On May 5, 2011, Defendant arrived at the Courtroom 5 minutes before the time scheduled.
44. No one was there.
45. Defendant was advised by the Judge’s assistant that the hearing had been cancelled by an order on May 3rd. Defendant was then given a copy of the Order, and left.
46. On the way out of the courthouse Defendant stopped at Court Administration to update them on the last minute Cancellation Order.
47. Defendant and his mother were then surrounded by seven deputies and asked to leave the courthouse. They further indicated that ‘If I did not have business in the courthouse, I should not be there.’
48. When Defendant showed the deputies the scheduling order, they were confused at why they were mislead.
49. Court Admin confirmed the Defendant’s information to the deputies.
50. Deputies indicated they were responding to a false report from the judge that the Defendant threatened her.
The deputies have a job to do. The Defendant understands and respects that. The deputies also know the Defendant because he has been coming into the courthouse regularly since 2007. The deputies know the Defendant is not violent – Defendant is also half their size. The deputies knew they had been given bad information, however they have a job to do. At the Defendant’s suggestion, an agreement was reached. Defendant would stop and request a deputy escort me whenever he had any business in the courthouse.Deputies agreed. That is what has occurred ever since. While it is completely unnecessary, it permits the deputies to do their job responsibilities without compromising their careers. The deputies have to respond to false reports.

51. On May 9, 2011, Defendant had to return to the Prothonotary to provide a document which needed to be re-scanned. The Defendant stopped to visit the divorce file, and was informed that the sign-out sheet was no longer available and now considered an “Internal Use Only” Document.
The sign-out sheet indicates that Judge Carluccio did not have the files or any of the documents during her “lengthy” and “additional review” of the docket to which she refers in her Orders of April 14, 2011 and April 29, 2011.
52. On May 9, 2011, Defendant also docketed several documents which pertain to the case but somehow have not been docketed or have been removed from the docket.
53. On May 9, 2011, Judge Carluccio issued an Order granting a divorce to parties who had neglected to request a divorce, and ordering a malicious and cruel equitable distribution.
54. The errors in the Order prevent it being appealed on a timely basis, and would return it to Judge Carluccio’s courtroom.
55. The Defendant found the errors and petitioned for them to be resolved.
June 2011

56. Judge Carluccio delayed for months while her order made the Defendant homeless, without medical or dental benefits, and permitted the Plaintiff to vandalise and destroy the Defendant’s home (and bill the Defendant for her actions).

July 2011


58. At a Short List Hearing on July 18, 2011, Judge Carluccio further revealed her malice and cruelty.

59. Judge Carluccio also said out loud and on the record that the Order was indeed her Final Order, and that she no longer had jurisdiction in the case. She then went on to schedule another hearing to punish the defendant for petitioning her court to enforce court orders.

60. Judge Carluccio is currently sitting on the appeal paperwork and preventing the Appeal from being filed.

61. There is 5 years permitted for the Appeal.

62. Judge Carluccio is delaying to permit the sale of Defendant’s home which was ordered on a defective order and after committing considerable extrinsic fraud.

63. Judge Carluccio’s malice and cruelty is boundless.


64. This is not the case of a sad divorcee. This is the case of a terroristic divorce.

65. A case gone horribly awry because the Plaintiff’s lawyer told her client to commit a federal crime.

66. Once discovered the case became more about the Defendant’s survival, as the lawyer manipulated everyone in a position to help into wrongful actions.

67. Then the lawyer exposed the wrongdoing, and the actions were covered up by the judiciary.

68. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has fallen into the trap which has affected the other judges.
69. Judge Carluccio has acted with clear malice and cruelty to the victim of 6 years of injustice.
70. Judge Carluccio is above the law. The judge can do whatever the judge wants.
71. That is not the justice that the US is fighting for worldwide.
72. Bring the troops home. The justice system is under attack from the very ones who have been trusted to ensure “liberty and justice for all.”
73. Through Judge Carluccio’s own words and actions she has been exposed.
74. She has disgraced the judiciary.
75. The Defendant has also asked that the following JUDICIAL CONDUCT BOARD Complaints be re-opened and re-investigated as they are directly related.
JCB Complaint# 2009-099 Judge Tilson
JCB Complaint # 2010-447 Judge Daniele
JCB Complaint # 2010-448 Judge Bertin
JCB Complaint # 2010-449 Judge Tilson
JCB Complaint # 2010-450 Judge Del Ricci

76. The actions of Judge Carolyn Carluccio are intended to destroy the Defendant and prevent any further reports of the injustices committed against him.
77. Since becoming a victim of Judge Rhonda Daniele’s secret order, there has been a clearly unjust ruling on EVERY petition filed.
78. As the petitions were seeking enforcement of existing Court Orders, there is no other place to turn than to the court.
79. The victim of the injustice is forced to return to a corrupt court to seek justice.

