It would seem from the court schedule that Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio is now handling Name Changes, almost exclusively. I have been contacted by several people indicating she is no longer handling their cases in Family Court and her caseload appears to have been reassigned to an incoming judge. The incoming judge seems to have a background investigating disciplinary actions. I wish him well as he begins on a caseload rife with the cruel injustice of Judge Carluccio.

I stopped at the Recorder Of Deeds office the other day. When I met with Nancy Becker regarding the fraud involved in the sale of my home, she indicated I should go directly up to the detectives as a crime has clearly been committed.

Sheriff Eileen Behr has still not responded to the requests for paperwork. I suppose I’ll have to subpeona the documents. Why isn’t the sheriff cooperating? What is she concealing? It was laughable that she sent me an ethics complaint form when I asked her for a copy of the order to send deputies to my home.

Their malice and cruelty continue to tear at my spirit and soul.

Additionally last weekend, my brother, Brian, who has repeatedly LIED indicating he is not in contact with Sonya has once again pitched a Sonya falsehood to my mother to undermine my only support. He indicated I am hiding money from my mother. Over $100,000. He’s attempting to cause their financial damage. He’s the same fool that failed to pay my mother’s taxes for 8 years. he did the paperwork and then didn’t have her pay the taxes. Further, he indicated it was my fault when the IRS contacted her for payment.

I’m not a fool. I am a victim of injustice and crimes. I have been further victimized as each of the crimes have been exposed. But I have not allowed them to manipulate me into foolish acts or stupidity. They underestimate their victim as they have done for the last 5 years.

I am not falling for the intentional deception endorsed (twice) by Judge Carluccio as she has clearly failed to issue a proper QDRO expecting to cause me further financial damage. If I were to sign for the transfer of funds without a proper QDRO, I would be immediately liable for federal and state taxes on the amount. The only way to pay the taxes on the amount would be to cash it in, and be further charged a penalty for cashing it in. The only way to not be subjected to that penalty would be if it was in the QDRO issued by the court. The court must order the distribution to avoid the taxes and the penalty. Judge Carluccio did not do that in her defective divorce decree.

Judge Carluccio has intentionally issued a defective divorce decree, refused to reconsider when the defect was presented, ignored the IFP petition twice, prevented the appeal from moving to Superior Court, issued another order without holding any hearing ordering me to sign the paperwork (ordering me to act on the order which is presently pending appeal). A Mandamus petition must now go to the Supreme Court of PA. But first it is necessary to document all of the crimes and frauds and ethics violations which occurred on September 23, 2011. A monumental task.

AND if I were to incur the taxes and the penalty, when the appeal is granted the funds would be gone and I would be expected to replenish the value. So, it is quite clear the intent of the failure was to cause me financial difficulty… and further difficulty for my mother who has already been robbed of her entire savings by the court’s determined and intentional and malicious failure to hold any hearing on any matter petitioned since August 2010.

Judge Carluccio has already seen to it that I have no money to support myself, EVEN AFTER FRAUDULENTLY SELLING MY HOME OUT FROM UNDER ME. The evil never ends…



Some days I just wish I had the courage to end my life.

The pain of living one more hour, let alone one more day is unbearable. Not just emotional pain, but physical pain the result of having no medical or dental benefits for 6 years… another order which was ignored and excused by the court.

Documenting what they have done and are doing to me tears me apart, but if I do not do it, no one will.

If I didn’t survive another day, they wouldn’t have me to victimize further.

I’ve learned that the truth does not matter… and NO ONE CARES.

I wish I could do something to end it… the only choice is suicide… and unfortunately, I just can’t do that. I wish that I could and understand and envy the ones who had the courage to find relief.


Once the intrusion onto my computers (and my friends computers) began, the hardware was hacked to ensure full visibility of my computer activity. Those hooks remain in place currently. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 5 YEARS.

The software they are using not only permits surveillance, but also full remote control, obfuscation and redirection utilities.

Whenever activities reveal the intrusion, any attempt to recover the machines results in complete failure of the operating system.

I spent a good portion of this week attempting to get the computer back to a functional state.

There is no way to prevent them from maintaining their control.

They use the BIOS, the Master Boot Record of my hard disk, and lately all indications are confirming the use of Virtual Hard Disks.

Until the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware companies begin to detect and prevent this type of intrusion, the victims are at risk. Not just from the frustration of having to work twice as hard to find or accomplish anything on their computer, but the constant threat of yet another false allegation – a computer related false allegation. They can put anything on your computer, they can use your computer to visit anywhere on the web, they can infiltrate your email, they can plant anything they want on your computer. I realized this type of threat 5 years ago.

When I first found the intrusion which was proven through the use of WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies, I immediately shut down my network, and even the power to my house while I pulled the hard disks from the computers. Law enforcement has refused to take any action. Law Enforcement has neglected to act because it will affect the use of any computer based evidence in courtrooms on any type of case.

The intrusion is real, and they won’t stop the harassment until they are prosecuted.

Read UNDERSTANDING VIRTUAL HARD DISKS WITH NATIVE BOOT from Microsoft and see the capabilities have existed for quite some time.

Until the AVAS industry gets involved, I get brief glimpses of an unobstructed or redirected internet on the second Tuesday of each month when Microsoft releases their service fixes. Sometimes I get a few clear days, other times the updates are blocked and completely prevented from installation or access. Those times I find Windows Update no longer works, and my Security Software neglects to get updates. I’m at the mercy of the intrusion software until they update their illegally installed program and once again attempt to present the image of a normal operating system.

There is no escaping a targeted intrusion.


When I read the following paragraph on the web tonight, I was stunned.

• Rule of law breaks down in Bucks County, PA, home of mid-Atlantic states’ MAGLOCLEN-RISS Intelligence Center and no law enforcement agency — local, state or federal — will come to the aid of the unjustly targeted.

For years, I have been wondering why NO ONE HELPS. Not one law enforcement agency has investigated anything I have reported to them. Without explanation.

I few clicks further and it would seem that I have found a central resource point for the terror I have experienced for the last 5 years and the reason law enforcement has refused to get involved. I suspected that I knew exactly where in Bucks County this agency would be located. Newtown, PA. Ron.

How much more will be compromised until we get to the end of this nightmare?

Further victimizing the target because he survives and detects and documents is wrong. But, so was making me a victim in the first place. Would someone care to explain? How did something which began as a personal intrusion being hidden by a private investigator allow the resources of every level of law enforcement to be compromised? Compromising the integrity of the judiciary? and the District Attorney? and the County Sheriff? Compromising the investigative abilities of state and federal law enforcement?

How much time, resources and money were spent terrorizing me? And at what point will they stop?


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