The technology of the PSYCH OUT episode is real. I have been documenting my divorce experience for the last 6 years and was stunned to see so much of what I have lived and documented on this web site in the episode.

I survived. They failed to bring about my suicide. The victim in the episode did not survive the targeted attacks at every aspect of his life.

You can watch the entire episode at this link to CBS.

There were so many direct connections between the terror I experienced and this show, I couldn’t keep up with them.

“Psych Out”
Story by Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner

Doc: “Well whatever it looks like, you look deeper. Robert was one of the strongest people I know. He wouldn’t do this. Couldn’t. I know someone killed him.”

Doc: “His Wife filed for divorce a few months ago.”

Doc: “MISO. Military Information Support Operations”
Gibbs: “I’m old school doc, Psy Ops will do.”
Doc: “Well then you know they use mind games to confuse and manipulate the enemy.”
Gibbs: “I know that.”
Harmon: “Credit Card Statements over the past few months show that he was writing prescriptions for himself”
Doc: “Not true. That’s the kind of background application Psy Ops excels at.”

Doc: “People who have any hope at all. They don’t take their own life. They embrace it. Banks’ didn’t kill himself.”

Different psychological points of view. Clinical and Military.

Doc: “She’s doing it. You’re doing it.”
Ryan: “I am doing what?”
Doc: “The games. The nonesense.”
Ryan: “And I’m leaving.”
Gibbs: “No, you’re not.
Doc: “”We think Dr Banks was the victim of a Psy Ops Scheme.”
Ryan: “We?”
Doc: “He was my patient.”
Ryan: “That’s ridiculous.”
Gibbs: “Is it?”
Ryan: “Agent Gibbs I will answer any questions that you have. But not here and not with her.
Gibbs: “Why not?”
Ryan: “National Security” [smirking]
Ryan then misdirects Gibbs to another person Brian Mitchell.
Doc: “Hey Gibbs. Don’t trust these people. Especially her.”


Ducky: “He was only hastening the inevitable.”
Gibbs: “What are you saying?”
Ducky: “His kidney and liver functions were deteriorating at an alarming rate.”
Gibbs: “Based on what?”
Ducky: “Abby is determining that. Suffice to say had the doctor not taken his own life I would estimate he had but 6 months to live.”

Abby plays the shell game with Gibbs demonstrating the method of confusion involved.

Gibbs: “I win.”
Abby: “I guess you’re not a sucker. Or are you?”
Abby: “All of these pills came out of Bank’s medecine cabinet. One is a benign blood pressure medication. The other 2 are dangerous psychotropic stimulants that have been reaking havoc on his liver and kidney functions.
Gibbs: “I can’t tell the difference.”
Abby: “Somebody switched out his prescriptions Gibbs. It’s like the oldest con in the book.
Gibbs: “Poor sucker.”
Abby: “so Banks thinks that he is just taking his daily meds. When in reality, he is taking drugs that have been proven to cause depression and increased mental insability.”
Gibbs: “Psy Ops”
Abby: “Mind Games”
Gibbs: “He’s being played Abs. The question is by who?”


Ryan and Gibbs – She begins playing mind games with him. She answers all questions with an unrelated question.

She redirects to her assistant who suggests an issue with the Psych Eval for Banks. When the assistant hands Gibbs the information, he is given a USB Thumb Drive.

Gibbs: “You know what I really like, Doc? Paper.”
Gibbs hands back the thumb drive.
Gibbs: “I really love paper.”


McGee: “Where did you find these?”
DiNozo: “One was hidden inside Banks couch.”
“The other one was in his mattress.”
McGee: “Wow. Milligaus readings off the charts. These are electromagnetic field emmiters
DiNozo: “someone tried to give our victim a tumor?”
McGee: “More like headaches and nightmares high levels of EMF pollution can cause interference with REM sleep cycles”

“Yes found this from banks office safe. It appears our victim was working on this last.”
DiNozo: “But the only person that can confirm that will probably lie to your face”
Gibbs: “I am getting used to that.”
[Gibbs rips a page from the document.]
Gibbs: “McGee, Connect the gizmos you found back to Psy Ops.”
McGee: “I can track the parts boss, but whoever built it most likely is gonna cover their tracks.”
Electricity Surge
DiNozo: “Email issues again.”
Gibbs: “Trust Issues. For now on I want paper from the source.”