Terance Healy

I verify that the statements made in this document are true and correct. I inderstand that false statements herein are made subject to the Penalties of P.A. C.S. Section 4904, relating to unsworn falsification to authorities.


When the people you are supposed to turn to for help are the very people who are terrorizing and harassing you… where are you supposed to turn?

There is no incentive for them to stop terrorizing me. They won’t stop until I am dead. No one will help. Everywhere I turn I am IGNORED. Why?

The only logical explanation for the complete failure to investigate is that they are covering up the investigation of ME. WHICH FOUND NOTHING BUT SUCCEEDED IN DESTROYING MY LIFE.

They can’t/won’t admit it…. so I get a life of terror.



Level TWO of SEVEN

The investigators/informants were mostly former, or current, drug abusers who had either been arrested for drug related offenses, or had ended up hospitalized because of their drug abuse.

The compensation they received was paid to them partly in drugs. How else could they attempt to create a drug addict unless they participated in drug use? Before arriving at my home, they always stopped at the ‘distribution point’ picked up the materials they were to provide to me… free of charge… and a little extra for themselves. Compensating a drug abuser with drugs.

It is worth pointing out that there was no way to differentiate between what was provided to the target and what was kept as a bonus for themselves.

I have pointed out numerous times that the personnel who were utilized against me were being abused. Once they realized that they were a part of something more sinister, if they tried to intervene on my behalf they would be subjected to their original jail sentence. Immediately and without benefit of any hearing. It would immediately be made clear to them that their part in this was simply to destroy a life. Any attempt by them to intervene or act responsibly would result in swift and immediate removal.

This is why Andy and Jaye disappeared after a phone call where I fabricated the story of them confessing their actions.

The story of Ron’s disappearance takes on the semblance of someone taking some sort of responsibility. Removing him from the situation and the state. Placing him in a Rehab program. These may seem to be the responsible actions of an organization that placed him in harms way. In Ron’s story, my fabricated story indicated he had become violent and attempted to beat me up. Within days of that phone conversation, he was gone. Were they acting responsibly and removing a physical threat? Possibly, but the only information about that physical threat was my conversation on my phone.

One of the methods used to determine if a party is under surveillance is to inject two truths/one lie into every conversation. When the lie is acted upon, or repeated back to you, the spy is revealed.

My reaction to the isolation after the immediate removal of people was a double edged sword. It confirmed my suspicions. It isolated me and left me alone. At times the isolation was debilitating. After these three instances, I decided it was more counter productive to my psyche, and no longer necessary, to continue this method of exposure. The evidence was clear. Coincidence could be ruled out. The facts remained.

Another quality, or experience, that most all of the agents/informants possessed was a direct connection to law enforcement personnel, or lawyers, or job experience with government contractors in the stealth surveillance market. These qualities were gleaned through simple small talk. In a situation where there was only one or two people, the similarities would have never exposed themselves. My situation was lasting for years providing plenty of time for the pattern to emerge.

– Work experience for a Government Contractor
– Work at the private investigation company
– Law School student
– Former Police Officer
– Former County Employee
– Former FBI personnel
– Former Attorney
– Child of a Police Officer, FBI, or County Employee
– Child of an Attorney

Almost ALL of these people would be placed into a situation with the knowledge that THEY TOO COULD BE DESTROYED and their families impacted should they take any action which exposes their ‘mission’. The threat of the tactics being turned to destroy them and their families was a great motivating factor. They were seeing the impact of this type of terror… AND BEING FORCED TO PARTICIPATE OR FACE THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES.

Taking someone with a drug problem, and depositing them in this type of situation is irresponsible at such a huge level. Taking a weak person, and placing them in a situation from which they cannot help nor escape is EVIL.

AND THIS IS HOW THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. What they do to a target who continues to persevere and hope in spite of them is unconsionable.

The things they were instructed to do will be Level 3 of this increasingly more salacious story. The epic failures.

The one thing people kept asking me was why I continued to tell people about my experience and what was happening. I had always hoped that there might be someone brave enough or with the proper connections to MAN UP against what was being done to me.

When that type of bravery was presented to save someone from further servitude and likely death under this program, I offered to help. I housed that individual at my house until he could get his thoughts together and find an escape from HIS situation. He never revealed whether he was escaping from the dealers, or the confidential informant program which was causing this type of destruction to many people. His words could clearly be interpreted either way. I felt I was doing the right thing by helping in either case. I felt the go-between was acting logically and responsibly and bravely on behalf of his friend.

At the same time, I feared he used up his last ‘favor’ and the affect of his actions to save his friend would make any effort on my behalf impossible. He disappeared on the day I went to local police with the documents proving the corrupt actions of Judge Rhonda Daniele. Though clearly documented and presented, the police refused to take any complaint against a sitting judge for fear of reprisal.

