December 16, 2010

In an extraordinary procedural move, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered all of the judges on the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court to recuse themselves from a lawsuit against Whitemarsh Township. The suit, brought by developer Highway Materials Inc., names the Township and several current and former officials, including Judge Kelly C. Wall, in her role as a former Township Supervisor.

The Court’s order puts the suit on hold until the county court administrator can appoint a judge from another county to preside over the proceedings. It comes in response to a King’s Bench petition, submitted by HMI’s attorneys after a recusal request made to Montgomery County President Judge Richard J. Hodgson was denied.

So apparently even the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania believes that the judges sitting on the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas are unable to be impartial and unbiased even when a case has minimal involvement of a newly elected judge.

I think this “extraordinary procedural move” is clearly warranted and necessitated as indicated by the actions of the judiciary involved in my case where there existed a determined effort to prevent disclosure of an undocketed and undistributed Court Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele, the Head of the Family Court division, for which there was no hearing.

AFTER THREE YEARS, when the order was discovered and brought to the attention of everyone involved, the courts response was to treat the victim of the tremendous injustice with further injustice and the complete destruction of his life, family, and property. The Court did so without holding any hearings on any matter and denying the opportunity to present relevant facts which would implicate Judge Rhonda Daniele, Judge Thomas Del Ricci, Judge Emanuel Bertin, Judge Arthur Tilson, Judge Patricia Coonahan and Judge Carolyn Carluccio regarding ethics violations and corruption.

The malicious abuse of judicial power by Judge Carolyn Carluccio was focused on attacking and destroying the victim while the victim was forced to follow procedure and the law… and the corrupt orders issued by Judge Carolyn Carluccio which would remove him from his home, sell his home out from under him, and dispose of all of his personal belongings which remained in the home. Judge Carolyn Carluccio terrorized the victim by refusing to hold any hearings on any matter in a timely manner.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has prevented an Appeal from being forwarded on to the Superior Court by failing to conduct any hearing on the Defendant’s Request to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. This has happened because Judge Carluccio ordered the Defendant to endorse the check for the sale of the home with the knowledge that the Plaintiff would not follow the court ordered distribution assuring that the Defendant could not afford the fees for the Appeal to move forward.

The Plaintiff has not been required to follow ANY Court Order in the last 6 years. Every attempt by the Defendant to have any Court Order enforced has been ignored and dismissed by each of the judges. The Plaintiff was granted complete impunity to violate every Court Order while the Defendant was repeatedly and constantly brought into court for hearing under false allegations that he was not following Court Orders.

When Judge Carolyn Carluccio was assigned the case, there was an inappropriate and unethical communication between herself and the Plaintiff’s attorneys. This was brought to her attention and ignored. The ethics violation was filed with the court and immediately dismissed without any hearing. The Defendant requested the Recusal Of Judge Carolyn Carluccio on numerous occasions as it became clearer and clearer that the ex parte communications were being used to manipulate scheduling and decisions. Judge Carluccio dismissed the Recusal Requests without hearings and continued to abuse her position of power and trust by issuing orders designed to negatively impact the defendant. She further issued Orders verbally which required the Defendant pay for and wait for the delivery of the Court Transcript to avoid arrest as the existing paperwork contradicted the verbal Order. When brought to the Judge’s attention during the hearing, it was ignored. When the issue was raised in a Petition to the Court, it was ignored and scheduling was intentionally delayed.

And all the while, Angst & Angst continued to manipulate the Judiciary into acting to further terrorize the Defendant with the knowledge that the judges would continue to protect and conceal the ethical and legal violations of the earlier judges assigned to the case.

The victim of injustice was further victimized by those who initiated the situation and by the judges who were determined to conceal their corruption at any cost. That cost was 6 years of terror and harassment and injustice, and the complete destruction of a man, his family and everything he owned.

Judge Carluccio indicated during her campaign that judicial corruption should be met with a series of sanctions appropriate to the misconduct. One has to wonder why she is still on the bench when her malicious corrupt and fraudulent actions are clearly documented.

Imagine if this was the case of a rape, and the judiciary ordered the repeated and continued rape of the victim in response to every time the victim cried out for help. The victim has no where else to turn. The judges prevent the victim from escaping their injustice… and order the victim to be further victimized.

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