When I read the following paragraph on the web tonight, I was stunned.

• Rule of law breaks down in Bucks County, PA, home of mid-Atlantic states’ MAGLOCLEN-RISS Intelligence Center and no law enforcement agency — local, state or federal — will come to the aid of the unjustly targeted.

For years, I have been wondering why NO ONE HELPS. Not one law enforcement agency has investigated anything I have reported to them. Without explanation.

I few clicks further and it would seem that I have found a central resource point for the terror I have experienced for the last 5 years and the reason law enforcement has refused to get involved. I suspected that I knew exactly where in Bucks County this agency would be located. Newtown, PA. Ron.

How much more will be compromised until we get to the end of this nightmare?

Further victimizing the target because he survives and detects and documents is wrong. But, so was making me a victim in the first place. Would someone care to explain? How did something which began as a personal intrusion being hidden by a private investigator allow the resources of every level of law enforcement to be compromised? Compromising the integrity of the judiciary? and the District Attorney? and the County Sheriff? Compromising the investigative abilities of state and federal law enforcement?

How much time, resources and money were spent terrorizing me? And at what point will they stop?


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