After what was done to his father, he understood what might happen if he helped… so he disappeared.

To the friend who I dubbed “Special Agent”: I knew what you were from the beginning. I trusted you as best as I could in spite of what I learned from the trace on my computer which you used on either your first or second visit. I still have those notes which surprisingly returned your connection to “Former FBI Agents”. The blocking and filtering actions seem to have disappeared and it is no surprise that your resume includes the government contractor who let you go… and the company who had the foresight to pick you up.

UPDATE: After no word since March 2010 when he walked out my door refusing to answer any questions about his involvement… I received an email taunting me from SPECIAL AGENT RON within 24 hours of posting this article.

The longer it has gone on (and it is still ongoing), the more difficult it will be for any man to stand up for me. Yet, they won’t stop. There is no escape.

Since August 2007, I have known that the only exits are my death, or their exposure/prosecution. Everything confirms that conclusion… yet I persevere.


The Psychological Attack which was only one aspect of the terror and harassment experienced included the following:

1. Behavioral Modification:
The behavioral modification process starts with identification and qualification of the subject with additional considerations given to minimizing security risks of exposure, the subject’s suggestibility index, the subject’s intelligence and reasoning ability, moral and superstitious beliefs, and the subject’s social status and the weakness of the subject’s primary support groups (family).

They failed by underestimating my strength of character. They also failed by using the technology which I was able to detect because of a broad exposure and experience with computer and phone technology.

A.) The subject is subjected to long periods of REM Sleep Deprivation and reinforced torturing suggestions that will breakdown the subject’s will, confidence, self-reliance, and moral values. Meanwhile, the subject is increasingly isolated from their familiar and trusted peer groups causing the subject to experience depression, apathy, and ultimately social and financial failure.

I realized they were doing something to affect my sleep, I resolved to sleep when tired and to eat when hungry. While the tactic was disruptive, once I knew what was causing it I was no longer bothered by it but I lost alot of sleep.

B.) After a while, the subject has an emotional breakdown and a new support group is built around the subject.

I recognized at one point that every person I communicated with had only met me in the preceding few weeks. I could tell I was being surrounded by a new ‘group of friends’. I may have pretended to trust them, but I paid attention to EVERYTHING.

C.) Minimal security as the subject might recognize when he is not actively being observed resulting in a security concern and where it would be cost prohibitive to baby-sit the subject 24 hours a day.

D.) Behavioral modification generally occurs fastest when using negative reinforcement continuously. It is not practical or economical to watch a subject continuously to apply real time deliveries. Additionally, using multiple delivery patterns confuses the subject, causes the subject to believe they are always being watched, and maximizes behavioral change over time though continuous pressure.

The support of my new group of friends seemed to include similar vocabulary word. Certain words and phrases indicated their knowledge or involvement.

Scientific understanding and practical applications experience in the fields of psychology, hypnosis, and problem analysis are considered risks in the subject that may complicate or inhibit subsequent behavioral modification processes. Once the subject identifies the technology used it is nearly impossible to contain the potential security breach without terminating the subject.

So as I figured out their technology and reported it to the proper authorities, it required them to further manipulate law enforcement people, departments, and agencies into concealing their actions. Once again, all of them used the same approach which indicated direct involvement, or participation in the conspiracy. The more I documented in the Court and on this website, the more difficult it became for them to murder me.


1. REM Sleep Deprivation
A subject deprived from REM Sleep has multiple symptoms i.e. reduced protein synthesis, black circles around eyes, loss of short term memory, confusion, impulsiveness, anger, frustration, diminished self-esteem, increased suggestibility, reduced productivity, apathy, and depression. Long term REM Deprivation results in death.

The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep is controlled and usually limited to one to two cycles per night resulting in micro-sleeps during the day. REM deprivation inhibits short-term memory, concentration, tactile abilities, verbal articulation, reasoning, and self will. Protein synthesis is inhibited and thereby reduces the subject’s ability to heal after physical damage or after periods of extensive exercise. The result is that the subject’s general health degrades as does social bonds and work/school performance.

Subjects typically complain of no sleep, restless sleep, waking up every hour on the hour, staying awake until the hour they have to get up, waking up an hour after they retire and not returning to sleep, and typically cannot recall any dreams. Additionally, they will complain of repeating torturing thoughts, racing thoughts, and facial itching and numbness. Daily fatigue, poor recall of names, and caffeine consumption is typical.

Dark rings’ surrounding the eyes is evident and the darkened area around the eyes can be reported as sore or tender by the subject. The subtle perceptual impairing effects of REM deprivation make it more difficult for the subject to identify the REM Deprivation problem.