Gibbs and Ryan more head games. Ryan’s assistant arrives and she mocks Gibbs for wishing to speak privately. They enter the Ladies room

Ryan: “Feel safe Gibbs”
Gibbs: “I guess not everyone in here has a security clearance.”
Ryan: “You are enjoying this. I’ll play along. What have you got?”
Gibbs: “Removal of threats using drugs and alternative methods. A hell of a page turner. A real how to. Driving a sane person to suiicide using pills and sleep deprivation. Sound familiar to you.”
Ryan: “Be very careful with what you are suggesting.”
Gibbs: “This is a page out of your own playbook. So i will ask you again. What do you know about the death of Robert Banks.”
Ryan: “And I am going to tell you again. Nothing.
Gibbs: “I’m giving you a chance to come clean Dr. Ryan. Help solve the murder of a close friend.
Ryan: “I’ve already told you the truth.”
Gibbs: “Who’s truth?”


Doc: “I got this sense that someone wanted to make sure he could never discuss it with anyone ever.”

Phone Rings

During the call there is interference, Gibbs looks around and finds his basement has been bugged.
The device is small – about the size of a key fob. Battery operated and active.

Gibbs speaks into the device: “Good night Ryan. Sleep tight.”


McGee: “Of course if we could use our computers to dig a little deeper.”
Gibbs: “NO. NO.”
McGee: “Could.”
Gibbs: “NO McGee. Can’t”
He shows bug device
McGee: “Where did you get that boss”
Gibbs: “In my basement. A bug. Find out where it came from. The old fashioned way”


DiNozo: “You are ringing McCheater.”
McGee: “Boss I only kept it on to monitor Baxter’s incoming cell phones calls.”

Gibbs: “Trace the bug.”
McGee: “With or without my…”


Ryan is offended and angry at the intrusion into her personal life when Gibbs shows up at her sons school.

Ryan: “How did you now where my son went to school.”
Ryan: “His records are all classified.”
Ryan: “Did you follow me.”
Ryan: “You following me now. Am I under surveillance Gibbs?”
Ryan: “You hacked my records.”
Ryan: “This is my personal life.”
Gibbs: “Psy Ops 101 – approach people at their most vulnerable. You even the playing field, Doc.”
Ryan: “You don’t want to play with me Gibb’s. Trust me.”


Ryan: “The mission was to use Psy Ops techniques to desstabilize Iranian nuclear scientists.”
Gibbs: “Cripple the enemy without firing a shot.”
Ryan: “21st century warfare.”


Abby: “Gibbs, get over here. I processed Bank’s laptop. The encryption was super complex.”
Gibbs: “But you got in.”
Abby: “I did with a little help. I just followed the tracks of someone else that hacked his computer way before I did. Someone was reaking havoc on Bank’s life using his own computer… like draining his accounts, and buying stocks that he never ordered. Sending threatening emails.”
Gibbs” “More mind games”
Abby: “Even if he googled something he would get misinformation… like bogus sports scores, and even fictional news stories. He wasn’t only being drugged. His entire reality was being manipulated.”

Baxter: “You are looking at a Psy Ops package here sir, you can’t trust that.”


SIMON: “Baxter was the best damn CI we ever had, Director Vance.”
DIRECTOR: “For how long?”
SIMON: “He’s been working undercover with the DEA for the past 12 months. Helped us shut down smugglers we’ve been after forever.”
Gibbs: “He was under DEA control for the last year.”
Simon: “Had eyes on him the whole time. If you think he was involved in this. You’re wrong. Someone real good has been playing you folks.
Director: “So the person Dr Ryan has been pushing isn’t our killer.”


Ryan attempts to explain her misdirection, but indicates it is no apology it’s her job.

Gibbs: “Someone with your knowledge killed banks. I want to know who.”
Ryan: “Whoever it is has lost sight of who we are and what we do.”
Gibbs: “You got a name?”
Ryan: “Good Luck.”


Watching the show through to get the time marks, I recalled a conversation with Chief Brady of Montgomery Township. I had indicated that my experience could all be caused by items made available to local police and documented in a White House brief. The Document listed the items for which funding had been made available through Drug Enforcement sources.

At the time, I hadn’t realized that the County Drug Task Force might actually be harassing and terrorizing me.


