This chart includes the names of those who were involved in attempting to set me up in the drug trade.

It demonstrated the strange relationships which created a team concept at varying times.

I simply wrote down the names of people who seemed ever present in my life at the time. Solid Line connections vary from dotted line connections only in that the people knew alot about each other but had never supposedly met. Those who’s names are circled, I had never met at the time the chart was drawn. Those connected to them did NOT want us to meet.

I have not yet differentiated on this chart between who was a confidential informant and who was private investigator. It was easy to tell the difference. Not all of them were willing participants in the actions against me, but their circumstances forced them to be silent. I don’t directly blame any of them for what they were coerced into doing to me. I do blame those responsible for forcing them into that position.

With few exceptions, they are all either former law enforcement, lawyers, private investigators, or the immediate family of lawyers and law enforcement.

Though they had become my closest friends, to the exclusion of anyone else in my life during the period they were around. By February 2011, ALL OF THEM HAD COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED.

Larger Teams seemed to be centrally focused around Ron, Chris/Andy, Collin, and Jay. With one person acting as a central “fixer”. Whenever something was off, or missing or taken, a quick msg to the ‘fixer’ always resulted in the issue being resolved. No one liked the ‘fixer’ to be around when they were around. The ‘fixer’ is the ONLY person whose last name remains unknown… seemingly to everyone.

Prompt Disappearance of Ron, Andy, and Discord were the result of me fabricating a story about how they confessed their actions and telling it to a friend on the phone. Something they had not done, yet it somehow resulted in their immediate and complete disappearance for 6-12 months. They never contacted me again… Strange behavior for close friends, eh? Especially when they had no way of knowing I had made up the story… OR DID THEY? After this happened with 3 people, I decided to not do this further. It became very lonely and isolated.

Jay disappeared in February 2011. The last day I saw him was the day I went to the police about the civil rights violations of Judge Rhonda Daniele. Clearly and fully documented, the police indicated they would do nothing about a complaint against a sitting judge. Jay has since disappeared completely.

The abuse and misuse of the County Drug Task Force is clear. They have the ability to take the actions which I have experienced. They have the corrupt judges who will authorize them to act against me. And the more I discovered about their actions, the more difficult they made my life.

They took everything. They were unjust. They were fraudulent They violated the law and procedures. They have prevented Appeal or escalation to a higher court.

I SURVIVED AND PERSEVERED. Because I survived and documented their actions, they attacked, terrorized and harassed further. And they continue to do so… It won’t end until they are exposed and prosecuted, because I’m just not going to give in to suicide at this point or any point.


Level ONE Informants/Prostitutes

Level TWO Qualification/Compensation


Level FOUR

Level FIVE

Level SIX


Acting responsibly… I have noticed that many of the people whose names are either directly or indirectly referenced seem to have lowered their profile or disappeared removing themselves from “harms way” should anyone attempt to retaliate against them based on the information I am presenting. They know my story. They can corroborate it. They can expose it. They can be threatened to conceal their part in it. The choices they make are their own, as are mine.

My motivation is simple. I am trying to escape from the nightmare they participated in. Those who swore an oath to serve and protect have been manipulated and have FAILED. Those who were provided ‘relief’ based on their participation should be aware that I have no confidentiality agreement with any agency. I have NOT promised to keep this story confidential. I face no penalty for revealing the story.

Their ability to conceal the story is lessened and any actions they might take against me would only serve to reveal this story to an ever widening audience. The truth will out.

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