I don’t have a temper. I also make sure I have all my facts and information gathered before I respond to anyone. I never respond to anything out of emotion or anger.

2. Transceivers (NSA):
Installation of electronic surveillance devices that collect and transmit encrypted audio, color video, and location coordinates collected at the subject site that in turn forward it to central operations.

While the devices were difficult to find, they were not difficult to detect. Once I had tangible evidence of their presence, it was not necessary to find the devices. I was not going to destroy my home and punch holes in the drywall to find their devices. The assumption that I had done so, was actually incorrectly alleged in court documents and provided further confirmation.

3. Shame Factor Enhancement:
Various suggestions are planted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the suggestions is constructed to cause the subject to perform embarrassing and otherwise shameful acts (usually sexual but always anti-social). These shameful behaviors are used later to shame the person into a lower self esteem or reduced confidence in their own self discipline. These embarrassments provide a means to Blackmail or discredit the subject if detected and exposure is threatened by the subject.

If they were to present a video of me dancing around naked in my own home, they are only supporting my argument that they have me under surveillance.

The use of another law enforcement agency to document the behavioral discrepancy to retain anonymity, helping subjects avoid prosecution to gain loyalty, or creating an adversarial relationship between any party and the subject (another intimidation factor) – Further conceals their responsibility for creating the behavioral problem in the subject’s life.

The manipulation of the local police was an essential redirection, and the local police gladly obliged. Once manipulated they had to further excuse any crimes committed against me. Computer hacks, Cell phone hacks, Identity theft, car theft, burglary.

4. Paranoia:
Paranoia is a powerful tool. It provides a means to develop the subject’s distrust of other people including the subject’s primary group that could provide positive support during this time of distress in the subject’s life. Paranoia is often recognized and discounted as a character fault by most peoples in American society and therefore discredits the subject’s testimony even further. Uninformed, but well wishing people including friends, may recommend to the subject to pursue counseling.

It is illogical to think that seeing a counselor was going to prevent further ethical violations by a Judge. Unless the Judge was seeing the counselor.

This negative feedback can make the subject fear that people will believe the subject is crazy.

It was necessary to adopt the motto. The situation is crazy, not the man.

When the subject does seek professional counseling, the result will be a misdiagnosis with an expensive, inappropriate and ineffective treatment. The observed symptoms are not the result of biological, chemical, or environmental stresses.

The misdiagnosis strongly motivates the subject not to communicate their experiences to others to avoid social disgrace of a “schizophrenia” label and additional financial burden. This isolation of the subject and their reluctance to communicate their experience to others reduces exposure risk.

I was supposed to be embarrassed and humiliated. That was their intent. The disappearance of my children without a word was difficult. It was increasingly more humiliating as the court delayed and refused to hold preceedings. There was no explanation for their absence from my life, and from the extended family. I was forced to tell people that I had no explanation, and then see the suspicion staring back at me.

It is essential that the subject is prevented from sharing information with other subjects that have already experienced the program and thereby starting a pool of information that could be compiled and used to expose the system.

This reminds me of the night I broke through and found someone who had documented their noise on YouTube. I got an email out, but never heard back. At least she knew she was not alone.

The subject is led to believe that the subject’s neighbors, work associates and/or family are conspiring against the subject.

Further complicate the conspiracy delusion by having associates ask the subject a question or to make a comment that can be used to confirm the subjects fears. This technique further isolates the subject from trusting their peer groups, causes additional emotional distress and hostility toward these people. The distressed subject sometimes resorts to violent behavior, which is viewed by observers as irrational, unprovoked behavior that may be treated as criminal behavior by law enforcement personnel.

Where the Standard Process has not succeeded, it may become necessary to utilize the EXTREME PROCESS

This method is very severe and usually results in a two to five year program. Because of the severity of the suffering, the subject is frequenty permanently impaired for integration into normal mainstream life and is essentially institutionalized.

The result is that the subject must reside in a less competitive environment.

This program basically follows the following steps; REM deprivation, breakdown of self esteem and confidence, intense suffering, exaggerated conscience, spiritual contact, battle and recovery. Whenever possible these steps will be skipped to minimize security risk and financial cost.

5. Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol:
As the REM Deprivation increases the subject must depend on Central Nervous System (CNS) Stimulants to compensate for degradation of productivity at work, school, and in interpersonal relationships. This serves in several ways. Use of drugs (especially CNS stimulants) increases the subject’s index of suggestibility. The increased stress of coping with the drugs and alcohol serves to push the subject closer to an emotional breakdown.

If the subject uses illegal drugs, attempt to set the subject up for a conviction to assure that the subject looses credibility. Who would believe a drug user that claimed that he/she was being harassed by a government agency that was tormenting them? It also serves the program by documenting something that the subject will be ashamed of when the program reaches the exaggerated conscience stage.