1. Judge Carolyn Carluccio issues orders and opinions with the clear purpose and intent to commit extrinsic fraud.

2. Judge Carolyn Carluccio issues false statements on her Orders with the intent to prevent testimony, to obstruct justice and to deny the rights of the parties to hearings and due process.

3. Judge Carolyn Carluccio secretly reschedules hearings without notifying the parties involved. She then purports to have heard the hearings. When exposed further, she lies. She then issues orders rescheduling the matters which she subsequently cancels to prevent testimony and evidence from being presented at those hearings.

4. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has engaged in frequent ex parte communications. When exposed, Judge Carluccio entertains, endorses and rewards the Plaintiff’s attorneys for the ethical violations. The Plaintiff’s attorneys recognizing the tenuous position of the judge who is ignoring their ethics violations, have leveraged that position to extort substantial financial benefits for their client.

5. As each procedural and ethical violation has been documented, Judge Carolyn Carluccio has been determined to ignore the evidence; and forced to act to further prevent the testimony of the Defendant in her courtroom as it exposes her violations AND the prior violations of the eight prior judges who have been involved in this case.

6. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has lied from the bench, in her words and in her orders.

7. Judge Carolyn Caroluccio is acting to subvert any justice from occuring in her courtroom. She has demonstrated her clear determination to prevent and deny any hearing on any petition file by the Defendant.

8. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has refused to recuse from the case, and has also refused to hold any hearing on multiple recusal petitions.

9. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has taken direct actions to prevent the Appeal of the matter to the Superior Court. She has lied about those actions in Court and on the record.

10. The entire Montgomery County Judiciary should have recused from the case when it was noticed that Judge Rhonda Daniele issued a secret ex parte order in August 2007 defaming the Defendant.

Ordered without benefit of any hearing, and not having been distributed to the Defendant, or docketed with the Prothonotary, that Order subverted justice at every proceeding until it was discovered three years after it was issued. Upon discovery of the secret ex parte order, all hearings on any matter filed by the Defendant were ignored. Additionally, the courts schedule was intentionally manipulated to permit immediate hearings on petitions filed by the Plaintiff where the Defendant was never permitted time to review the petitions, or prepare a complete response.

The judges were prevented from recusing themselves from the case as it would clearly indicate the wrongdoing of Judge Rhonda Daniele. Instead they acted to conceal the actions of Judge Rhonda Daniele and to submit to the extortion of the Plaintiff’s attorneys. This guaranteed the complete impunity for the Plaintiff to ignore any Court Order, and the dismissal of any petition filed by the Defendant to enforce the Court’s Orders. The Defendant was left with no alternative but to return to an unjust and corrupted court to seek justice which would never be served.

11. After 6 years, it has become quite clear that the ex parte actions of the judiciary have served to deny the defendant his rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of any happiness. Exposure of the corruption has only served to cause the Defendant to be treated to further injustice. The court has acted with malice and intent to destroy a man, using all of the resources at their disposal to obstructive and deny justice, and to manipulate and prevent law enforcement from taking appropriate action.

Their intent was to humiliate the Defendant and to annihilate every aspect of the Defendant’s life to the point where he would commit suicide. They were not successful in obtaining the Defendant’s suicide.

The victim of injustice lives only to be further victimized until justice is served.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has abused the power of her position on the bench in her attempt to conceal her actions, and to conceal the prior unjust actions of the Montgomery County judiciary. The Judges were all compelled into the position to deny justice to protect the judiciary because of the inappropriate and unethical actions of Judge Rhonda Daniele.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio should be immediately removed from the bench.

Judge Rhonda Daniele should be immediately removed from the bench.

The remaining judges who have acted on the matter should be suspended pending a review of their degree of complicity in the obstruction of justice, their intentional denial of the civil rights of the Defendant, and their unethical behavior.

The Court documents demonstrate the complete failure of the Court to uphold their responsibility and oath of office.


December 16, 2010

In an extraordinary procedural move, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered all of the judges on the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court to recuse themselves from a lawsuit against Whitemarsh Township. The suit, brought by developer Highway Materials Inc., names the Township and several current and former officials, including Judge Kelly C. Wall, in her role as a former Township Supervisor.

The Court’s order puts the suit on hold until the county court administrator can appoint a judge from another county to preside over the proceedings. It comes in response to a King’s Bench petition, submitted by HMI’s attorneys after a recusal request made to Montgomery County President Judge Richard J. Hodgson was denied.

