Once the intrusion onto my computers (and my friends computers) began, the hardware was hacked to ensure full visibility of my computer activity. Those hooks remain in place currently. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 5 YEARS.

The software they are using not only permits surveillance, but also full remote control, obfuscation and redirection utilities.

Whenever activities reveal the intrusion, any attempt to recover the machines results in complete failure of the operating system.

I spent a good portion of this week attempting to get the computer back to a functional state.

There is no way to prevent them from maintaining their control.

They use the BIOS, the Master Boot Record of my hard disk, and lately all indications are confirming the use of Virtual Hard Disks.

Until the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware companies begin to detect and prevent this type of intrusion, the victims are at risk. Not just from the frustration of having to work twice as hard to find or accomplish anything on their computer, but the constant threat of yet another false allegation – a computer related false allegation. They can put anything on your computer, they can use your computer to visit anywhere on the web, they can infiltrate your email, they can plant anything they want on your computer. I realized this type of threat 5 years ago.

When I first found the intrusion which was proven through the use of WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies, I immediately shut down my network, and even the power to my house while I pulled the hard disks from the computers. Law enforcement has refused to take any action. Law Enforcement has neglected to act because it will affect the use of any computer based evidence in courtrooms on any type of case.

The intrusion is real, and they won’t stop the harassment until they are prosecuted.

Read UNDERSTANDING VIRTUAL HARD DISKS WITH NATIVE BOOT from Microsoft and see the capabilities have existed for quite some time.

Until the AVAS industry gets involved, I get brief glimpses of an unobstructed or redirected internet on the second Tuesday of each month when Microsoft releases their service fixes. Sometimes I get a few clear days, other times the updates are blocked and completely prevented from installation or access. Those times I find Windows Update no longer works, and my Security Software neglects to get updates. I’m at the mercy of the intrusion software until they update their illegally installed program and once again attempt to present the image of a normal operating system.

There is no escaping a targeted intrusion.

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