Alcohol, sleeping pills and other medications also inhibit REM Stage sleep and increase irritability over time thereby further degrading and isolating the subject.

In summary, the subject responds to the REM Deprivation assault with self-medication. This response discredits the subject by labeling them in society as a drug user.

It enhances the effect and it gives the subject a reason for shame that will be used against the subject later.

It should be noted that the subject is not really guilty of anything, except being a victim that was manipulated in a carefully controlled scientific behavior modification process.

6. Poor Nutrition:
The poor nutrition reduces the energy the subject has and serves later as another justification for the situation.

7. Apathy:
After the subject’s self-esteem is broken down and continuing failure and persistent suffering start to dominate every day, the individual becomes apathetic as a defense mechanism. At this stage the subject has lost the ability to persevere which is later used on the subject later to increase a feeling of guilt.

8. Depression:
Depression precipitates as a result of chronic REM Sleep Deprivation, social isolation and a feeling of helplessness in the subject. Commonly, when the subject seeks professional counseling, they are misdiagnosed and treated for depression with medications but the root cause of the problem is not treated or corrected.

9. Insecurity:
The subject starts to experience severe insecurity in this stage. The insecurity is executed in several ways.
– Because of the impaired reasoning ability and emotional isolation, the subject is susceptible to the approaches of insincere people, which are used to emotionally hurt the subject more. This convinces the subject that people can’t be trusted. This serves to isolate the subject from supportive peer groups and makes the subject emotionally dependent on insincere people who gain more power in the subject’s life.

10. Journals and Diaries:
Most of the subjects are directed to keep a “Journal” or diary so that the subject can record and review feelings, events, observations that normally would be unavailable due to short term memory loss during extended periods of REM Deprivation. The Subject’s Journals can be used in a variety of ways.

11. Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance:
Subjects in these prolonged stages of REM deprivation, confusion, and emotional distress, have very poor grammar, spelling, and short attention spans.

12. Slowed Speech:
Subjects experience slower speech and require greater time articulating concise points as a result of the REM Deprivation and other performance degrading posthypnotic commands. Very slight alcohol consumption can exasperate the damage of REM Deprivation and precipitate slurred speech.

13. Confusion:
Confusion results from REM Sleep Deprivation and the emotional damage and stress that is being inflicted. The confusion continuously inflicts damage to the subject’s life without real-time observation. A confused person generally is not as productive as an organized clear thinker is and has a greater potential to offend people by what they say or do and is less likely to recognize when they have made mistakes. All of these symptoms assist in this stage and subsequent stages.

In addition, the confusion restricts the individual from analyzing the source of their suffering and taking corrective actions, and therefore reduces the exposure risk.

14. Poor Concentration:
Difficulty concentrating impairs the subject’s productivity and restrains the subject from making self-improvements and corrections in behavior. It makes it very difficult for the subject to do any research or reading to evaluate his/her condition. This paves the way to demonstrate that the subject cannot do anything on their own, thereby increasing the frustration and anxiety of the subject (inducing emotional breakdown) and ultimately making the subject totally dependant.

15. Loose Association and Personality Disorders:
The subject experiences disjointed thought at this stage (Loose Association) that appears to observers as a strange sense of humor or inappropriate responses when engaging in conversations. Ongoing sarcasm and other negative attitudes and undesirable personality traits can be present.

16. Anger:
The way that the subject experiences anger is of profound importance. If the subject redirects the increasing anger and hostilities toward another person in the form of violence (misplaced aggression), this will result in reinforcement of the violent behavior with posthypnotic commands.

Typically, the Subject misplaces the aggression to commit acts of violence with spouses, friends, or employers resulting in further social isolation and increased shame.

17. Delusions:
Delusions are used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for fear, intimidation and confusion. Delusions can be but are not limited to the Subject developing conspiracy theories.

18. Audio Hallucinations:
Subjects often report hearing walls clicking, footsteps in the house, the sound of someone trying to open the door, drilling at the door, etc. These audio hallucinations are also used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for paranoia, fear, and negative reinforcement.

21. Tinnitus (Ear Ringing):
Tinnitus is commonly reported by subjects being harassed and typically has no pharmacological or biochemical basis. It is often misdiagnosed as ringing caused by excessive aspirin use however it is caused by concealed devices.

22. Complete Quiet Silence:
Used to induce confusion, the subject has the tinnitus removed to indicate that he has survived/succeeded, reached a milestone towards beiong released, or reimplemented to remind the subject that there is no escape. After such long periods of ‘noise’ the subject becomes unsettled as he experiences the silence. Once he has adapted to that ‘loss’, the reintroduction of the noise has immediate and dramatic impact on the subjects state of mind.