So apparently even the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania believes that the judges sitting on the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas are unable to be impartial and unbiased even when a case has minimal involvement of a newly elected judge.

I think this “extraordinary procedural move” is clearly warranted and necessitated as indicated by the actions of the judiciary involved in my case where there existed a determined effort to prevent disclosure of an undocketed and undistributed Court Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele, the Head of the Family Court division, for which there was no hearing.

AFTER THREE YEARS, when the order was discovered and brought to the attention of everyone involved, the courts response was to treat the victim of the tremendous injustice with further injustice and the complete destruction of his life, family, and property. The Court did so without holding any hearings on any matter and denying the opportunity to present relevant facts which would implicate Judge Rhonda Daniele, Judge Thomas Del Ricci, Judge Emanuel Bertin, Judge Arthur Tilson, Judge Patricia Coonahan and Judge Carolyn Carluccio regarding ethics violations and corruption.

The malicious abuse of judicial power by Judge Carolyn Carluccio was focused on attacking and destroying the victim while the victim was forced to follow procedure and the law… and the corrupt orders issued by Judge Carolyn Carluccio which would remove him from his home, sell his home out from under him, and dispose of all of his personal belongings which remained in the home. Judge Carolyn Carluccio terrorized the victim by refusing to hold any hearings on any matter in a timely manner.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has prevented an Appeal from being forwarded on to the Superior Court by failing to conduct any hearing on the Defendant’s Request to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. This has happened because Judge Carluccio ordered the Defendant to endorse the check for the sale of the home with the knowledge that the Plaintiff would not follow the court ordered distribution assuring that the Defendant could not afford the fees for the Appeal to move forward.

The Plaintiff has not been required to follow ANY Court Order in the last 6 years. Every attempt by the Defendant to have any Court Order enforced has been ignored and dismissed by each of the judges. The Plaintiff was granted complete impunity to violate every Court Order while the Defendant was repeatedly and constantly brought into court for hearing under false allegations that he was not following Court Orders.

When Judge Carolyn Carluccio was assigned the case, there was an inappropriate and unethical communication between herself and the Plaintiff’s attorneys. This was brought to her attention and ignored. The ethics violation was filed with the court and immediately dismissed without any hearing. The Defendant requested the Recusal Of Judge Carolyn Carluccio on numerous occasions as it became clearer and clearer that the ex parte communications were being used to manipulate scheduling and decisions. Judge Carluccio dismissed the Recusal Requests without hearings and continued to abuse her position of power and trust by issuing orders designed to negatively impact the defendant. She further issued Orders verbally which required the Defendant pay for and wait for the delivery of the Court Transcript to avoid arrest as the existing paperwork contradicted the verbal Order. When brought to the Judge’s attention during the hearing, it was ignored. When the issue was raised in a Petition to the Court, it was ignored and scheduling was intentionally delayed.

And all the while, Angst & Angst continued to manipulate the Judiciary into acting to further terrorize the Defendant with the knowledge that the judges would continue to protect and conceal the ethical and legal violations of the earlier judges assigned to the case.

The victim of injustice was further victimized by those who initiated the situation and by the judges who were determined to conceal their corruption at any cost. That cost was 6 years of terror and harassment and injustice, and the complete destruction of a man, his family and everything he owned.

Judge Carluccio indicated during her campaign that judicial corruption should be met with a series of sanctions appropriate to the misconduct. One has to wonder why she is still on the bench when her malicious corrupt and fraudulent actions are clearly documented.

Imagine if this was the case of a rape, and the judiciary ordered the repeated and continued rape of the victim in response to every time the victim cried out for help. The victim has no where else to turn. The judges prevent the victim from escaping their injustice… and order the victim to be further victimized.


It’s a fact. A conclusion which I came to about a year ago. The evidence to back up my statement only grows… and involves more people.

The Montgomery County Drug Task Force has been acting as the paramilitary arm of the Court of Common Pleas to conceal the corruption of the court. They have tried repeatedly to set me up to commit a crime. They failed. They tried to enable and bring about my suicide. They failed.

The Court unethically and illegally took my home and possessions, and has prevented any hearings on the matter.

The Court’s own docket screams out the injustice to the deaf ears of fearful law enforcement.


After 6 years, there is no denying their actions and no escaping them.

The abuse of power is outrageous.

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