Reverse engineering of the technology to prove it’s abuses is quite difficult. Even if you have a company sweep and clear your home, the devices can be deactivated (hidden) and re-activated or reintroduced later.

In my case I have succesfully and tangibly proven the devices, equipment, personnel and activities used against me and have documented it on this web site. It was not easy to survive. In hindsight, I sincerely would prefer not to have survived. It was hard enough what they were doing to me, but watching it destroy my extended family multiplied the emotional impact.

These psychological tactics were only one aspect of the terror I have experienced.

The intrusion/surveillance/remote control of computers and phones provided filtering and screening of ALL outside contact and prevented effective communication.

The extreme injustice, bias and fraud from a court initially manipulated to issuing a Secret Court Order, which was further used for extortion by the Plaintiff to guarantee impunity with regard to following ANY court order. The Plaintiff’s failure to follow ANY court order required additional litigation requesting the enforcement of the Court’s Orders.

The continuing exposure and litigation of the injustice, the bias, the fraud, the ex parte communications, the complete failure to uphold any ethical standard, or Judicial integrity resulted in malicious, retaliatory and vindictive issuance of Orders and Opinions by the court which further demonstrate the fraud, collusion and extreme abuse of power in seeking to further punish the victim for documenting the unethical and criminal actions of the Court.


I am looking for some help. I am trying to contact Belisarius Productions. The producers of the television show NCIS. I have been unable to contact them.

I am reaching out because of an episode titled Psych Out which detailed events in my life and am seeking their source and perhaps a way to escape the continued use of these tactics.

If you have some time, please contact them for me and attempt to bridge the communication gap caused by the computer and phone hacks on my devices.

I can be reached at Terance@work2bdone.com OR Enter a comment to this post and I will contact you.
Or write: Terance Healy 871 Mustang Road, Warrington, PA 18976
(as they indicated in the episode – PAPER!)

I have been a target of every tactic they presented in their episode. Surviving the tactics has been a nightmare…. and when compounded by the documented and clear injustice of a corrupt court, surviving every day is only an opportunity for them to further terrorize me.

Thank you.


Level ONE of SEVEN:

The County used drug enforcement personnel, and confidential informants to attempt to set me up. They used the fact that they had isolated me to make it so that I would befriend anyone just to not be alone, to have someone to talk to.

While I may have befriended their people… I never trusted them. I wanted to trust them. But these people were not in a position to act responsibly. If they realized how they were being manipulated by the County Drug Task Force they also recognized that they had no exit. If they attempted to do anything to help me, they disappeared. These people were disposable to the County, and to law enforcement agencies who were abusng their power these people were garbage.

While I never trusted them, I never mistreated any of them. It was this fact that cause many of them alot of emotional turmoil. Once they realized I was battling a sociopathic lawyer, and injustice from a corrupt and biased series of judges all determined to conceal the fraud and crimes against me, they also realized that they could do nothing to help. They had to wonder why they had been dispatched to me. They knew this type of attack could happen to an innocent person. They would face even worse circumstances should they reveal their part in it.

Of course, it was in their best interest to disappear; to never explain; to not speak to me or communicate to me ever again. While understandable, that only added to the emotional and psychological abuse that I have survived.

From the first, to the last, I knew who they were and was able to identify what they were. They were prostitutes for the Drug Task Force / or the contracting firm which manages the confidential informant program for the County. This allows the County to deny people rights while ignoring the crimes being committed by their contractor. When all else failed they had a list of judges that had been manipulated into compliance and further injustice.

Informants would do whatever they were told to keep themselves out of jail – though many ended up in jail anyway.

The Drug Task Force uses people and then discards them. They have no respect for anyone. The District Attorney’s Drug Task Force were her team of prostitutes, the District Attorney as pimp. Look at the names mentioned on this site and you will see, since 2007, I have encountered many of the County’s corrupt law enforcement personnel and their collaborators.

The DA’s prostitutes would do ANYTHING they were directed to… One only has to look at what was done to me to recognize that they would stop at nothing to destroy an innocent man… to destroy an entire family.

Surely there was more in it for an informant than not going to jail, or continued employment with a Private Investigation firm contracted to handle the illegal activities of a corrupt Drug Task Force. How the team was compensated is Level TWO. Their ultimate goal… my death.

Why a Private Investigation firm to manage informants?
By utilizing a private investigation firm to subcontract the management of confidential informants, Law Enforcement has no direct connectio (responsibility) for illegal activity in the course of investigation. Everything can be blamed on the PI. And if anyone files a complaint against the PI, Law Enforcement ignores it. They protect their own.

Current Technology allows them to monitor the computers and phones of their informants to be certain that they do not reveal their activities to the target. I am sure their agreement with the District Attorney authorizes the surveillance of their phones and computers, and additionally the use of their phones and computers to hack the target. Confidential Informant Program Management.

They are also doing this illegally furthering their abuse of power to the target. [ This is why when I made up stories about Ron, Discord, and Andy, they disappeared. ]

A target who is clearly not involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of illegal drugs, should not be investigated for over 5 years. So why were they being manipulated to this activity?

To protect the officer that was on the Drug Task Force who violated my civil rights in August 2007 when he revealed his knowledge of the intrusion onto my computers?
To conceal a corrupt judge issuing an order and keeping it a secret, while using it to create paranoia?
To conceal the acceptance and furtherance of the abuse of power by successive judges in a simple divorce case?

It seems officers on a Drug Task Force have a powerful tool to use against people, and to leverage tolerance of their crimes by the District Attorney’s office. (I am certain Gabrielle Drexler and the Lower Merion School District can understand that leveraged abuse of power.)

WHEN THE TARGET REALIZES THE ABUSE OF POWER, CORRUPTION, and TECHNOLOGY being used to destroy him, and not only survives but documents it on a web site. They attack him further pushing for a suicide, and I just wouldn’t give them that. So they took more… abused more, and were further exposed.


A two-man team breaks into a house. They cut the phone line so the alarm won’t work. They creep through the house and hear someone upstairs. The intruders have guns. They’re creeping up the stairs when all of a sudden a body comes over the railing. It’s a dead man, strung up by his neck. One intruder is so startled he fires into the body.

At the office, Tony is excited it’s payday. He realizes he has McGee’s statement and McGee makes $253 a week more than him. McGee says it’s all about withholding.

Gibbs comes in with the body of the week: a reservist in Arlington. At the scene, the intruders are in cuffs for breaking and entering. They didn’t steal anything. The victim is Dr. Robert Banks, a psychologist with high level clearance at the Pentagon. Dr. Rachel Cranston (Kate’s sister) comes to the scene, she was the victim’s doctor.

She tells Gibbs she’s sure he didn’t kill himself.

She spoke to the victim several times last night. He was consulting on a special project for the Pentagon, in the PsyOps division.

She thinks they fabricated prescriptions in his name to make him look bad. He lived for his daughter and wouldn’t have killed himself because of her.

Back at NCIS, his teenage daughter Amber blames her mom because they got divorced.

He had an additional life insurance policy for $4 million that goes to his wife and daughter. It had an exclusion clause for suicide. It appears to be news to the ex-wife.

A woman (Jamie Lee Curtis) comes to see Tony and he assumes she’s there about the paycheck. She thinks there are underlying feelings of inadequacies between him and McGee. He figures out she’s not from accounting. She’s Dr. Samantha Ryan from the Department of Defense, head of PsyOps.

Vance joins them, Ryan knows him and flirts a little.

Vance talks to Gibbs, he got a call from Sec Nav wanting to know why NCIS is working a PsyOps case. Gibbs says it’s theirs because the victim was a reservist.

He asks how Vance knows Dr. Ryan and he plays coy, saying they “spent time together” at the war college. He warns Gibbs that she’s inquisitive.

Gibbs joins Drs. Ryan and Cranston staring each other down. They went to school together and both slept with Dr. Banks. Cranston tells Ryan “they” think Banks was killed because of a PsyOps mission.

Ryan refuses to answer any questions with Cranston there, but tells Gibbs that Banks was working on a PsyOps assignment with a man named Brian Mitchell.

Ziva and Tony visit Mitchell, who can’t believe he wasn’t informed about Banks’s death. Mitchell is freaked out by the PsyOps work and has asked to be reassigned. He says Banks was going through a rough divorce and ugly custody battle.

Tony shows him a court order allowing Mitchell to talk about what they were working on. They were looking into former Marine Sgt. Kyle Baxter, who received a negative discharge two months ago because of a negative psych eval written by Dr. Banks.

In the morgue, Duckie is trying to figure out whether Banks died from hanging or the bullet. He says it’s was definitely a suicide, but Duckie says he only had about six months to live because of a kidney and liver condition.

In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that someone switched out Banks’s prescriptions for dangerous psychotropic drugs that were wrecking his kidneys and liver.

Gibbs pays Dr. Ryan a visit and they instantly start sizing each other up. Ross her assistant joins them with the personnel list for the ops Banks was working on. He hands Gibbs a flash drive, but Gibbs prefers paper.

Back at the office, McGee scans electromagnetic field emitters they found in Banks’ house, which can cause interference with sleep and cause migraines.

Gibbs brings in personnel files. He’s suspicious of them, but wants McGee to go through them anyway.

They found a mission file in Banks’s safe. Gibbs looks at it and tears out a page. He wants McGee to track the gizmos back to PsyOps. He unplugs their computers and insists on paper from here on.

Ziva and McGee hit the archives.

Gibbs goes to a psychology ball and interrupts Dr. Ryan. As Gibbs is pulling her aside, her assistant Ross checks that everything is OK. Dr. Ryan leads Gibbs into the women’s room to talk.

He reads from the page he tore out, which suggests “removal of threats using drugs and alternative methods”. He mentions driving a sane person to suicide using pills and sleep deprivation. She cautions him to be careful with what he’s suggesting. She claims to know nothing about Banks’ death.

Rachel Cranston rinds Gibbs working on a rocking chair in his basement. She confesses she left a few details out. Banks mentioned a sensitive national security issue, an operation. She got the sense someone wanted to keep him from talking.

McGee calls to report they’ve found nothing in the personnel files Ryan gave them. Gibbs suggests they find Kyle Baxter, but he’s missing. Gibbs’ phone fuzzes out and he gets suspicious. He cranks up a handheld radio and uses it to sweep the room for bugs. He finds one in his woodworking tools. He opens it up and speaks into it: “Good night, Ryan, sleep tight.” He smashes it.

At the archives, they tell Gibbs that Baxter was handpicked by Banks for PsyOps then kicked out by him. Gibbs wants info on the bug he found, but without using the computer. McGee’s cell phone beeps, signaling that Baxter is getting a call.

Tony and Ziva head to the location, but find assistant Ross waiting for them. He claims Baxter was just there and left his phone to see if NCIS was tracking him. He puts a matchbook on the table and walks away. It has the name James Drenden written in it.

Gibbs rattles Dr. Ryan by showing up where her son goes to school. He points out it’s PsyOps 101 to approach people at their most vulnerable.

Cut to Dr. Ryan yelling at Vance in his office as Gibbs listens, bemused. He says it’s fairplay given that she bugged his house. She doesn’t deny it. They want to know about the operation Banks mentioned to Dr. Cranston. It was to use PsyOps techniques to destabilize Iranian nuclear scientists before they could build a bomb.

It’s possible the Iranians got wind of it and got Dr. Banks back. She offers to do whatever she can to help.

In the lab, Abby cracks Dr. Banks’ laptop and finds someone hacked it before she did, buying stocks in his name, draining his bank account, buying things online, hacking his email. If he Googled something, he got misinformation. His entire reality was being manipulated by someone in Mexico, a resort in Cancun — where the matchbook was from. They have surveillance showing Baxter.

McGee pulls up James Dreden, Baxter’s alias. He came back from Mexico two months ago. He’s still using the same alias as a bartender in town.

Cut to Gibbs talking to Baxter, who is charming and aloof. He says he’s being framed by PsyOps as the fall guy. He says he never left his phone or the matchbook. He gives Gibbs a number to call and ask for Simon.

Cut to Vance and Gibbs in MTAC talking to a man on a beach in a cowboy hat, who says Baxter was the best CI they ever had. He’s been undercover with the DEA for the past 12 months.

Ryan shows up at Gibbs door with tapes of Dr. Cranston’s sessions with Banks. In a round about way she says she had to mislead him about Baxter to protect her mission, just following rules.

Gibbs sites his own: “Rule 42: Don’t ever accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you.” “I didn’t apologize,” she says.

She makes a choked up plea to Gibbs to leave her son out of it. He says OK. He asks her who with her knowledge could have killed Banks. She says whoever did it lost sight of who they are and what they do. She doesn’t have a name, but wishes him luck. She walks out, but leaves her cell phone.

In the office the next day, he gives it to McGee to work on. He locates the calls from PsyOps and crosses them against calls to Banks from the past month. There’s just one: Brian Mitchell, the PsyOps liason. All the texts have been erased.

Gibbs tells Tony to dial both numbers three times and hang up. Gibbs leaves and Vance explains it’s an old spycraft trick to signal someone to show up at a predetermined location, so novice it might work.

Cut to Brian Mitchell meeting Dr. Banks’ daughter Amber in the park. She says she’ll never take the fall for him killing her dad, but he did it like she said, so they could be together. She wants just her dad’s life insurance policy.

Gibbs comes out and arrests them.

Back at NCIS, Dr. Cranston blames herself for not seeing it was his daughter. She thought Amanda was another broken teenager caught up in an ugly divorce.

Tony finally gets a visit from accounts payable. Due to a clerical error, McGee was getting overpaid. But unfortunately, they screwed up Tony’s withholdings and he owes more than $2,000.

Home asleep on the couch late at night, Gibbs is woken up by Dr. Ryan. It’s 4 a.m. She thanks Gibbs for figuring out what happened to Dr. Banks. She says he has a gift for making people feel safe. She wants breakfast now. He knows a diner that’s open 24 hours. He asks if she’s asking him out on a date. “It’s the middle of the night, Agent Gibbs — you tell me,” she says.

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